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Happy August! Start the new month off with our fresh roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the community. 

With the possible TikTok ban in the US, and the recent antitrust hearing with Big Tech, this past week has been a big week for tech and politics. Understand what the drama is about with our updated Deep Dives on TikTok Mania and Is Big Tech Too big?

Top Recommendations from the Community

📲 A strange app can read your mind and take you on real life adventures...and sometimes to grisly murder scenes. Learn how it works(Thanks @forceofbadassery!) 

🇺🇸 What if inequities in the American school system are actually caused by white parents trying to be nice? The team that created Serial just dropped their much anticipated new podcast series—“Nice White Parents”. (Thanks @rmmiller364)

🎙️ HUGE podcast news! Serial is now part of The New York Times! Listen to the announcement directly from the team here.  (Thanks @rmmiller364) Celebrate the merger with this playlist of Best Podcasts from The New York Times and Serial Productions.

🚗 Ever wonder what a day in the life of a car salesman looks like? Experience the reality of the car sales industry and the adrenaline of the grind with this classic "This American Life" episode. (Thanks @timevisionaction!)

⚠️  Mandarin robocalls have scammed countless Chinese diaspora out of millions of dollarsInvestigate the harmful yet effective tactics these scammers use. (Thanks @jennx!)

🍩 Need a good laugh? This hilarious comedy duo chat about celebrities with fake teeth and hair, and how many Krispy Kreme donuts they can eat in one sitting. Check it out here.

😂 For more stuff that hits your funny bone, here's a playlist on the best comedy podcasts from iHeart Radio Podcasts.

💻 A hacker is paid by companies to break into buildings and hijack systems. Hear his stories on the job and an unexpected heart-wrenching story about his mother. (Thanks @Danny!)

🕵️ The pioneering LGBTQ+ rights activist, Marsha P. Johnson was found dead, floating in a river after the 1991 Pride Parade. Was this a tragic accident or something more sinister? Start your sleuthing here.

❣️ Alert HR!!! With Call Her Daddy’s host, Alex, you’ll never know when a business Zoom meeting will lead to a date. Hear how she travels all the way to LA to meet this cute guy for a “business dinner.”

💀 The strange death of a young woman who fell 12 floors down a garbage chute still remains a mystery. Was it a suicide, an accident or something more sinister? Uncover the case here.

🗳️ Trump wants to postpone the elections due to COVID. With less than 100 days to the election, learn how the virus is changing the presidential race.

🇨🇦 Canada’s Prime Minister and his family are under fire over a huge scandal involving a $900 million charity deal. Investigate the conflict of interest over WE Charity and what it means for Trudeau and his party. (Thanks @mm!) 

😲 Want to learn more about Justin Trudeau's WE Charity scandal? Check out this playlist to learn more about Canada's politics.

👯 People like being around others similar to them. But researchers say it's bad for creativity and progress in scientific and business workplaces. Learn how lack of diversity limits creative potential here.

New & Noteworthy Deep Dives 
In case you missed it, check out our updated Deep Dives in light of TikTok's possible ban, and the recent Big Tech antitrust hearing:

TikTok Mania
TikTok Mania
Trump vows to ban TikTok from the U.S. as it's believed to be source of national security and censorship concerns. Discover the origins and rise of TikTok, how it’s impacting culture and music, and why the US government is so wary of it all.
Has Big Tech gotten too big?
Has Big Tech gotten too big?
Last Wednesday, US Congress grilled the CEOs from four tech giants—Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google—on whether they’ve become too powerful. As big tech becomes an ever-growing part of our lives, at what point are they considered too big? After the antitrust hearing, let’s investigate how the tech giants are dominating our world.
Forgotten Deep Dive
Who Killed the Women of Juárez? Investigate with iHeartRadio Hundreds of women disappeared in the Mexican border city of Juárez only to reappear in mass desert graves. “Forgotten: Women of Juárez” digs into the complicated history of the femicide and corruption of power. Dive deeper into the story with this curated podcast guide to complement your listening.
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