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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community!

In case you missed it, check out 8 Stories of Kindness to inspire you to get in the mood to give back.

Top Recommendations from the Community

👮🏾 An African American cop infiltrates the KKK. Enter the real story of the BlacKkKlansman. (Thanks @olivier!)

🤩 The first and only podcast librarian in the world can help you discover your next fave podcast. Hear how she does her job. (Thanks @epekilis!)

😱 From cults to extremists — learn why people convert and the science behind it. (Thanks @michelle_ebooks!)

🔍 The search for life’s answers brought the host of Radiolab to an unexpected teacher: Dolly Parton. Hear why. (Thanks @phocks!)

🍜 This restaurant is a dream workshop with only one thing on its menu: a bowl of delicious ramen. (Thanks @jennx!)

🛢️ Three boys found a mysterious barrel in the woods with a foul stench. If they dared to open it, they would have discovered two decomposing bodies inside... (Thanks @jilliankuzma!)

🌚 With the autumn season sweeping in, check out a podcast playlist on spooky listens for fall here(Thanks @alishiamarie!)

😂 Need a good laugh? Join two comedians talking about gross habits and which celebrities that'd invite on a guys’ trip right here.

👪 If you ever feel lonely, there’s a bizarre service in Japan that allows you to rent friends and family. (Thanks @olivier!)

😲 When two sisters vanished into thin air, they left behind a mystery that haunted their family for twenty years. Hear what happened.

🤑 A beloved filmmaker scammed his community in a $28 million Ponzi scheme. Hear how it went down. 
(Thanks @mm!)

😞 There are countless ways to say sorry in Japanese, but Japan’s apologies to American prisoners of WWII were never accepted...until a housewife intervened. Learn how to apologize and it matters with this podcast playlist.  (Thanks @write2tg and @podcastbrunch!) 

Podcast Partner Spotlight: BLDG EVELYN
BLDG EVELYN, is a narrated drama podcast inspired by true events. Evelyn Munoz is forced to navigate life with her family in Brazil — struggling with domestic violence, substance abuse, and rebellion. Start with Chapter One:

Chapter 1: Nice to Meet You

Meet Evelyn and her family!

Podcast Deep Dives 
In case you missed out, check out our previous Deep Dive on stories of kindness.

8 stories of kindness
8 Stories of Kindness

Do good and take care! We could all use a little more compassion and empathy. This Deep Dive shares the simple yet powerful stories of kindness that have changed many lives. You’ll also learn about the psychology behind altruism. We hope these podcasts inspire you to get in the mood to give back.

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