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“She'd become an English major for the purest and dullest of reasons: because she loved to read.” 
Jeffrey Eugenides, The Marriage Plot
Which is exactly why we all got into publishing! Pure and simple (more or less...).
Autumn is upon us and the winds are howling, leaves are falling down just when they look their best, and the high streets are putting up the baubles and tinsel with premature fervour. But here at Bene Factum, we’re celebrating 20 years in the business, and my, how we’ve grown. Find out more below...

Otherwise, in the run up to Christmas, we have five new titles for you to peruse at your leisure, all available from this week at very heart-warming discount prices to celebrate their publication. From space and astronomy, to predictive text monsters, and the future of Prince George himself, we have something for everyone’s tastes.  AW
- What we learnt in publishing this week -
Guy de Maupassant was the most vociferois opponent of the Eiffel Tower (incidentally held together by 2,500,000 rivets), but when asked why he lunched in its restaurant every day, he replied that “This is the one place from which I cannot see the Tower!”

On a comletely different note, pretty much every single language in Europe calls a pineapple some variation of ananas. Apparently the English were so dumbstruck when we first saw one and decided it couldn't be anything but the fruit of a pine tree! Well, we always did like to be different...Click here for an excellent map.  DH
- New autumn releases and special offers -
Space Has No Frontier
by John Bromley-Davenport
As the skies darken and the stars come out, think on Bernard Lovell, the late, great radio astronomer who changed the course of science and modern history forever. Space Has No Frontier is his story, an affectionate and accessible portrait of a scientific luminary, after whom the great telescope at Jodrell Bank is named.

The Isaac Newton of radio astronomy.” - Sir Patrick Moore

£20.00 £18.00 from BFP website.
Also available as an ebook.
by Hugh Kellett
Looking for the ideal little stocking-filler and gift? The Glitzch! series follows the subversive and satirical adventures of the little gremlin who lives in our mobile phones, controlling our predictive text and making a mockery of British and American history and culture. What do a Queer Vicar in a Floral Nightgown with a Marital Erection all have in common...well, there’s only one way to find out. Available in both UK and USA editions.

It’s very funny – and I hardly need say that it’s the perfect gift book for Christmas.” - Compass Points 
£8.99 £7.00 from BFP website.
Also available as an ebook.
by Christopher Lee

For a more serious look at our history and society, there is always Monarchy. Since the birth of Prince George in the summer, the British monarchy has found itself in the focus of media glare once more. With the line of succession looking secured well into the 22nd century, best-selling author Christopher Lee  (This Sceptred Isle) explores the origins of this unique institution, how it came to be what it is now, and how much longer it can expect to survive in today’s fast-shifting society. Will George ever make it to the throne? 

£20.00 £18.00 from BFP website.
Also available as an ebook.
by Donough O'Brien

And finally this month we have ‘Who?’, the definitive list of all the famous people you’ve never heard of. Know who invented the first bra? Whose driving error started WW1? Whose blood cells are immortal? Thought not. This book brings these unsung heroes (and villains) to the fore where they belong, with over 200 names that should trip off the tongue...but don’t.

Definitely a book to dip into from time to time for an hour or more’s remarkable details.” -  Frederick Forsyth

£12.99 £10.00 from BFP website.
Also available as an ebook.
- Bene Factum at 20 -
Bene Factum turned twenty this October but no time for a party. From a hobby business in the heady pre-digital days of the early '90s to now, and we still love reading as much as on day 1. We hope our fans still feel the same! Small as we are, it takes many to make a masterpiece, and we owe two decades worth of thanks to all the printers, editors, designers, marketers, sellers and everyone else who've made this all work.

And of course not forgetting our illustrious authors and fine readers. The first and last links in the chain. We really couldn't do anything without you, so thank you for continuing to put you faith in both the written word, and perhaps less wisely, our hands!

From SOE war heroes to dandies, through garden poems and predictive text, the Queen and Tara Palmer Tomkinson, right the way to cricket, classics and Jeremy Clarkson's dubious recipe for beans on toast, we've seen, done and published it all. But still plenty out there for the next twenty years...we'll see you back here then.   AW
- What we're reading at BFP - 
Right now I'm reading The Master and Margarita. Admittedly it took me a long time to get round to this and I walked in blind, expecting a heavy piece of high Russian classical literature that would strain even this publisher's zest for reading. Not so! I highly recommend this funny, clever, eerie satire about what happens to an unsuspecting Moscow when the devil decides to set up residence with his sinister entourage. I can only beg forgiveness of Bulgakov for my ignorance. He even featured in one of our books once! See The Dandy for more information... 
Anthony, rather less earnestly, has been distracting himself with Frederick Forsyth's The Kill List, shamelessly aware the whole time that one of BFP's authors acted as an advisor on it. We couldn't possibly mention who it is, but we of course couldn't stop anyone from trawling our website lookng for clues. Suspenseful, gripping and everything you'd expect from the author, definitely worth it for a vicarious slog across the globe in the wake of The Tracker hunting a radical murderous Islamist preacher. Not quite Downton Abbey, but good Sunday evening fodder...  DH
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