Launching NINE ELMS BOOKS, the brand new fiction imprint
from Bene Factum Publishing 
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The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion that it has taken place.
George Bernard Shaw
If you read the title to this summer's newsletter and your mind leaped straight to a Grease-based pun, my work here is done. If not, read on! For this is the definitive reading list for those of you heading beachwards over the next few months... 

2015 has been hugely exciting for Bene Factum as we've gradually introduced our new line of fiction titles under the rather breezy name of Nine Elms Books. From crime thrillers to spy satires, historical romance and short stories, there's one for everyone and every taste.
Some outright beautiful - others downright funny.

And to celebrate, we're offering 15% off on our four current titles when bought through our website. All you have to do is type in the code nineelms15 when prompted at checkout.
Offer ends 31st August 2015.

But never fear, we've not turned our backs on our loyal non-fictioners! We're back in true Bene Factum style, with Nick Hudson's dazzling autobiography, Mister Nick, with enough charm, thrills and sheer life in it to get you in the spirit of this very indulgent season. Summer reads indeed...

- New fiction from Nine Elms Books - 
Oscar King

An exotic caper amid the glittering towers of Dubai, as a handful of disparate international strangers find themselves entangled in a global web of deceit, sex and murder. At the heart of the chaos: a beautiful, white Persian cat.

Order now from BFP website
RRP £7.99

15% off when used with coupon code nineelms15 at checkout
Marta Maretich

An intimate love story and sweeping family saga, centred on the Tiepolo dynasty of artists in glorious 18th-century Venice and the efforts generations later of one Monuments Man during WWII to save their forgotten masterpieces.
Order now from BFP website
RRP £9.99

15% off when used with coupon code nineelms15 at checkout
Pete Bellotte

Amusing, perplexing, dark-minded, or even hilarious, the characters inhabiting this universe of 22 short stories have just one thing in common: a determination to challenge expectations and upset the norm. You’ll never see them coming. 

Order now from BFP website
RRP £9.99

15% off when used with coupon code nineelms15 at checkout
Simon Rae
Murder stopped play.
A 'cosy crime' thriller in the best tradition of Midsomer Murders, introducing the gruff, brilliant Inspector Dalliance, sent in to seek out foul play when a village cricket match takes a turn for the sinister. 
Pre-order now from BFP website
RRP £7.99

15% off when used with coupon code nineelms15 at checkout
- Book of the Month - 
Nick Hudson
From London of the Swinging Sixties to the heights of Caribbean luxury, restaurateur, exponent of Chinese cuisine, wine connoisseur, sailor, pilot, international polo commentator, bon-viveur and, above all, free-spirited entrepreneur, Nick Hudson has recorded his swashbuckling fun-filled life of island-hopping adventure in the high skies, on the high seas and at the high tables of the last seven decades in his delightful and star-studded autobiography. Mister Nick launched with a bang last week at the London Sketch Club to great acclaim and with its very proud author out in force.
- What the publishers are reading this month -
Bernard Schlink is perhaps best know for bestseller-turned-movie The Reader, which explored German post-war guilt at the intimate level of personal relationships. The Weekend takes on the German past again, this time confronting the left-wing RAF-terrorist era of the 1970s as one of their members is released back into society after 20 years in prison. His friends and family come together in a country house to welcome him "home", but the eponymous weekend rapidly disintegrates. A fascinating story about the nature of rehabilitation and home-grown terrorism through the lens of the 21st century, all written in the beautifully crisp, unjudging, objective style of its lawyer-author.  
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