Stalls, music, zines and films. Feminist, queer, punk pop gig. A chat with author Clare Land. Free e-books + more events and radical ideas.
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Sydney Anarchist Fair Day

11am-4pm, Sunday 11th December, at Jura
Jura is pleased to be hosting a day of stalls, music, food, drinks, zines, books, films and more! Come to the anarchist fair day to learn about how local community groups are organising for a better world, and how you can get involved!

Also, it's that time of year when lots of people buy presents for family and friends. If you follow this tradition (whether joyfully or begrudgingly), why not buy a radical book, DVD, poster or t-shirt from Jura? Get great gifts and support your local anarchist space at the same time!

Stalls at the fair day will include:
  • Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation Sydney
  • Friends of the Earth Sydney (newly re-formed!)
  • Jura Books (new books, specials and more)
  • Refugee Art Project
  • Scarlet Alliance
  • Students Supporting Aboriginal Communities
  • Sydney Solidarity Network
  • Take Care zine distro
  • and more…
Facebook event

Decolonizing Solidarity: Book chat with Clare Land

3pm, Saturday 3rd December, at Jura.
Come and hear an introduction to this important book, followed by discussion with the author Clare Land. Based in Melbourne, Clare is a non-Koori activist and researcher who wrote Decolonizing Solidarity based on interviews with Aboriginal people in the southeast of Australia who have pursued land rights, black power and sovereignty, and their supporters.

The book draws insights from a wide range of anti-colonial and anti-racist writings and is also grounded in Clare’s own sense of the politics of solidarity developed through her work alongside Gary Foley (Gumbainggir) and Robbie Thorpe (Gunai/Maar) over the last 15-20 years.

The book aims to inspire, support, trouble and give direction to the work of non-Aboriginal people who support Aboriginal struggles. It also speaks to Aboriginal community members who are grappling with the work of nurturing and challenging their supporter base. The book was published by Zed Books (London) and first distributed at the 2015 Anarchist Book Fair in Melbourne. It has found a wide readership amongst anarchists, greenies, teachers, social workers and beyond. Facebook event

Copies of the book are availble at Jura for $41.

Slag Queens, Moonsign, Beach + Queer Anne's Revenge

Feminist, queer, punk, pop – 7pm Saturday 3rd December, at Jura
Jura is pleased to be hosting this awesome gig on Saturday 3rd December. $5-$10.

"Slag Queens are just three slags trying to get by in the quaint town of Launceston, Tasmania. We play garage punk, pop/poop. Our EP 'sad things you find on the street' is just out. Moonsign are from Sydney and play dreamy queer electro pop mmmmmmmmmmmm yesss... HEART BEACH are from Hobart but are gunna be on the mainland touring their LP 'Kiss Your Face'. They play skuzzzzzz pop. Slags love Beach so it's so great they are playing this giggo. Queer Anne's Revenge are from Wollongong and play killa queer punk."

Like all Jura events, this is a queer-friendly, pro-feminist, anti-racist event. Jura aims to be a safer space.
Facebook event

Jilamaruwi: Party the Tiwi Sistagirls to Syd Mardi Gras

9pm-2am, Friday 9th December, at Hermann's Bar, Sydney Uni
The Tiwi Sistagirls of Bathurst Island (80km north of Darwin) are coming to Sydney for Mardi Gras in March 2017, and they are asking for support with funds to cover flights, accommodation and to put together their float for the night.

The sistagirls have agreed to Students Support Aboriginal Communities (SSAC), a cross-university collective, organising a party celebrating and fundraising for their arrival. We are hoping to pull together at least $2000 to go towards the sistagirls’ trip to Sydney. The Tiwi Sistagirls have named the fundraising party Jilamaruwi, which means Body paint/Face paint in Tiwi.

Donating their time and huge talents for your dancing (and fundraising) pleasure are... PassionPop | The real housewife of Sydney | Hip Hop Hoe | Slé | Koco Carey | Yung Brujo | Marlene Cummins | VJ Icki Sweet – Wiradjuri Video Art pixel painter | The Dreamtime Divas (travelling from the Macleay Valley).

$10 unwaged, $15 General admission, $25 supporter ticket. More info over on the Facebook event.

Rally on International Human Rights Day

1pm, Saturday 10th December, Meet at Custom House, Circular Quay
Out of prison, out of foster care - Bring the Children Home!
Unite with Aboriginal people’s defence of Human Rights!

Human rights abuses against Aboriginal people are at a crisis point. more children are being forcibly removed than at any time in Australia’s history. The torture of black youth in the Don Dale detention centre in Darwin is happening across the country and examples of extreme police brutality and killings of Aboriginal people in custody are being exposed every week. These abuses are rooted in a continuing invasion and denial of First Nations sovereignty.

At this rally, Aboriginal leaders will be joined by representatives from other campaigns and marginalised peoples standing up against brutal human rights abuses by the Australian government. It is the same government torturing refugees in offshore detention, persecuting Muslims, destroying the environment and denying equal marriage and trying to criminalise trade union activism in the building industry and beyond. The March will commence at Custom House, Circular Quay at 1pm, which then we will all join together in solidarity march across Sydney Harbour Bridge.

More info on their Facebook event.

Romantica Social Centre open in Petersham!

Heaps of events at new radical space
Romantica Social Centre (formerly Intersection) is a new space near Petersham Station that runs regular events. Upcoming movie nights:
  • Monday 5th December – If a Tree Falls (2011): A documentary film charting the development of a US based 'Earth Liberation Front' cell, and the repressive opeation which caused the group's disintegration.
  • Monday 12th December – State of Siege (1972): A dramatised account of the Tupamaros, a leftist urban guerilla group from Uraguay which waged war against the state government throughout the 1960s and 70s.
Check out their Facebook for more info.

Sydney Solidarity Network organising meeting

6pm, Tuesday 13th December, at Jura
Sydney Solidairty Network is getting active again, and needs your involvement! Come to the organising meeting at 6pm on Tuesday 13th December at Jura.

Radical posters for the win!

The Jura poster archive is aiming to get bigger, better, and go online
As many of you know, Jura has an archive of thousands of radical political posters dating back over 40 years. Many of the posters have huge political and artistic significance. Artists and collectives represented include Earthworks, Dobie Gillis, Nosey, Possum, Toby Zoates, Redback Graphix and Without Authority. Many worked out of the famous 'Tin Sheds' squat in the 1970s and 80s. Learn more here:
We've been working hard to preserve this important poster collection. Jura collective members and volunteers have spent hundreds of hours over the last few years organising the posters. Last year we took high-quality photos of 1,500 of the most significant posters. We're currently re-sorting the collection in preparation to sell a selection of special duplicates – all money raised from this sale will go to preserving the rest of the collection. We do our best to store the collection professionally, but we need funds for acid-free paper and mylar-sheaths. If you are interested in helping with this work, please get in touch. We also aim to make our poster collection available online eventually.

As an adjunct to our poster archive project, we've started collecting snaps of the anarchist posters and graffiti which go up on the streets in Sydney. While we don't agree with all the politics of all these posters, we love seeing the streets filled with anarchist propaganda, and we think it's worth documenting. Check out the photos on
Facebook (and please like and share them!) and if you have a photo of a poster we don't have yet, please send it to us!

Facebook photo album: On the streets of Sydney

Free e-books from AK Press!

Download these three great titles for free – until 30th November.
AK Press is offering three great e-books for free, but only for a couple more days. The titles are Militant Anti-Fascism: A Hundred Years of Resistance (by M. Testa), Taking Sides: Revolutionary Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism (Edited by Cindy Milstein), and Undoing Border Imperialism (by Harsha Walia).

Recent radical articles online

Trump in the whitehouse: An interview with Noam Chomsky
– Noam Chomsky in Truthout

Chomsky's analysis cuts straight through as always. In this interview he discusses the deciding factors which led to Trump's election, the forces which Trump has unleashed, and the mounting dangers for the future – in particular climate change. Read more

Trump's victory speaks to a crumbling liberal order
– Jerome Roos in Roar Magazine

"Trump’s rise cannot simply be blamed on the supposedly extremist and backward views of the American working class. In the US, at least, the rush to right-wing populism appears to be a middle class response to the dual crisis of global capitalism and liberal democracy... it is the existential fear generated by intense socio-economic insecurity that causes deep-seated ethnocentric biases to resurface... Only a radical democracy can clear away the ruins of a decaying liberal order and defeat the proto-fascist right before it wreaks irreversible damage on our planet and the world population." Read more
The revolution in Rojava: an eyewitness account
– Janet Biehl in Road Magazine
A great new article exploring the inspiring revolution happening right now in Northern Syria, including the functioning structures of radical democracy, economic self-management and women's liberation. It's a long read, but worth it! Can't wait to get the book in at Jura. Read more

New Retail and Fast Food Workers Union to challenge the scumbag SDA

Good news! A new union has been started to challenge the scumbag SDA bosses' union. We encourage you to join the new Retail and Fast Food Workers Union if you work in the sector (or as a 'solidarity supporter' if you want to support them but don't work in retail or fast food). You can also read more about them in the SMH, or check out the RAFFWU website or Facebook. If you don't know why the SDA leadership is so bad, check out this feature-length expose from the SMH earlier this year.

On Sugar Taxes, Paternalism and the Greens
– Anni McAllen, Subterranean Fire

The Greens' sugar tax is bad policy. Also, "It is the logic of paternalism. The idea that poor, working class people need to be corralled and told off for their eating habits, or their drug habits, or their smoking habits is individualistic and ignores the actual problems which produce public health crises. It then presents the state, led by enlightened bureaucrats (like the turtlenecked bureaucratic wannabe Di Natale) as the apparatus through which we can create a better, more enlightened society.". Read more

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