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Watch the trailer here! SEE THE NEW FOOTAGE!!

Is it HOT where you live?

Here in VA, we are scorching! The air is heavy, like walking through clotheslines of wet towels. So this month's newsletter is my newsletter version of a remedy: a tall, cold, frothy beverage! 

Here's the important stuff:

1. CHECK OUT THE "DIRECTOR'S CUT" TRAILER! The link is like, right there above this.
2. Read the Update section if you like to be in the know.
3. Enjoy a few seconds of my goats pronking, and read my brief reminder about self-care which I wrote, no lie, because it's what I need to hear. 

Lastly, remember that I love you, I am grateful for you and I can't wait to hand you a teaser for Tattooed Angel soon! Maybe in September...

PS Prepare for my shameless, end-of-newsletter reminder to write a review for Hidden City if you have not yet done so!  Amazon will publish it, but only one per IP address - so you cannot write one and then have your kid write one because Amazon will throw them both away as fraudulent! I will publish your review AND your kid's review on my website! So email your reviews to me! 

PPS And if you SHARE this trailer with any of your feeds and tag me on Facebook or Instagram (or both!), I will send you a special thank you post! Happy August!



We are home from the cross country trip! My son's internship went great, thanks to the ah-mazing team at Fractured FX who welcomed him with lots of new skills and work. We spent many hours with friends and fewer hours in traffic than we anticipated. We drove route 70 home. We had to take a detour where the highway was closed due to mudslides having broken open the asphalt. It was a 3.5 HOUR detour!  I saw a Moose though, and a rainbow landing end to end, so it was ok.

Tattooed Angel’s bad guys have finally sorted themselves after a meeting with my swanky new writer’s mastermind group. Shortly after said meeting, I realized I needed to think about my bad guys in a different way. And I, uh, wrote the book on bad guys, so...always something new to learn when writing novels.

If you follow my Instagram, you will see lots of pictures of salads, which means that my histamine levels are rebalancing and I can focus on writing you books instead of how much histamine is in my lunch. 

Summertime, remember?  So short & sweet.



And lastly, if you haven’t POSTED YOUR HIDDEN CITY REVIEW on AMAZON yet, please do! I am so close to 50 reviews! Fifty is the magic number that wakes up the algorithm and tells it to recommend a book...and YOUR review could be Hidden City's turning point!

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Clara & Heidi haven't seen each other in 10 months. So they pronk!

Clara is home from her visit to the farm where she was born. We planned for her to be there for the month Clark & I were away shooting Lisey’s Story in Germany last October, turned into a slightly longer month than we thought. Ahem. Now she is home and every bit as uncooperative as she was before. More so in fact. She refuses to get on the milking stand, refuses to go in the big paddock with her family and just in general is behaving like a nuisance. Luckily I raised four teenagers and one Great Dane so I do manage to win the daily battles through Scottish tenacity and clever leashing skills. Still...I’d rather be writing. Anybody need a goat? 


Looking for your next urban fantasy reading binge? Dive into the Call of the Elements series with Magister's Bane! No one ever called me normal, but a mage? Yeah, right. A princess? No way! A vampire's next meal? Not if I can help it.

Already read it? Here's another great option!

Tide centers around young Hania, who has been told all her life that when the tide rolls in, death follows. Beneath the surface of the sea lurk creatures who see human life as nothing more than a game. When those creatures take her brother hostage, Hania has no choice but to do what she can to recover him. 
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Take care of yourself, please. Whatever that means for you- maybe it's buying powder puff deodorant made from plants (yeah, that's a thing) or enjoying naps or drinking extra water. Be kind. Notice your wealth and brilliance in whatever forms they take. Accept your value. It's more than you think. I love you. See you in September!

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