Times, stalls and other details for the bookfair, plus two radio interviews and a street press article. 
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Sydney Anarchist Bookfair

This Saturday, 10am-5pm, Addison Rd Community Cntre, Marrickville

After months of organising, the first-ever Sydney Anarchist Bookfair is on this Saturday. It's shaping up to be a great day, with lots of stalls, talks and international guests. Plus an afterparty with a mixed bill of folk, bluegrass and punk. Come along and bring your friends! Accessible and safer space. Free entry.

A bunch of media mentions

Ciao Magazine - a free newspaper in the inner west - published our tongue-in-cheek 'rant' about the bookfair: What’s this nonsense I hear about an anarchist bookfair? We also got mentions in Timeout, Broadsheet, Alternative Media Group, and the Inner West Courier (Inner City Edition, 11 March, page 11).
2ser community radio aired two great short interviews with bookfair organisers. Once on the arts and culture program Final Draft - who dedicated their show to 'Anarchy' (interview starts at 16:40), and one on the breakfast show.

Bookfair timetable

10.30 am: Acknowledgement of Country
11am: Talk on Indigenous Peoples' struggle

Ray Jackson

Ray Jackson of the Indigenous Social Justice Association will give the Acknowledgement of Country and speak about the extreme oppression that Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Peoples continue to face at the hands of the Australian State - particularly in the form of police brutality and jails. He will also discuss the ongoing struggle for land rights and self-determination. He will be joined by Aboriginal activist Kyol.

11am: The 200th anniversary of the birth of 'Bakunin the Destroyer'

 Sid Parissi

Sid will give an introduction to the life and ideas of Mikhail Bakunin. The presentation will explore the significance of Bakunin's ideas, actions, life and loves, for revolutionaries today. 'The constructive urge is the greatest urge of humankind.'

12pm: Learning the lessons from the Sydney Uni strike

Last year a series of strikes saw Sydney University workers and students take action around the immediate conditions of their working and studying lives, while raising questions about what it means to work or study at a university. Come and hear the perspective of students, workers and supporters involved in the struggle. Speakers active in the struggle will discuss organising within and outside of mainstream unions, the importance of creativity and innovative approaches to struggle, lessons learnt, and the situation at Sydney Uni currently.

12pm: Leard State Forest - how we can stand up to big coal

Leard State Forest is the largest remnant of bushland left on the Liverpool plains. It is home to over 400 native species , sacred indigenous sites and surrounded by fertile farmland. Whitehaven Coal and Idemitsu seek to expand their existing coal operations leading to further environmental and social destruction. Currently, there is a continuous community blockade to stop the mine construction.

1pm: Riff Raff radical marching band and other musicians

Riff Raff Radical Marching Band will do their thing at 1pm, and there will also be an open mic with other musicians and talks throughout the day, including Ecopella, Paul Spencer, and more (check the board on the day for details). Meanwhile, Counter Revolution Burgers and the Vegan Teahouse will serve up a tasty lunch.

1pm: Casting spells - a feminist discussion on contemporary forms of exploitation

The Feminist Discussion Circle

Struggles around gender and sexuality are central to struggles against capitalism, and always have been. We want to think about the ways that contemporary capital functions through gender division, by exploiting our labour, as well as by making it invisible (unwaged). We also want to think about the ways we already struggle against this, and ways in which we can build solidarity with each other. In this session, we'll seek to develop these themes by taking up four entry points:
• an examination of the contemporary politics of austerity;
• a review of current attacks on women's services;
• a perspective on what it means to be a Middle Eastern feminist in exile; and
• a critique of structural sexism in the 'movement'. 
After the speakers, there will be space for questions, comments and facilitated discussion with everyone involved in the feminist discussion circle. This feminist discussion circle has been reading other inspirational feminists and working up a scathing and active anti-capitalist critique of the here and now. We haven't been meeting for long, and we're not aiming to offer a representative or diverse panel on women's struggles. Rather, we hope to share and invite you to contribute to some of the discussions we've been having in our meetings so far.

2pm: Revolution, civil war & women’s fight for freedom in 30s Spain

Barry Pateman (USA), Judith Keene and Micaela Pattison

1930s Spain was witness to one of the most powerful anarchist movements the world has yet seen. In many cities and rural areas, the majority of people were part of this movement. They built a real social revolution at the same time as they mounted a heroic war against fascism, in the face of terrible odds. At this panel discussion, three respected historians will explore the struggle in 1930s Spain and its continued relevance today: Barry Pateman, anarchist historian and founding member of the Kate Sharpley Library, will outline the key features of the anarchist movement and the social revolution of 1936-1939. Judith Keene, Associate Professor in History at the University of Sydney, will discuss women combatants during the civil war and the ongoing struggle in Spain today over the way the war is remembered. Micaela Pattison, PhD candidate in History at the University of Sydney, will explore ideas about biological difference, sexuality and maternity in the anarchist milieu in the lead-up to the civil war. Followed by questions and discussion.

2pm: Radical wellness workshop for a radical earth

Edible Garden Project & Collective Experiment

Edible Garden Project & Collective Experiment, based in Western Sydney, will hold an introduction to a workshop being designed to ensure health and wellness of activists in the struggle for justice against oppression. It’s based on three simple principles – care for self, care for earth, care for each other. Bring a cushion and join us for something a little different. A brief discussion with some agreed-upon actions on how to bring wellness to our communities will follow.

3pm: Global fire - the impact of revolutionary anarchism

Michael Schmidt (South Africa)

Far from eschewing the exercise of power, anarchists have actively decentralised power into the hands of the people, to create a 'counter-power' enlivened by working class counter-culture. Micahel Schmidt, anarchist theorist, author of Black Flame and radical historian based in South Africa, will focus this discussion on anarchist-run cities through history.
Michael will speak about Spain during the Cantonalist Revolt of 1873-1874, Guangzhou in China over 1921-1923, the two-million-strong Shinmin free zone in Manchuria of 1929-1931, the free zone in Nicaragua in 1927-1933, the Iranian Revolution of 1978, and the the better-known territorial control exercised by anarchists in parts of Mexico, Ukraine, and Spain.

3pm: The 'war on drugs' and the campaign to legalise cannabis

Stuart Highway and Brooke Bell

Stuart Highway, veteran campaigner from Darwin's Network Against Prohibition, will speak about the 'war on drugs' and it's devastating effects on everyday people. Brooke Bell will talk about the campaign to legalise cannabis.

4.30pm: Collapse and anarchist strategy

Doing It Ourselves (Melbourne)

Melbourne-based anarchist group Doing It Ourselves will give an introduction to three major challenges which will affect all our lives – the various environmental crises, peaking energy and resources, and financial collapse. This will be followed by a critical analysis of the ramifications these challenges have on anarcho-syndicalism, suggestions for workable strategies and discussion.

Yoga on the grass

11am: Jivamukti Yoga - a strong element of spiritual, non- violence (ahimsa) & animal rights teachings alongside a dynamic asana practice.
2pm: Kundalini Yoga - as taught by yogi bhajan. The goal is to awaken our energy & potential; can help with addiction, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder. A mix of mantra, breath, postures & meditation.
4pm: Iyengar Yoga - the most widely practised yoga in the world. Helps improve posture, and quietens the mind to promote well-being.

And more...

There will also be wom*n's self-defence classes (women only, trans-friendly space) and a bike workshop in the afternoon (check the board on the day for more details). Plus Radical Comedy at 4pm.

10am - 5pm: Over 30 stalls in the main hall

10am - 4pm: Kids space

The bookfair will be providing free childcare run by a professional childcare worker and two childcare-certified volunteers. The kids space will have toys, games and an afternoon craft workshop. You can leave kids aged 3-12 while your browse books or go to a talk.

8pm - late: Afterparty at the Red Rattler

Capping off the day will be a party at local co-op venue, the Red Rattler, with a mixed bill of folk & bluegrass, and rippin' punk rock! What better way to end the day? Doors open at 8pm. Entry $5. Lineup:
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