The Workers' Self-Management Group in Brisbane in the 1970s, Contemporary Athenian Anarchists, being raised by anarchist parents, Support Gaza protest, working bee and more.
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Self-Management in Brisbane

Sunday 20 July: Talk by Brian Laver

This Sunday's Red & Black Forum is on the 1970s Workers Self-Management Group in Brisbane. It was the largest libertarian socialist organisation in the recent history of Australian radical politics. Brian Laver - anarchist, libertarian socialist, social ecologist, and one of the group’s most prominent activists - will outline and evaluate the group's philosophy, including its views on human nature, its political programme, organisational principles, strategy and tactics. His analysis will include its response to hierarchy, class, gender, race and social and ecological complexities. Followed by discussion.
2pm, Sunday 20 July at Jura.

Anarchism in Athens

Sunday 24 August: Nick on contemporary Greek anarchism

At August's Red & Black Forum, Nick will give a talk looking at the contemporary Athenian anarchist and anti-authoritarian milieu and their on-the-ground struggles against capitalism, the state and the rise of fascism. Specifically, he will consider how militant protest actions act as expressions of collective grievance, desire for retaliation against police injustices and as manifestations of anarchist and anti-authoritarian praxis. He willl also explore how varying shades of anarchic tendencies and ensuing ideological and practical disagreements are, for the most part, overcome in these often violent Athenian street-protests.

Nick recently completed a phd at Macquarie University, based on his research in Athens. The talk will be followed by discussion.

2pm, Sunday 24 August at Jura.

Forum: Go home, shut up!

TODAY: 6pm Wed 16 July, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

A public forum about the impacts of the NSW Liberal Government’s “Going Home, Staying Home” reforms, in which at least 82 homelessness services across NSW will either close or be taken over by larger NGOs. The forum will feature a historical run-down on the Sydney refuge movement, speakers discussing the impacts of the reforms on women's and Aboriginal specialist services and time for discussion. The Government strategy has been to silence us, as people who might need these services and workers in these services. We have been asked to shut up, to compete, to hope that our particular housing won’t be shut down. But we won’t put up and shut up. We are taking action. More

Protest Israel's Attack on Gaza

1pm Sunday 20 July, Sydney Town Hall

Israel must be held to account for its massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. Gaza has been relentlessly bombarded for five days. In those five days Israel has murdered 160 people, wounded over 1000, and demolished 1,600 buildings. We are raising our voices to demand justice for Palestine and an end to the war crimes of the Israeli State. More

Help us fix the floorboards

Which have been danced to death

We're renovating the Jura library to make it bigger and better for talks and other events. We've demolished a wall and installed a new beam in the ceiling. The next step is to repair the cracked and broken floorboards, which succumbed to the enthusiastic dancing of lovable punks. Come and help us fix them and improve your carpentry skillz! 12-5pm, Sat 2 August at Jura.

New on the Jura Blog

Anarchist parenting, the meaning of freedom and bookfair photos

How I became an anarchist when anarchist parents raised me - a great personal story from Nina.
Anarchism and the meaning of freedom - Jeremy is interviewed by a Blacktown high-school student who isn't afraid to ask tough questions.
Photo collection - Relive the heady days of Sydney's first-ever anarchist bookfair, with this selection of photos.

Come to Melbourne with us

For the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair, 9 August

Jura is taking a stall to Melbourne for the 4th Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair. We're driving down and would welcome people who want to join us (and help out / share costs). The Bookfair will be taking place from 10am-6pm on Saturday 9 August. There will be about 40 stalls and 21 one-hour workshops, on all kinds of anarchist and direct action topics. It's a great space to talk about the different traditions, visions, and practices of anarchism. Let us know if you're interested in coming with us.
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