It's like anarchist christmas! So many great stalls and talks.
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Sydney Anarchist Bookfair

10am-5pm, this Saturday 13th June, Addison Rd Community Centre

It's like anarchist christmas! The second-ever Sydney Anarchist Bookfair is on this Saturday 13th June, from 10am to 5pm at Addison Road Community Centre. There'll be books, zines, posters, campaigns, talks and workshops. The bookfair has been organised by Jura in collaboration with Black Flag Western Sydney Peoples Collective, Black Rose in Newtown, and other anarchists. We'd love you to bring your friends and invite them to the Facebook event. Food and childcare will be available.

There'll also be an afterparty at Jura, with music from, A Commoner's Revolt, Mr Sterile Assembly, Slyng Shot and Cap a Capo. All welcome!

The bookfair also has it's own movie trailer!

As part of our sophisticated marketing campaign, our team of branding experts has created this promotional video.


  • The Anarchist Live Jukebox
  • Andros & Wundernuss
  • Antifa Solidarity – Bulgarian Prisoners Association
  • AK Press
  • Black Flag Western Sydney People's Collective
  • Black Rose Anarchist Library and Social Centre
  • Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free
  • Disaffekted Ethnic Queer Youth
  • Feral Delinquent Zines
  • HESTA Divest
  • Huck Luck Screenprint
  • Hundreds of second-hand books kindly donated by the Women's Library
  • Jura Books
  • Libertarian Socialist Project
  • Melbourne Anarchist Club
  • Millers Point Community Association
  • Musica de Fuego
  • PM Press
  • Rebel Press
  • The Rizzeria
  • The Sydney Feminists
  • Sydney LETS
  • Sydney Solidarity Network
  • Take Care Zine Distro
  • University of Sydney Wom*n’s Collective
  • Uranium Free NSW
  • And more!



  • Anna Amelia – A discussion on the intersections of feminism, transgender people, disability and anarchist thought.
  • Brian Martin Anarchist Strategy. Brian will facilitate a participatory workshop which will address strategy for achieving anarchist objectives by examining a set of proposed actions and possible counter-tactics to them, using several evaluative criteria.
  • Scott Nappalos – In capitalism, ideology is buried within daily life, hiding both the tools holding us back and potential liberated futures. Time is constructed in capital to serve the needs of power and reproduce ideas about change. This discussion tries to unpack that process to produce a critique through looking at our experience of capitalist time and change as agents who try to figure out what to do, social emergence that produces broader forces, and the potential for liberated concepts of time and change in the struggle against dominant power and beyond. (Via skype.)
  • Tenaya will speak on building solidarity between People of Colour Migrants and Indigenous People.


  • Jenny Munro – Jenny is an Australian Wiradjuri elder and a prominent activist.
  • Kyol Blakeny – Kyol will speak on opression in State institutions, and on resisting systematic government oppression and State violence.
  • Regrette Etcetera Trans Liberation. 'Trans'* people allegedly constitute "the new civil rights frontier" (Time Magazine), and we are witnessing an exponentially increasing and historically unprecedented interest in all things 'trans' across queer/GLB, feminist & Left cultures, state institutions and discourses, academia, pop/mainstream culture and media. It is thus an important time to critically engage these dominant and oppressively conservative 'trans' representational and political cultures, and renew work toward anti-capitalist, anti-liberal, decolonizing ‘trans’ political cultures. Here Regrette will do so, whilst providing an overview of current political & theoretical work, highlighting the widening class, race, geopolitical and colonial divisions and erasures that structure the demands of 'trans' politics and theory globally, with a particular focus on materialist analyses, neoliberal &/or post-fordist labour, state violence, sex work, & the often fraught histories of 'trans' involvement within the Left, feminism, and queer politics. *(Note: 'Trans' is an unhappy conflation of myriad cultures and demands undergoing varying degrees of disarticulation. These could include: Sistagirl, Brothaboy, travesti, fa'afafine to name but a few).


  • Droll DebbyDebby Doesn’t Do It For Free is an intergenerational sex worker arts & performance collective that is proud, well-organised, focused and in its 13th year. Having just bumped out of a massively successful 2015 exhibition, Debby Disorganised will explain some of the history and deliver a slide show of some of the art works.
  • Felon – Felon will speak about the Aborigninal Tent Embassy.
  • Stuart HighwaySydney Solidarity Network. In these times of casualisation and de-unionisation we find ourselves as workers treated with contempt. But we are fighting back! SydSol has won some notable victories in the couple of years since we were formed.


  • Nick ApoifisPolitical violence in Athens: "They Don’t Mind Throwing a Molotov." In multiple locations, anarchist and anti-authoritarian collectives acknowledge the importance of performative violence and street protests. These rituals serve as a venue for the expression of collective grievances, the desire for retaliation against police injustice, and as a manifestation of anarchist praxis in the form of direct action. More subtly, they act as a form of communication between activists, produce an encoded language shared within activist networks, and act as a location for intense emotional interactions. With a particular focus on Greek anarchists and anti-authoritarians, this talk explores the significance of performative violence and street protests.
  • Sibel TasRevolution in Rojava. Sibel will talk about the Kurds and the world powers. Dying for peace, fighting for freedom - men and women side by side fighting for humanity.
  • Razan GhazzawiAnarchism in Syria. (Via skype.)


  • Barry Pateman – A discussion of anarchist involvement in, and support of, the British miner’s strike of 1984–85. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry….
  • Dexter FletcherNot to Attach Any Fixture: A Social History of Blu-Tack and its Uses and Abuses among Members of the Renting Classes, With Slides and Commentary. Dexter Fletcher is a mysterious Sydney-based revolutionary feminist art gang.
  • Tim Briedis – The Bankstown occupation of 1999. This was the longest occupation of a NSW university admin building in the 90s. After 14 days, the university admitted defeat – signing a 6 page agreement that conceded to 27 demands. Beyond this the occupation was an exhilarating moment in and of itself, with a feeling of incredible camaraderie and solidarity. For one activist afterwards, even though they'd won, people felt "quite sad, as the space no longer existed. I remember very clearly having conversations with people I didn't know prior to the occupation, we'd become almost like family. And we were sitting around having a coffee and smoking some cigarettes and this female student said 'what do we do now? I just don’t want to go back to regular life.'" Through oral history and an array of ephemera, this workshop traces the history of the occupation, teasing out possible lessons and legacies.


  • Chris DeakinAnarchist Federation. Chris from the Melbourne Anarchist Club will talk about anarchist federation and the discussions around around the proposed Anarchist Federation Australia.
  • Emilie Rākete – Emilie will speak on the connections between trans liberation, decolonisation and the struggle against capitalism.
  • Mengzhu FuRethinking Intersectionality. Intersectionality is a framework coined by Kimberelé Crenshaw in 1989 to highlight the intersection of race and gender for women of colour experiences of domestic violence. Since then, as a theory of identity and oppression it’s received traction in feminist movements, but what does it mean for anarchist organising and strategy?


  • Ali NissenbaumYour body is a battleground. Body politics: food, health, fat, disability, class and moral virtue.
  • Bree BlakemanFeminist and anthropological critiques of autonomy. The concept and value of autonomy is central to anarchist thought, both on an individual and socio-political level. Bree will present notes towards a critique of autonomy from an anthropological, and feminist perspective.
  • Uri GordonPrefigurative Politics and Anarchism. This presentation unpacks the idea of prefigurative politics into three distinct logics: preventative (to avoid revolutions ending in new oppression); immediatist (to achieve liberation in the here and now), and temporal (to enact a post-revolutionary future which radiates back on the present). He argues that while the former two logics are strongly rooted in the anarchist tradition, the third is marked by a distinctly Christian form of millenarianism. As a result, the term prefiguration may have to be abandoned in the discussion of anti-hierarchical practices. (Via skype.)

Please note: Exact times are still being finalised. They will be available at in a couple of days.

There will also be open spaces for extra talks on the day (weather permitting).

Jura was on TV!

As a rule, we hate the capitalist media, but we sometimes try to engage with it strategically - a contentious position among anarchists. A few weeks ago we got a call from Channel V, owned by Lord Murdoch, about this program called 'The Revolution'. The program is hosted by Bert McCracken, from punk band The Used. We knew Bert had been to Jura, and is sympathetic to anarchism, so we agreed to participate (although some members of the collective abstained from the decision, and still maintain reservations). We're pretty happy with the outcome - it's as good as mainstream media gets. Two clips mention Jura: an interview with John, and Bert's take on anarchism. Pretty cool! Although we still don't believe that anyone can change the capitalist media from within, and we recognise that "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house"!

Inaugral Anarchist Federation meeting

A meeting will be held at 2pm on Sunday 14th June at Jura, at which we intend to form a provisional anarchist federation with comrades from a number of Melbourne anarchist groups. The federation will be based on this draft constitution. Other anarchist groups are invited to send delegates or observers. Individuals are also welcome as observers. A Congress is planned for later this year in Melbourne.

Fundraiser report – thank you!

Thanks to everyone who made a donation to our fundraising effort last month. We raised enough to get our roof fixed and pay our insurance bills. Thanks to: SD ($50), CM ($250), RR ($50), JK ($20), PR ($50), KH ($10), LM ($500), PJ ($25), BJ ($100), LP ($20), RS ($34) CS ($150), JK ($15), ML ($510), GJH ($30), SP ($20), BP ($50), MM ($1000), PS ($300), MD ($65), JK ($20), LS ($20), MM ($50). You're great!
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