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Dear Friends

We hope this newsletter finds you all well. It has been a couple of months since the last newsletter and we hope that during this time you have found joy and peace. Enjoy reading about the progress which has been made and thank you all for your love and support.

Lighthouse Christian Academy
Some may recall that in March 2013 six of our students from Lighthouse Christian Academy attended Convention in Harare. This is a sporting, musical and cultural event in which all students of Zimbabwe Ace Schools gather together and compete in various events, individually and as teams.  The greatest highlight of our participation in the Zimbabwe Convention had to have been the six-a-side soccer in which our students played intensely - defeating the reigning Champions. Their music performances were great too. Those who succeed in local Convention are then nominated to participate in the All Africa Schools Convention which is held in South Africa in September. Winning the soccer tournament entitled our six boys to participate in this, however only four were able to secure sufficient documentation to travel.
A total of 56 people from Harare and Bulawayo embarked on the long and tiring two day bus trip, arriving with great excitement in Bloemfontein on 21st September. Registration took place and the competition officially kicked off the following day with the soccer tournament.  The team, made up of our four boys and a couple of boys from another Bulawayo ACE School, played exceptionally well considering they had only a couple of practice sessions all together, and managed to reach the quarter finals. We were very proud of their performance in these games.  The boys performed well in their athletic heats, and managed to secure a second place in the 4x400m relay overall. There were a large number of entrants and the competition was tough.  The musical events went well with Shepherd participating in the solo vocal playing his guitar, and a silver medal being awarded in the quartet.
The performance and representation of all our boys in this international event was pleasing and their attendance would not have been possible without your support – thank you.
Isaiah´s Babies Home

Two new babies have been placed into our care over the course of the last few months.

Bongani, originally named Nokuthenda (however is commonly used as girl´s name), was placed with us early in September. Bongani was found abandoned as a newborn baby in one of the high density areas, he stayed at the local hospital for three months until a place of safety was found with us. In mid November Bongani developed a nasty cough and was admitted to hospital with the early onset of bronchil pneumonia. Following a chest x-ray there was suspicion of tuberculosis, which is currently being further tested.  Unfortunately it seems the results of this could take a few weeks at best, but as he had responded well to the antibiotics he was discharged and is now back home. We would appreciate your prayers at this time for the continual healing of baby Bongani.
Sibusiso was about 9 months old when he was placed with us in July as a child in need of care. He had been left with neighbours who were no longer able to care for him. Family tracing has been done, and further assessment will be done in the next few months to establish possibilities of extended family reunification.
As we draw close to the end of 2013 it also marks the end of another school year.
Our four bigger boys Keith, Kudakwashe, Mthandazo and Tadiwa will be leaving pre-school and are set to begin Primary School in January 2014. It has been wonderful to watch them grow and we are thankful to the teachers of Children´s House who have invested into their lives. Thank you also to the sponsors who have contributed to their pre-school educational costs.
Big Kuda (pictured below in red shirt) loves going to his school King George VI, where he receives appropriate therapy for his cerebral palsy. As you can see here he also loves being with his siblings, and particularly loves having his photo taken. Little Kuda (in brown short, is younger hence he is called little Kuda) jumps to any photo opportunity with his brother who shares his same name. These 4 boys have developed such a special connection to Kuda.


Nomalanga loves St. Thomas Aquinas and has done well through-out this year, she loves to read and has often done more than what was required in her reading, she is not as fond of mathematics but still continues to try hard.  I was blessed to attend her Speech & Prize Giving Night, and seeing her receive an award for her continued effort through-out 2013 was very special.

Thank you to all those people who prayerfully and financially support these children.

Our littlies in the home pre-school programme will be presenting a small Carols Concert this week and we are excited to see them perform their songs and little acts for all our friends and supporters. It is wonderful to see how their characters are blossoming out in this programme
Hearts of Love
There are a number of community outreaches currently taking place with the Hearts of Love team, namely the Mazwe and Trenance Squatter Community Outreaches, and the new soccer outreach which seeks to encourage uniting young men without employment and the youth of Bulawayo Baptist Church in some games of soccer.  There is nothing that quite draws a crowd like a game of soccer, and what a wonderful opportunity this provides for sharing the Word of God before a very competitive game.
One of the most important aspects of these outreach programmes is to establish a relationship with these folk and empower them to meet their own needs, whether they be emotional or physically and of course spiritual.  We have seen a vast increase in the need of food assistance amongst these communities and such we believe there is need to continue with the monthly food hampers to widows, and the elderly folk caring for orphaned children. Times are difficult in Zimbabwe and a number of folk are really struggling to provide food for themselves, let alone others of their extended family. There is rumbling of many companies closing down at this year end and this is only set to increase the number of people unable to provide for themselves and their families.  We would ask you to pray with us for a good rainy season which will assist in the provision of food to some, as to date we haven´t really received any substantial rains. Should you wish to support a family in need, please feel free to drop us an email at your convenience.
The soup kitchen continues to feed between 120 and 180 people on Tuesday and Friday, and as Christmas is fast approaching we are looking to provide a lovely Christmas and New Year meal for our friends.  On a sadder note, we lost another long standing dear friend of the soup kitchen a few weeks back. Clever was an elderly gent who was admitted to hospital and sadly passed away within a day or so of his admission.  Please pray for the health of those serving in the Soup Kitchen and also for the health of those attending.
We have a number of old folk who are very dear to us. Enoch, is one of these special folk, he has been attending the soup kitchen for many years, and because of his old age his health has begun to deteriorate and quite rapidly. About two months ago his nephew came saying he was very ill, his feet and stomach were swollen, he couldn´t walk and the hospital said he needed to have some tests done on his heart.  We managed to book him an appointment with one of our local cardiologists, who told us it was a matter of time for Enoch as his heart is failing, and the other organs are beginning to shut down hence the swelling. He thought it was best to take him home where he could be comfortable as opposed to putting him in hospital. At this point Enoch shared he was ready to go to Heaven to be with His Jesus, it was heart wrenching to hear this, but we understood how he felt. Well as I said that was two months ago… Enoch is still with us and a couple of weeks back he walked into the Hall singing songs of Praise for his healing – smiling and testifying to God´s love and grace.

Northend Home
The Northend family are doing well and recently welcomed back Remember, who had gone to Harare in search of his life registration documents.  Unfortunately he was not successful at this time in getting these very important papers, however progress has been made and hopefully we will soon be able to finalise his birth certificate.
The struggle continues to obtain the required documents for Samson, after his father passed away in 2008.
The good news is that Nelson is finally making progress with his registration documents, after contact was made with his aunt, who he had not seen in over 7 years.  What a wonderful and exciting reunion for them.

  Remember  &  Nelson with his aunt   

We hope that you have enjoyed catching up with the happenings at Our Neighbours Ministry, please know the significant part you play in our success by your love, prayers and financial commitments. God bless you all.

All Africa Schools Convention

Sept´13 :- The Zimbabwe Team on arrival in Bloemfontein, South Africa
The Zim Soccer Team
Thanks aunty Deb for the awesome kit !


Lighthouse Boys
Are Back from SA

with silver medals in the relay and the quartet

Well done lads

Certificate of Effort

Awarded to

Nomalanga Mhlanga
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