February 2014 Newsletter

How to Shoot Great Seascapes

Having photographed exotic coastlines from Indonesia to Spain, Alister Benn shares his 10 tips on how to capture stunning coastal images. Read on for advice on seeing creatively through the camera, developing your own personal style and what dangers to look out for when exploring unfamiliar shores. 


Tip #9: Time & Timing

Having spent years shooting by the seas of the world, it fascinates me to this day to see photographers packing their bags the second the sun drops below the horizon. Personally, this is when I am getting out the car and preparing to shoot. I love Blue Hour – the time between sunset and astronomical darkness – the time when the sun no longer has any impact on the atmosphere.

Alister Benn

Topaz Simplify 4.1 Update and 50% off sale

Making art has never been easier. Simplify 4.1 is a free upgrade for existing users. If you do not own Simplify, purchase it now for 50% off until 2/28.

Create a Digital Painting with Simplify

Learn the core technology behind the Simplify plug-in that'll allow you to transform your image into digital art in mere minutes. 

Reflections of Gold by David Orias

The sunrise glimmers upon the southern California shore, where David Orias has discovered the right mixture of lighting, location and camera settings to photograph the sea like you've never seen it before. See more photos...

The Ferrari Enzo Workflow

Learn how fine art car photographer Doug Pittman re-touches and places cars into new surroundings. 

10 Steps to Rescue the Details

Find out how this image was transformed in minutes using a variety of Topaz plug-ins. 
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Win it! Digital Photo Art: New Directions by Theresa Airey (autographed)

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The Suggested Topaz Workflow

14 plug-ins may seem overwhelming at first, however read on for a summary of what each of our programs is best used for. See the chart...

Using Photoshop's Content Aware Fill Tool to Remove Distractions

And what to do when it doesn't exactly work...

Featured Webinar: How to Create a Watercolor Painting Effect

Thursday, March 6, 2014 2:00 PM - 2:15 PM CST

Using a simple method, Topaz Simplify gives you the tools to transform an image into a soft and luminous watercolor effect.  Join Nichole Paschal as she demonstrates a simple workflow to achieve this look. Sign up to attend the free webinar. 

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Darcy Wheeler

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