Shine bright with rose cut diamonds
The rose cut resembles the petals of a rose by trying to imitate the narrowing spiral of the petals; hence the name: rose cut diamond. The basic rose cut diamond has a flat base, without the pavilion, and the crown has various triangular facets that form a point rather than a table. The rose cut diamond often possesses brilliance, life and character with which no modern diamond can compare. The rose cut is not new, it was created by Belgian and Dutch cutters since the 1500s. The cut remained popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras. The recent resurgence of the rose cut, now in various colours, has once again achieved recognition as the quintessential alternative diamond cut.
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Diamond History
Ancient Greeks named the diamond "adamas,” meaning “invincible,” and “indestructible.” The power, hardness and beauty of the diamond have been prized throughout history in many civilizations. Ancient Greeks thought that diamonds represented the tears of weeping gods. Ancient Romans believed they came from the falling stars that tipped the arrow of Eros, the god of love. For Hindus, diamonds were the lightning that armed the hand of the god Indra. In antiquity, a diamond was always thought to be a symbol of innocence and purity.
Famous Diamonds:
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Location, Location, Location
Russia, Canada and Botswana
Diamond Powers
While a diamond is regarded as the strongest gemstone, it is also regarded as a stone of exceptional power as it’s able to reach into us and open many spiritual doors. This is perhaps why diamonds represent truth and symbolizes perfection because of their indestructibility. This gemstone will help you accomplish your dreams and destiny.
  • brings clarity to all problems into the wearer's mind
  • improves one's energy, prosperity, and endurance
  • stop stress, fear, and protect from negative energies
Care Tips
  • Moh's Hardness: 10
  • Ultrasonic: SAFE
  • Steamer: SAFE
  • Heat: STABLE
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