May Day and more!
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Happy May Day fellow workers!

The 1st of May is International Workers Day! The best celebration would be a general strike followed by global revolution of course, but since that's unlikely (this year at least), we suggest you treat yourself with a sickie or a go slow!

The origins of May Day – it began in Australia!

At Melbourne University in 1856 a group of stonemasons downed tools and marched into the city for the Eight Hour Day. They inaugurated a movement which won the Eight Hour Day for building workers across Victoria. This victory became an international landmark. Read more

In her short article on May Day, Rosa Luxemburg writes, "The happy idea of using a proletarian holiday celebration as a means to attain the eight-hour day was first born in Australia. The workers there decided in 1856 to organize a day of complete stoppage together with meetings and entertainment as a demonstration in favor of the eight-hour day. The day of this celebration was to be April 21. At first, the Australian workers intended this only for the year 1856. But this first celebration had such a strong effect on the proletarian masses of Australia, enlivening them and leading to new agitation, that it was decided to repeat the celebration every year."

Later, May Day came to commemorate the Haymarket Massacre of 4th May 1886 in Chicago. At a peaceful rally in support of workers striking for an eight-hour day and in reaction to the killing of several workers the previous day by the police, an unknown person threw a bomb and police began shooting indiscriminately – killing at least four civilians and wounding scores of others. Eight anarchists were framed and sentenced to death. Read more

Sydney May Day 2017

The annual May Day March organised by Sydney May Day Committee will be happening on Sunday 7 May, with speeches at Hyde Park North from 12pm, followed by a march to Prince Alfred Park where there will be food, live music and entertainment. Jura will have a bookstall in the park – hope to see you there! Facebook event

We need your help to keep Jura going!

Jura is 100% powered by volunteers and donations. None of us get paid for what we do. Most of the money from selling books goes back into buying more books, with a small portion used to pay bills. Our survival depends entirely on people like you.

We don't often ask for your money, but once a year we have to pay a huge bill for our public liability and building insurance – over $3,500. It's due at the end of May. Our insurance policy is both a legal necessity and an asset to the Jura community, because it enables us to hold events and gives us (some) protection if an accident occurs, etc. Our insurance also enables the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair to hire a venue. Without insurance, all would be lost if we suffered a disaster such as a fire.

Can you make a donation to help us cover this major expense?
Every year, Jura distributes thousands of radical books, pamphlets, posters and other material into the world via our shop and library.

We also provide a space for political meetings, films and gigs – a rare thing in Sydney. In recent months we've proudly hosted Sydney Solidarity Network meetings, a feminist reading group, book launches, an anarchist fair day and much more.
You only need a quick glance at the news to be confronted with the horrors of climate destruction, ongoing dispossession of Aboriginal people, attacks on workers, women and people of colour, threat of nuclear war, & more.

In these times, alternatives are needed more than ever.

At Jura we're working hard to educate, agitate and organise – to build alternatives to this brutal system we live under. But we can't do it alone! We need your participation, and sometimes, we need your cash.

All donations are appreciated – no matter how large or small. If everyone reading this email gives $20, that will immediately cover our insurance bill!
The best way to make a donation to Jura is via direct transfer via your internet banking into our account:
  • Bank name: Bank Australia (formerly known as Bank MECU)
  • BSB: 313 140
  • Account name: Jura Donations
  • Account number: 12081783
You can also donate via paypal – details at

Even better than a one-off donation is becoming a regular financial supporter. This will help Jura be sustainable over the long term. If you donate $10/$20 per month, you will receive a 20% discount on books and merchandise in the shop. You can set up a regular donation via your own internet banking or via paypal. Please email us after you've set it up to let us know.

Thank you and much love, rage and solidarity!
Please donate to Jura now

So many anarchist posters on the streets of Sydney!

In recent times there's been a beautiful explosion of anarchist posters and graffiti on the streets of Sydney. We don't always agree with all the politics of all these posters, but we love seeing the streets filled with anarchist propaganda! And we think it's worth documenting so we try to collect snaps of as many of them as we can. Check out our photos on Facebook (and please like and share them) and if you have a photo of a poster we don't have yet, please send it to us!
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