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“For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning."
T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding
It seems almost perverse to bang on about it, but HAPPY NEW YEAR from everyone at Bene Factum. The optimistic January bells haven't stopped ringing quite yet. People are still "resolving", diets are still stuck to, and those who said they were having a "dry" month are just a few days away from breaking down the door of their local pub.
    The Book is still king in this ever sleeker digital age of 2014, all thanks to the dedication of you good people to the art form that is paper and ink and ideas. Don't let's forget our forebears - those cave scribes painting on the walls, the monks painstakingly illuminating their margins, Gutenberg knocking together his little machine, and finally, the staff at BFP, comparativey lazy with their computers and their kettle, but no less passionate about what they do.
    In particular, non-fiction remains our turf of choice, and for good reason. According to selling figures for the end of 2013, 54.2p of every pound spent on books last year was for non-fiction, with the main competition for market share coming from those little blighters in children's books. A rather prosaic statistic, perhaps, but a rather encouraging thought for us. 
Admittedly, we owe these stats somewhat to the ongoing increase of fiction titles being sold as ebooks, while the rest of us continue to enjoy healthy print sales. That said, BFP is always looking for the next big thing, and fiction is always fascinating. So we'll be keeping a beady eye on any novels that pass our threshold. Just so you know... AW
- News - 
The fascinating story of ex-special forces officer Howard Leedham's undercover adventures in Pakistan has not been lost on Hollywood. UEG media group have just issued this exciting press release, detailing ASK FORGIVENESS NOT PERMISSION's entry into the fray of television, as it starts on the road to pre-production. The original book has proved a success on both sides of the pond and is available from our website.
Also available as an ebook and audiobook from Amazon and other e-tailers
- Upcoming releases - 
The Buenvino Cookbook
by Jeannie and Sam Chesterton
Surrounded by winter, we like to think about better climes, better food. The Buenvino Cookbook helps us do just that, showcasing the delectable Spanish recipes and products from the Finca Buenvino in Andalusia. With an entire chapter dedicated to jamón alone, and beautiful photos to make your stomach rumble with covetous hunger, you'll be sure to either get cooking or hot foot it onto the next plane down to Sevile. ¡Que aproveche!
Every now and then I come across ... a gem so special that I have mixed feelings about revealing its whereabouts … it is Jeannie’s cooking which sets the seal on a perfect visit and in this book she shares some of her recipes which I know you will enjoy as much as I have.
Darina Allen, founder of the world famous Ballymaloe Cookery School

Order now from BFP website
Out in APRIL £20.00
Sacred Mountains
by Allerd Stikker
As China grows ever more dominant in the modern world, we take a look at how it is turning to its ancient Daoist roots to address its vast ecological problems, mere decades after the Cultural Revolution sought to wipe this group out. This is the inspiring and optimistic personal journey of Dutch businessman Allerd Stikker, who helped facilitate this dramatic turnaround when Daoism touched upon his own life.
Out in MAY £14.99
A War of Shadows
by W. Stanley Moss

With the 70th anniversary of Billy Moss and Patrick Leigh Fermor's kidnapping of General Kreipe on Crete this year, as commemorated in the phenomenally successful Ill Met by Moonlight, BFP is republishing Moss's sequel, A War of Shadows, set on either side of the end of WW2, and recounting his escapades from as far afield as Siam, Macedonia and Crete itself.  
Out in APRIL £9.99
collected by Martin Palmer and Katriana Hazell

With refugee crises spiraling out of control across the globe, now more then ever is it important to remind ourselves of the importance of 'the stranger' and 'the other' in our cultural traditions. These 20 short stories from all over the world are both poignant and witty re-tellings of encounters with the outsider, both ancient and contemporary, from a new generation of brilliant new storytellers.
Out in MARCH £9.99
- What the publishers are reading this month -
Among the tomes littering the Bene Factum desks is Cloud Atlas, a weighty work of bizarre stories sandwiched one within the other, and covering a multitude of genres over six different time periods, from a 19th century diary to a dystopian sci-fi romp in futuristic Korea. Recently made into an equally crazy film, with the likes of Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, it has slight delusions of grandeur, but still makes for an absolute rollercoaster of a novel with splendid writing and characters. Not recommended to those with heart problems or a predilection for hallucinogenic drugs...
The boss, meanwhile, is devouring Robert Harris' An Officer and a Spy, the latest offer from the master of the historical thriller, this time observing the characters who bore witness to the infamous Dreyfus Affair. Intriguing and thorough in its research, one particular publisher boasts it isn't all too dissimilar in its themes from a certain ASK FORGIVENESS (see above).  DH
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