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July 2013 news and scorching summer deals
Dogs, Tigers, Brides... and an Amazon daily deal!

Welcome to the first newsletter from Bene Factum...and right in time for the summer. Given that a month ago we were publishing a book about umbrellas and thanking the weather gods for the timely showers, I think we can all be glad now that the skies have finally cleared, the mercury's bursting, and the sun is smiling. And just for you and your beachtime preparations, we have some great reads waiting to see the inside of your suitcase. You'll find them pleasantly divvied up according to your tastes and moods opposite, all beautifully discounted for the holidays. But first a brief summary.

Just published this month, THINGS CAN ONLY GET FETA takes us to Greece to remind us of everything this magnificent land has to offer in spite of recent troubles. "Greece still has heroes...if not euros." Some true and moving words from delightful first-time author and journalist Marjory McGinn, as she and her crazily enthusiastic Jack Russell embark on a love-letter tour of the Peloponnese. This is the perfect, light summer read to accompany you across the Acropolis, island-hopping the Aegean, or just planning your next holiday from your current destination. 
£6.00 from BFP website. Also available as an eBook from Amazon and other e-tailers.

For the serious historian restless on your beach towel and yearning for learning, TIGERS BURNING BRIGHT is the latest in the SOE Heroes series of accounts, following these fearless men as they delved into the jungles of the Far East and braved the waters of the South West Pacific to subvert the enemy during WW2. Thorough, engrossing, comprehensive, yet accessible, our veteran author Alan Ogden completes his epic history of these under-sung warriors, most of whom were merely businessmen, academics and linguists, showing us a very different view of some of the world's most exotic locations. 

£13.00 from BFP website. Also available as an eBook from Amazon and other e-tailers.

On a different note, there's wedding jitters here at Bene Factum as people seem to be getting hitched left, right and centre, and we're not ones to miss a trick! To honour all these blushing brides and gushing grooms, we offer up our finest bible of tips and slips for the occasion, BRIDE IDEAS AND FROCK UPS. The romantics, the cynics, the jokers and the poets, accompanied by some stunning photography, all unite to provide the ultimate guide book for your big day. A classic Bene Factum title with a foreword by the ever-reliable Tara Palmer Tomkinson: "This book is so brilliant it could almost persuade me to get married." Couldn't put it better myself. 
£10.00 from BFP website.

And finally, in case you hadn't noticed, there's a couple of cricket matches going on just down the road...that's right, it's The Ashes, and (at the time of going to press!) things are looking pretty good! But while we admire our fine players out there bashing the Aussies, let's spare a thought for the amateur and the layman and their long-suffering partners, and the ancient culture of not-so professional cricket that goes on year in, year out, wicket after wicket, cucumber sandwich after cucumber sandwich. NOT OUT FIRST BALL celebrates this great tradition and just to make it sweeter, it's been selected for Kindle's DAILY DEAL today, 20th July, one day only. Take advantage and grab it while you can and read it on the tour bus, behind the wicket, or even during a slower moment out by the boundary. 
£7.99 from BFP website. Also available as an eBook from Amazon and other e-tailers. 

Anthony Weldon, Director
Things Can Only Get Feta
Things Can Only Get Feta
by Marjory McGinn
Was £7.99
NOW £6.00!
Tigers Burning Bright
by Alan Ogden
Was 14.99
NOW £13.00!
Bride Ideas and Frock Ups
Bride Ideas and Frock Ups
by Sim Canetty-Clarke, Amanda Lockhart & Susannah Frieze
Was £14.99
NOW £10.00!
Not Out First Ball
Not Out First Ball
by Roger Morgan-Grenville and Richard Perkins
Was £9.99
NOW £7.99!
Only £0.99 with Amazon Daily Deal! 
Saturday 20th July only
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