10% off all books, DVDs, posters and t-shirts. 50% off selected books. Second-hand books for $1 each.
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Big book-sale on now!

• 10% off all books, DVDs, posters, t-shirts
• 50% off 3 tables full of new books
• Hundreds of second-hand books for $1 each

We’d love you to drop in and get some presents for your friends, family or yourself. Help nurture radical political consciousness!

Since our mark-up is minimal and we’re all volunteers, our books are already cheap. Now they’re even better value; and still full of great ideas. We have large sections on anarchism, feminism, anti-racism, queer politics, enviro, workers' movements, history, sociology, alternative economics, law and prisons, health, technology, media, art, fiction, poetry, and more.

We're open every day up to and including the 24th of December. Or you can call or email us to arrange a mail order.
Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday, Monday and Tuesday: 2-7pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12-5pm

Jura will be closed from 25/12/13 to 8/1/14. We will re-open on the 9th January.

Jura's end-of-year-party

Jura has been going for 36 years! Come and help us celebrate. It will be a chilled gathering involving some tunes and chats.
3pm, Sunday 22 December.

New and recommended books at Jura

To Remain Silent is Impossible: Goldman & Berkman in Russia, $30.
This new volume collects selected writings by Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman that recount their experiences in Russia from 1920 to 1922. Once called ‘the two most notorious anarchists in the United States’ by the New York Times, Goldman and Berkman were deported from the US to Russia in 1919. Although initially optimistic about the Russian Revolution, they soon came face-to-face with the contradictions of ‘the dictatorship of the proletariat’ as they witnessed the persecution and suppression of revolutionary labor movements, and the brutal annihilation of the Kronstadt Uprising. Their account reminds us that ‘the State whatever its name or form is ever the mortal enemy of liberty and popular self-determination’ and that true social revolution must emerge from the creative self-activity of working people themselves. 
Quiet Rumours: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader, edited by Dark Star, $25
This new edition of the outstanding anarcha-feminist reader offers a fascinating window into the development of the women's movement in the words of those who moved it. Compiled and introduced by the UK-based anarchist collective Dark Star, Quiet Rumours features articles and essays from four generations of anarchist-inspired feminists, including Emma Goldman, Voltairine de Cleyre, Jo Freeman, Peggy Kornegger, Cathy Levine, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Mujeres Creando, and Rote Zora. All the pieces from the first two editions are included here, as well as new material bringing third and recent waves of feminism into conversation with 21st century politics. An ideal overview for new anarchists and feminists and an exciting reconsideration for seasoned radicals. Highly recommended by the Jura Collective.
The Commune: Paris 1871, edited by Andrew Zonneveld, $22.
A new collection of writings and critical reflections on the Paris Commune by classic anarchist and libertarian-socialist authors like Louise Michel, William Morris, Mikhail Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, Voltairine de Cleyre, Alexander Berkman, and Maurice Brinton. On 18 March 1871, the Parisian working class began a rebellion that shook the foundations of European society. Labourers seized direct control over their city, expelling their government and capitalist rulers. These revolutionary men and women declared Paris an independent municipality and commune where they would collectively manage their society through new institutions of their own creation, providing for their own welfare and defence. The Commune was annihilated 71 days later in one of the deadliest campaigns in French military history, but it continues to inspire revolutionaries everywhere.
The Anarchist and the Devil do Cabaret, $24 (50% off = $12).
Norman Nawrocki is a Montreal-based author, actor, musician, and activist who has toured the world with his music, poetry, and solo comedy cabarets. This book chronicles his tour across Europe with his cabaret band Rhythm Activism. Inspired by encounters with Europe's new multi-racial underclass - the working poor, street people, immigrants, refugees, marginalised youth, the aged - the book sometimes slips into short fiction pieces. The stories, real and exaggerated, are filled with a cast of friends, lovers, and fellow travellers.
3 Dead Princes: An Anarchist Fairy Tale, by Danbert Nobacon, $19.
Princess Stormy lives in a semi-detached castle with her family and a Fool. When an unhappy neighbouring kingdom decides to invade, Stormy must go on her quest, meeting giant Cats, Mermangels, Giggle Monkeys, a Gricklegrack, and Flying Lizards on the way. Oh, and she kills three princes. But that's by accident, and anyway it's their own fault. Danbert Nobacon is a singer, songwriter, comedian, and a founding member of the anarchist punk rock band Chumbawamba.

Anarchistic articles online

Mandela, the ANC and the 1994 Breakthrough: Anarchist / syndicalist reflections
In this new article, published after Mandela's death, Lucien van der Walt and Shawn Hattingh offer a critical evaluation of Mandela and the ANC. Their account is clear, fair and rigorous. They discuss the ‘massive but incomplete’ victory against apartheid, the gains of 1994, the limitations of nationalism, the shift to neoliberalism, and South African class relations today. Van der Walt is a South African writer, Professor of Sociology and frequent contributor to the anarchist journal Zabalaza.
"Nelson Mandela must be saluted for his sacrifices and contribution to the fight against apartheid. But it is also vital to look at how and why the hopes of millions of people for socialism in South Africa were dashed, and why South Africa today remains the most unequal country in the world. Through this we can draw many lessons: about how it is vital to base struggles on direct democracy, how important it is not to cede power to a leadership (even if they are the calibre of Mandela), and how embracing capitalism and taking state power, which were both central to the historical ANC project, cannot bring genuine freedom and equality to the majority."
Apartheid didn’t die (youtube)
This 50 minute doco made by John Pilger in 1998 is a critical examination of the transition from apartheid to the ‘new South Africa’. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet, it's good for providing context to the fanfare following Mandela's death and the jockeying to define and claim his 'legacy'.
Bread and Robots: Automation, urban farming and the abolition of wage labour
For something a bit different, check out this short article from the Irish Anarchist Review. In it, Mark Hoskins imagines a world where technology releases humans from the drudgery of work, allowing us to live as free people. Ultimately, he argues that the material conditions to realise the abolition of labour and a society of abundance, already exist in the here and now.
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Jura will be closed from 25/12/13 to 8/1/14. We will re-open on the 9th January.

If you're making a special trip to visit us, it's a good idea to call beforehand to double-check that we're open. As we're all volunteers, occasionally we can't open as planned.

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