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Here is this week's roundup of our top community podcasts and playlist recommendations! 

Be sure to check out our new Deep Dives podcast guides on unpacking cancel cultureinterviews that'll make you smarter, and 13 bingeable true crime podcasts for road trips.

Top Recommendations from the Community

📦 Ever wondered why it's so hard to quit Amazon Prime? Learn how it was created and why it’s so effective at keeping us addicted. (Thanks @cesarm!)

👑 Meet the world’s most blood-thirsty queen: The Queen Of Madagascar. Learn how she protected her kingdom and defied European supremacy. (Thanks @hsfargis!)

❤️ Hear a moving story of human connection. A music teacher harmonized the voices of 22 students afar over video call during the pandemic. (Thanks @jctrevino!)

💡 Write comedy with Ira Glass in this new comedy podcast. The podcast legend dissects comedian Mike Birbiglia's untested comedy material in Mike’s new podcast. (Thanks @jhawthorne!)

☀️ Need some light entertainment? Check out this podcast playlist for the perfect, lazy summer afternoon (Thanks @podcastplaylist!)

👮 Police don’t carry guns in Iceland because it has the lowest crime rates in the world. Which is why this shocking murder of a young woman shook the country to its core.

👨‍👩‍👦 A girl traces her Italian and Black American heritage only to discover holes in her family history. This podcast will have you wanting to trace your own family history. (Thanks @rmmiller364!)

🔎 A podcaster spent nine years investigating the disappearance of two congressmen in Alaska.  Uncover the story with this new serialized true crime podcast.

😲 Trump's administration wants to kick out international students and Brazil’s president has COVID. Get the load down on the world's current events.

🤕 Unpacking your childhood can reveal your inner demons. World-renowned trauma expert, Dr. Gabor Maté helps you break it down. (Thanks @oiamandina!)

🎤 Feeling musically inspired? Hear musicians break down some iconic songs with this playlist. (Thanks @jennx!)

New & Trending Deep Dives 
Check out the new and trending curated podcasts guides for this week:

13 Bingeable True Crime Podcasts for Road Trips
13 Bingeable True Crime Podcasts for Road Trips
Summer is road trip season! These bingeable true crime and serialized fiction podcasts featuring murders, white collar crimes, and cults will keep you on the edge of your seat and help you kill time on the road—literally. Buckle up for an intense audio adventure all the way to your destination.
12 interviews that'll make you smarter
12 Interviews That'll Make You Smarter
Podcasts are one of the best ways to learn. Here's a round-up of the top interviews recommended by the Podyssey community that'll make you smarter. With these educational podcasts, you’ll learn everything from using comedy to start a revolution to making an ethical true crime podcast.
Unpacking cancel culture
Unpacking Cancel Culture
Over 150 public intellectuals including J.K. Rowling, Noam Chomsky, and Malcolm Gladwell, signed an open letter in Harper’s Magazine condemning “cancel culture”. But what the heck is “cancel culture”? How did it originate and is it even real? Should cancel culture be cancelled? Take a deep dive into the heated public debate.
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