Can you please describe your job in 100 words?

My job, I should say our job, consists in being alert and follow the activities of EU institutions on a daily basis. If a topic, be it VAT or illegal logging, is likely to affect the publishing sector, then we make sure the decision makers have the necessary material to make informed decisions.
( Anne )

What would happened to the book if you were not there?

One should stay humble- I am sure the book would survive without us! But working at FEP gives us the impression that our work is valuable for the book- we promote it, we defend it. We remind people how important a book is and we share stories – many stories!- about the love of books and reading.
( Laura )

Describe a typical 
working day

Well, there is not such a thing as a
typical working day at FEP!
Usually we start with a nice coffee in the office and then the day starts.
It is a combination of meetings with all sorts of interesting people to explain to them what book publishing is about and how initiatives led by the EU can impact such an important sector, as well as helping our members who have questions on the EU and its  policies and need guidance. We are often meeting with other creative industries to share, discuss and help each other. As we always say in the office: it is never boring!

( Liv )

What is the most exciting thing that ever happened to you in the job? 

I’d be tempted to say that it was
having the chance to go and speak at confe-rences in China and Korea, and that certainly was exciting, but I think the single strongest bout of exhilaration I felt in all these years came the moment I learnt that the VAT Directive 47/2009/EC had been adopted by the Council and that, at the last minute, a provision had been included for which we had campaigned extensively that would allow audiobooks to enjoy a reduced rate of VAT. It was the first time I felt we had a chance to make a difference, for the better.

( Enrico )
What did you want to do when you were five years old? 
Probably be a ballet dancer although
I most certainly wanted to do other jobs too. Never thought I would
end up running FEP (I really prefer the  French acronym Fée (Fairy in French) but I have loved every moment (or almost).

( Anne )
When I was five years old, I wanted to be a teacher and a writer and a singer and a chef. I am none of these now, but I haven’t given up on my ambitions yet!     ( Laura )

Unoriginally, as many children I wanted to do the same as my parents, so either a doctor or an artist, changing my mind regularly. I am quite happy in the end
I managed to combine my interest for culture and art with a more rigorous background, being a lawyer.

( Liv )

I cannot really remember, so I rely
on my mother, who always told me
that around that age I had the strange aspiration to become not an
astronaut, like many other kids,
but an astronauts’ doctor.

( Enrico )
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