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CasperHappy New Year!  

2013 was a remarkable year for LensCulture! We launched a whole new platform that is amazingly rich in content, design and inspiration — featuring the best in contemporary photography from around the world.

Special thanks to my new LensCulture partners, Kamran Mohsenin, CEO, and 
Laura Sackett, Creative Director, for their brilliance, vision and hard work to make
our ambitious dreams into reality.

Thanks for reading, best wishes for a happy new year… and stay tuned for exciting news in 2014!

Jim Casper, Editor

13 LensCulture Favorites from 2013:

Echoes of Lofoten
After World War II, families in small and remote fishing villages in Lofoten, Norway, were offered a lump sum from the government to leave their homes and relocate to more central places in a plan to modernize the nation. Photographer Hebe Robinson re-connects those hardy souls with their rugged outposts via heirloom snapshots and contemporary landscapes.

Marcus Lyon is exploring the most significant migrations of the early 21st century, with large-format hyper-detailed images.

Karczeby: The Roots of Polish Life
Find out what 'Karczeb' means in this wonderfully quirky book from Adam Panczuk.

Modern Dutch Surreal Photography
Juul Kraijer’s deceptively simple looking photos employ the Surrealist grammar of alienation to cast deep psychological hooks into viewers.

99 Variations
"I brought a key (the camera), opened the door to the secret passage (the mirror), woke up my mythical archetypes, and lured them out into the world." - Youngho Kang

Arrivals and Departures
Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol shares 30 stunning images and discusses his working methods in this great exclusive video interview.

Saul Leiter: 1950-60s color and black-and-white
The quiet but incredibly gifted photographer Saul Leiter passed away this year, so we look back with fondness at his amazing street photography.
Tractor Boys
Young Swedish boys in their early teens have a ritual of gathering together in a large deserted field at night to drive souped up old cars at crazy speeds. A small masterpiece by Martin Bogren.
American Color
These photographs capture color, light and an emotional vibration of American life from the 1970s to the present. Dennis Church compresses a lot of visual information into a flattened plane.
Natural Red Hair 
Hanne Van Der Woude, combines her love of verdant Dutch landscapes with an almost obsessive fascination with natural red hair. The photos vibrate with intensity.
Evolution: In Action
Patrick Gries captures the awe and beauty of nature in his photographs of more than 250 skeletons of the smallest to the largest vertebrate.

Photography, Collage, Gesture and Form
Jeff Cowen relies on chance and physical interaction with many of his wonderful, unique photography-based compositions.

The Animals
Italian photographer Giacomo Brunelli defines his work as animal-focused street photography. Critic Alison Nordström writes: "These pictures are timeless and uncanny, powerful in their ordinariness, and emotionally much bigger than their simple subjects.”
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