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"Tales are tales. They come in all shapes and guises, ancient and modern (which does not necessarily guarantee authenticity)." 
Leslie Thomas in Almost Heaven

We've kept quiet for the last few months but we've by no means kept still. BFP has been working full tilt, producing a full range of brilliant new titles to take with you into the summer months. It's been a time of designing and crafting, nagging production schedules, inconvenient Easter breaks, and the occasional boozy (and very successful) launch party. Sadly, we've had some losses too, as we learnt of the death of our prized author Leslie Thomas. But the machine churns on, and in ever changing directions, as we continue our partnership with the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, start work on a new line of foodie titles, and (brace yourselves) take BFP's first leap into the murky but thrilling waters of FICTION. Outrageously, this budding marketeer's proposal for a Bene FICtum imprint was vetoed! So read on, as you start to plan how to fill your suitcases for the months ahead. 
- News - 
It's always sad to see world-class writers of the old-school leave us. The death of Bene Factum's author Leslie Thomas OBE was announced yesterday. He was such fun to deal with when he was writing our delightful book about Salisbury entitled - perhaps inappropriately - Almost Heaven. Wherever he is now, he would surely have liked the joke. As it turned out, it was his last book. Millions of his many titles sold were around the world, and his legions of fans will mourn his passing - as do I.   AW

Almost Heaven was Leslie's slightly irreverent take on stories and myths that surround the famous Salisbury Cathedral, the book he had always wanted to write as an affectionate portrait of the town he called home. Some of the stories are hilarious, others sensational, many published for the first time - and most of which are true!

The veteran author of the phenomenally successful (and controversial) The Virgin Soldiers was appointed OBE in 2004 for services to literature.

- New releases - 
The Buenvino Cookbook
by Jeannie and Sam Chesterton
While the rain can't decide if it's coming or going, think of better climes, better food. The Buenvino Cookbook helps us do just that, showcasing the delectable Spanish recipes and products from the Finca Buenvino in Andalusia. With an entire chapter dedicated to jamón alone, and beautiful photos to make your stomach rumble with covetous hunger, you'll be sure to either get cooking or hot foot it onto the next plane down to Sevile. ¡Que aproveche!
Every now and then I come across ... a gem so special that I have mixed feelings about revealing its whereabouts … it is Jeannie’s cooking which sets the seal on a perfect visit and in this book she shares some of her recipes which I know you will enjoy as much as I have.
Darina Allen, founder of the world famous Ballymaloe Cookery School

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Sacred Mountains
by Allerd Stikker
As China grows ever more dominant in the modern world, we take a look at how it is turning to its ancient Daoist roots to address its vast ecological problems, mere decades after the Cultural Revolution sought to wipe this group out. This is the inspiring and optimistic personal journey of Dutch businessman Allerd Stikker, who helped facilitate this dramatic turnaround when Daoism touched upon his own life.
Out now £14.99
A War of Shadows
by W. Stanley Moss

With the 70th anniversary of Billy Moss and Patrick Leigh Fermor's kidnapping of General Kreipe on Crete this year, as commemorated in the phenomenally successful Ill Met by Moonlight, BFP is republishing Moss's sequel, A War of Shadows, set on either side of the end of WW2, and recounting his escapades from as far afield as Siam, Macedonia and Crete itself.  
collected by Martin Palmer and Katriana Hazell

With refugee crises spiraling out of control across the globe, now more then ever is it important to remind ourselves of the importance of 'the stranger' and 'the other' in our cultural traditions. These 20 short stories from all over the world are both poignant and witty re-tellings of encounters with the outsider, both ancient and contemporary, from a new generation of brilliant new storytellers.
- What the publishers are reading this month -
Claimed by some to be the most depressing book ever, Murakami's Norwegian Wood, named for the Beatles song, is nonetheless another beautiful piece of simple storytelling from the Japanese literary giant. Admittedly, this young editor is only halfway through, but so far it's a sweet, understated reflection of life as a Japanese student in the revolutionary 60s, which manages to fascinate with its tiny details and character traits, rather than grand sweeping plot-strokes. Like all Murakami novels though, only a matter of time before things get all weird and surreal. Until that time, though, highly recommended.   DH
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