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"Paddy’s humorous self-restraint, his consideration for others, his courage and extreme modesty, were models of mental graciousness and emotional savoir-faire
Dolores Payás on Patrick Leigh Fermor
Drink Time!

It’s funny how reading seems to be a seasonal thing, and yet, as this young editor stares wistfully out the window, seeking the Muse of Newsletter-Writing, he is bound by the constraints of this grey, murky August. But fear not, listless readers, watching the approaching spectre of the school run, the workday, the lunchtime sandwich hurriedly devoured on a windy bench… Bene Factum has a mass of fun for you to distract yourself with. In the summer months, we've been hard at work bringing you our usual heady mix of historical nostalgia, light beach reads, rousing calls to action, and of course downright silliness. We've even come up with a new imprint for you. So check your coats at the door of this literary bunker and stroll on into our salon…

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The new home of BFP fiction 
There was a time, in the mid-16th century, when Miguel de Cervantes was toying with the pretty novel idea of the novel, that Bene Factum thought it might get in on this action. And now we are. We are proud to present NINE ELMS BOOKS, the imprint under which we’ll be releasing our new fiction titles. Come October we will have two fantastic crime thrillers by established authors to get you through the dark nights:

BODYLINE by Simon Rae
A thoroughly English ‘cosy-crime’ thriller, introducing the gruff but brilliant Inspector Dalliance, set in an isolated village after the mysterious death of one of its inhabitants in the middle of a cricket match. Dalliance is sent in to investigate foul play…

An exotic caper amid the glittering towers of Dubai, as a handful of disparate international strangers find themselves entangled in a global web of deceit, sex and murder. At the heart of the chaos: a beautiful, white Persian cat.


Get excited and watch this space. Your new home of fiction is coming soon, with many more titles, from historical novels to short stories, in the mix.
- Book of the month - 
Drink Time!
DRINK TIME! In the Company of Patrick Leigh Fermor
by Dolores Payás, translated by Amanda Hopkinson
Drink Time! truly is a labour of love for all involved and is out now. A short, sweet and utterly charming account of the legendary Paddy Leigh Fermor, as told through the eyes of his Spanish translator, Dolores Payás, with whom he spent much of his final years in Greece. It makes for compelling reading, not only nostalgic and moving, but also hilarious in places, as we get to know this giant of history and literature from such an intimate perspective. A lovely piece of escapism to a different time and place, punctuated by many a glass of wine.
"...makes a pleasant accompaniment to the evening's first glass."
Times Literary Supplement

"...a charming memoir..."
Peter McKay, Daily Mail

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- Just out - 
Lost Voices of Cricket
Legends of the game in conversation with

Ralph Dellor and Stephen Lamb

Our fair land’s cricketing season may be drawing gradually to a close, but this new book will keep you in whites for that little bit longer, commemorating some of the sport’s greatest 20th-century names. During the ’90s, Ralph Dellor had the good fortune to meet and interview these beloved characters, from Bill Alley and Denis Compton to Trevor Bailey and Doug Insole, which he has now transcribed into this excellent compilation.
Click here for an audio teaser and hear some of your favourite players from the golden past.    
RRP £9.99
15% off 
when used with coupon code AUGUST15 at checkout
A War of Shadows
by Susie Weldon and Sue Campbell

This one is special. As food, water and population crises spiral out of control, the Alliance of Religions and Conservation have come together with this beautiful and simple handbook; harnessing the influence of the world’s dominant faiths, this global initiative teaches all of us – Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist – to buy, grow and eat better. Inspiring rather than preachy, revolutionary and genuinely easy to incorporate into our daily lives, this guide will make that most universal of pleasures – FOOD – even better.
If you care about what you put on your plate, this is a book to savour.”
Clare Balding

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RRP £14.99 
15% off when used with coupon code AUGUST15 at checkout
- What the publishers are reading this month -
A really surprising bestseller of the last year, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry draws us back into a more parochial and quaint version of England that we often forget (ironically the book has become a worldwide phenomenon). The story follows the hero, an retired nobody, who finds his life’s purpose in marching the length of the country from Devon to Berwick to “save” an old friend from cancer. The longer he walks, the longer she’ll live. Basic premise, exceptional book – this story takes you through the whole helter-skelter of the human condition in a delightfully simple yet powerful way.    DH

And in keeping with our Paddy Leigh Fermor theme, the boss is loyally trekking (pun intended) through Walking the Woods and the Water, Nick Hunt’s adventure across Europe, from the Hook of Holland to the Golden Horn in Turkey, in homage to the great man’s original journey. A splendidly old-fashioned thing to do and emulate, and fascinating to see what of this wondrous continent has changed…and interestingly what hasn’t. AW
- Look out for -
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