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May 25, 2016 - Issue 11

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Inside this Edition:
  1. Recap and Progress to Date - STCPR Advisory Committee
  2. Your Magazine Ideas Make a Difference!
  3. Results of OSBA / ISBOA 8-Lamp Survey
  4. Upcoming 2016 Events
Recap and Progress To Date - STCPR Advisory Committee

As a result of the Student Transportation Procurement Report (STCPR) from Colin Campbell, an STCPR Advisory Committee was established.  The purpose of the Committee is to:  “Provide a forum for the school board sector and industry representatives to freely and openly share ideas to address standardization opportunities identified in the Student Transportation Competitive Procurement Review Report.”
This Advisory Committee consists of:  Meeting Chair Dean Currie (Effectiveness & Efficiency Advisory Committee Coordinator, Council of Ontario School Business Officials), Special Advisor Wayne McNally (Ontario Public School Boards’ Association), 5 representatives from the Ontario Association of School Bus Officials (OASBO), 3 representatives from the Independent School Bus Operators Association (ISBOA) and 3 representatives from the Ontario School Bus Association (OSBA) namely President Les Cross, Treasurer Chris Harwood and Director Jim Switzer.  This Advisory Committee has met 3 times since its inception – Feb. 18, Apr. 6 and May 4, 2016.  They will also meet on June 1st.
The main focus to date (Phase I) has been to review and identify opportunities for standardization as outlined in the STCPR and develop a “Leading Practices” document on standardization.  Once completed, this committee will continue with activities and projects into Phase 2 and 3.
Phase 2 will be to review and address more complex opportunities identified in the report that may require extensive consultation, analysis, and likely legal and/or procurement advice.  Phase 3 will be to consider the establishment of formalized structures to support opportunities to improve industry relationships.
If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions or feedback, OSBA would be pleased to hear from you - or contact President Les Cross directly at , 705.229.6835.

Your Magazine Ideas Make a Difference!

Coming together is a beginning;  keeping together is progress;  working together is success.  Henry Ford”  It is because of many ground-breaking ideas and unprecedented concern by thousands of individuals in the school bus industry, that the safety and security of every student riding a school bus is upheld each and every day.
“School Bus Ontario” – OSBA’s annual magazine - is distributed each Fall to over 6,000 key decision makers from Ontario primary and secondary schools, school bus service provider/contractor companies, school boards/transportation consortia, government, MPP’s, home and school associations, supplier/manufacturers and many others across Ontario.
The magazine is for everyone connected to student transportation - a chance to highlight/promote events or happenings in your own organization that may be beneficial to the entire school bus industry.  Send us a description of an existing or new concept, product, service or developments in your area and it could provoke ideas, solutions and advancements elsewhere……which is a very good thing for an industry that has been part of day-to-day life since the late 1800’s!
Magazine articles are intended to highlight beneficial ideas and experiences in the industry.  Magazine advertising space is available to promote specific company services and products.  If you would like to place an advertisement, please contact our magazine publisher, Kristine Dudas, Naylor Association Specialists - or 204-975-3648.
For any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions regarding articles, please contact Donna Shepherd at OSBA -
or 905-802-9821.
Results of OSBA / ISBOA 8-Lamp Survey

Ontario, Saskatchewan and Wisconsin are the only three jurisdictions in North America where school buses have the “red only” warning lamp system.  All others have adopted the 8-lamp (amber-red) system.  Saskatchewan and Wisconsin have both recently announced they will be adopting the 8-lamp system in the near future.  There are many advantages of the 8-lamp system over the “red only” system and there is no doubt that Ontario should join the other North American jurisdictions and adopt this superior warning lamp system – the question is when and how should this changeover occur.  The survey was distributed to 134 bus operators.  With an excellent response rate of 33%, the following information is highlighted:
  • 75% of survey respondents indicated complete agreement in principle with Ontario changing to the 8-lamp system.
  • 40% of survey respondents indicated they do not support the changeover if funding is not provided.
  • 52% of survey respondents indicated a preference for a changeover date of Sept. 1, 2018 while 48% prefer the changeover to occur at a later date, as far out as Sept 1, 2022.
 OSBA and ISBOA will now prepare to communicate with the provincial government with respect to a changeover occurring Sept. 1, 2018.  We will also suggest that funding be provided by the provincial government to support this changeover, as has been past practice regarding school bus retrofitting of significant safety devices i.e. school bus stop arm and pedestrian crossing gate.
For further information or to provide any comments/suggestions, please contact Dave Carroll – 416.229.6622 Ext. 230.

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