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Here is this week's roundup of our top community podcasts and playlist recommendations! 

Be sure to check out our new Deep Dives podcast guides, including one exploring the Bright and Dark Sides of K-pop, and another highlighting 8 Stories of Kindness.

Top Recommendations from the Community

🧘‍♂️ This Oprah-endorsed self-help guru killed three followers at his New Age retreat. Learn about the rise and fall of James Arthur Ray in this new true crime podcast about The Dark Side of Enlightenment.

🎞️ People talked weird in old movies. Find out why. (Thanks @mm!)

📼 Netflix didn’t kill Blockbuster. Blockbuster killed itself. Hear about the rise of Netflix in this new mini-series. (Thanks @bigfoot_skeptic!)

🎶 Remember the Youtube song “Friday” that everyone loved to hate? Find out where the then-teenage singer is right now in this behind-the-scenes story about the song. (Thanks @phocks!)

🤡 Is this spooky doll the real-life inspiration behind Chucky? Get ready to be scared by Robert the Doll's story. (Thanks @alishiamarie!)

😮 Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, is now in handcuffs. Who is she anyway? Find out. Catch up on the Epstein case with a collection of all of the Jeffrey Epstein podcast series here.

👁️ This comedian was fired by Tom Hanks because of his “dead eyes”. Now he’s made a whole podcast to try to understand why two decades later. Here it is. (Thanks @cgkelly!)

😱 This KKK leader held political office in Louisiana. Hear the story of David Duke’s rise in American politics. (Thanks @phocks!)

🌝 A nuclear-powered Dragonfly is flying to space to explore the largest moon of Saturn. Learn about NASAs humongous space drone. (Thanks @bigfoot_skeptic!)

🚀 Want more space stories? Here’s a whole playlist to space out on. (Thanks @podcastplaylist!)

😂 This guy hilariously picks up odd gig work from Task Rabbit to get rich quick. Find out if it worked. 

New & Trending Deep Dives 
Check out the new and trending curated podcasts guides for this week:

K-pop: The Bright and Dark Sides
The world is crazy about K-pop. Sensational bands like BTS are topping music charts globally. Massive K-pop fandoms make headlines for crashing political rallies and flexing their power to combat hate online. But under all the polish, K-pop has a dark side involving sex crimes and cultural appropriation. Get to know both sides of this global cultural phenomenon.
8 Stories of Kindness
8 Stories of Kindness
Do good and take care! We could all use a little more compassion and empathy. This Deep Dive shares the simple yet powerful stories of kindness that have changed many lives. You’ll also learn about the psychology behind altruism. We hope these podcasts inspire you to get in the mood to give back.
Overheard Deep Dive
Fighting Climate Change with National Geographic
The new season of National Geographic's ‘Overheard’ starts with an episode about one people’s fight against water shortages caused by climate change. An unlikely band of students builds an ingenious solution involving geometry and religion. Follow ‘Overheard’s’ hosts to the edges of our big, bizarre, and beautiful world.
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