InMotion Network's February Newsletter - Celebrating our involvement in sports and trying to #BeBoldForChange

#BeBoldForChange : InMotion Programs a Success

As we celebrate the upcoming International Women's Day on March 08, 2017, InMotion Network has been a pioneer and proponent since 1995 in encouraging young girls and women of all ages and backgrounds to participate in sport and physical activity. 2016 has been quite an interesting year with many successful programs run under the Go Girl, Girls in Motion and Women in Motion banners. 

Girls in Motion - AMA Youth Run Club:

One such example was the AMA Youth Run Club run from September to October 2016. A key priority of this initiative was to meaningfully engage girls into the joy of physical activity. The aim was to make the initiative comfortable and encouraging for 179 participating girls. The run clubs ran both indoors and outdoor for the two months. Each run club was run out of a school and community members were invited to join.

Go Girl - Slave Lake 2016:

After the 2011 Slave Lake Wildfire, this was one of the first InMotion programs in Slave Lake after the rehabilitation which ensured that with funding and community in-kind donations from the community, the cost to the participants was negligible. Indoor and outdoor space at the Northern Lakes College and the Curling Rink was utilized and the girls took a "go" at traditional Indigenous sport activities resulting in a successful Go Girl event. 

Women In Motion - Mom & Baby Fit 2016:

The grant enabled to provide moms with 10 sessions over a period of three months with the opportunity to provide a no- cost class to new post-natal moms that recently had a baby.  The women were encouraged to exercise in a safe environment with other fellow moms. Since this class was free many different women from different backgrounds, fitness levels and abilities could attend.  The exercises were adapted to fit the needs of each mother even those that had cesarean sections.  

The class included a combination of strength training for the full body and core, and some short bouts of cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the heart.  We used a combination of body weight exercises, free weights, bender balls, tubing, aerobics step and the baby for the strength component. 

Getting Over the Winter Blues!

With the snow season coming to a slow end, once all the ice has melted away, this would be the perfect time to come out of our so-called hibernation mode and stretch our limbs and 'spring back into spring!'

Walking, jogging, running, bicycling or swimming may be the most obvious ways that come into mind when we think of becoming physically active but many other activities which may also be stress-relieving help reap benefits of not only losing calories but being healthy!

Some of the other Spring activities that can be done individually, or with a partner or get the family involved are:  
  • Watering lawn or garden    
  • Playing croquet    
  • Fertilizing yard                     
  • Maypole dancing
  • Frisbee                  
  • Trampoline                           
  • Golfing, no motorized cart
  • Weeding                               
  • Badminton playing              
  • Planting seedlings               
  • Trimming shrubs by hand
  • Whitewater rafting                
  • Laying sod                            
  • Cleaning gutters   
  • Playing baseball
  • Painting                 
  • Mowing lawn (walk behind power mower)
  • Double tennis                       
  • Singles tennis

This spring, take advantage of the longer days and improve your health by exercising or participating in an outdoor activity such as outdoor yoga. 

Hiking for Health! 

Next time you hear someone tell you, “take a hike,” you might want to thank them for looking out for your health. That’s because going on a hike offers tremendous benefits for your physical and mental health and well-being. Here are the Top 10 Health Benefits of Hiking:

  • Increases fitness: Just one hour of trekking can burn well over 500 calories, depending on the level of incline and the weight of the pack you’re carrying. Hiking trails are often softer on joints than asphalt or concrete, so it’s easier on your ankles and knees compared to running. If you head for the hills, weight loss results are even better. Not only are you burning serious calories, but altitude itself has also proven to be a weight loss ally.
  • Take control of your workouts: With hiking, you can chart your own course: Is it a slowly inclining scenic trail or a steep trek up a mountain? And you set your own pace and distance, as well. Whether you decide on an afternoon hike, a weekend in the woods, or a long distance experience, you aren’t listening to a bossy fitness trainer tell you to work harder.
  • Tones the whole body: Regular walking can get your butt in better shape, but taking on sharp inclines, using trekking poles to propel you forward, and clambering over rocks gives your body an all-over workout. Physiologically, you’re going to work your whole body, especially the lower body — namely the quads, glutes and hamstrings. If you’re carrying a pack, then you’re going to challenge the strength and endurance of your upper body as well.
  • Helps prevent and control diabetes: Regular hiking helps you control, or even prevent, diabetes by lowering your blood sugar levels. Hiking gives your muscles a workout, which moves glucose from your bloodstream for energy.

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol: Hiking through the trails on a regular basis decreases blood pressure and cholesterol, thus reducing the danger of heart disease, diabetes and stroke for those at high-risk. In fact, hiking downhill is two times more effective at removing blood sugars and improving glucose tolerance.

  • Hiking heals: Some research suggests that the physical benefits of hiking extend far beyond cardiovascular health, and may even help cancer patients recover. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine  found that long distance hiking trips may improve the antioxidative capacity, which helps fight off disease, in the blood of oncological patients. Another study showed that breast cancer survivors who exercised regularly — many in the form of hiking — believed that physical activity complemented their recovery from cancer treatment.
  • Is a social activity: Hikers always recommend using the buddy system.  A regular weekend meet-up or a planned long-distance trek can help you forge bonds while you shape up. Plus, interaction with the larger hiking community encourages you to engage with your workout as a lifestyle, rather than a chore, which will make you more likely to stick with it for the long haul.
  • Increase creativity: Research shows that spending time outdoors increases attention spans and creative problem-solving skills by as much as 50 percent. The authors of the study also point out that the results may have as much to do with unplugging from technology as they do spending time outside. Researchers from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education also found that walking gets the creative juices flowing far more than sitting.
  • Increase happiness levels and curb depression: Research shows that using hiking as an additional therapy can help people with severe depression feel less hopeless, depressed and suicidal. It may even inspire those suffering from it to lead a more active lifestyle.
  • Commune with nature: Being out in nature, away from the chaos of our daily lives and technology, can allow people to connect with themselves and nature in a way that brings about peace and a sense of well-being.

Alberta's temperate climate is ideal for hiking, from spring through autumn, so let's use this opportunity to go hiking!


Ongoing and Upcoming Events

Go Girl

Go Girl, Lethbridge; March 25, 2017 hosted by Be Fit for Life

2017 Yellowhead Regional Go Girl Conference; April 08, 2017 by Town of Hinton

Get Up & Go Girl 2017, Thorsby; April 22, 2017 hosted by The Village of Thorsby

Girls Empowered, Edmonon; April 28, 2017 hosted by Lillian Osborne High School

Girls in Motion 

Female Active Success Team (FAST), Calgary; January - June 2017  hosted by Fr. Lacombe High School

Prairie Thunder Gets Moving, Brooks; January - March 2017 hosted by Choosewell Communities

Women in Motion

Powwow Fitness Class, Edmonton; January - June, 2017 - hosted by the Canadian Native Friendship Centre

For more information on the programs, visit here.

Program Intake Deadlines

Physical Activity Programs

The next intake for the Go Girl, Girls in Motion and Women in Motion programs is April 01, 2017.

Education Program

The next Take the  Lead Grant intake is April 30, 2017. We look forward to receving some interesting applications to assist in the funding of coaching/training needs of budding athletes and coaches.
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