Upcoming discussions on the Zapatistas, grassroots climate action, revolutionary Kurds in Syria, and more.
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Reflections on the Zapatistas

Forum with speakers recently returned from Chiapas

Two speakers from Musica de Fuego will provide visual and verbal information on the background and history of the Zapatistas and their experiences over the last few years with Schools for Chiapas. Also, Nina from the Jura Collective will discuss her impressions and experiences during her visit to Chiapas last month. There will also be some Zapatista craftwork for sale as a fundraiser.
Forum on the Zapatistas: 2pm, Sunday 26 October at Jura. Facebook event

Grassroots climate action

Talk with speakers from the UK and the Leard Forest Blockade

Last week, Pacific warriors successfully blockaded Newcastle coal port; and activists occupied Whitehaven Coal's Sydney offices. Next week, you can join in the action at the Whitehaven Coal AGM. Later that day, join us at Jura to hear a range of speakers discuss their experiences taking direct action for the climate:
  • Hannah is a visiting UK activist who has been involved in Climate Camps and Reclaim the Power, a grassroots environmental and social justice direct action network in the UK largely focused on fighting fracking. Hannah is also doing PhD research on grassroots responses to climate change in low-lying Pacific Island states. She'll speak on enviro direct action in the UK: where it came from, what's happening now and where it could go next.
  • Andy and Dani from the Leard Forest Blockade will talk about the importance of the Leard Forest, the corrupt planning process and inadequacy of institutional politics which are threatening its destruction. They will also talk about the ongoing blockade - Australia's first coal mine blockade camp.
Speakers and discussion on grassroots direct action for the climate
6pm, Tuesday 28 October at Jura.
Facebook event

Revolutionary Kurds in Syria

Forum on Murray Bookchin & Kurdish Democratic Confederalism

In the last few weeks, there has been a great deal of media coverage (as well as misrepresentation) of the battle of Kobanê in Northern Syria. The political situation is complex, but there is no denying that the Kurds in that region are involved in a revolutionary experiment, which has been under threat through a combination of Turkish and US imperialism, and ISIL. Read some background: To further the discussion, Jura welcomes Paul Rubner to give a talk on the connection between Murray Bookchin - American anarchist, ecologist and libertarian communalist - and the Kurdish project of Democratic Confederalism. Come and hear the story of how the imprisoned Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan, took Bookchin’s ideas on libertarian communalism, adapted them to Kurdish conditions, and inspired their introduction into many Kurdish areas. Paul will also pose questions for discussion: What problems is this project encountering in practice in Kobanê and the other Kurdish areas where it is being put into practice? How is the Kurdish Democratic Confederalist project relevant to anarchists, libertarian socialists, and others - and should we be supporting it?

Forum on Murray Bookchin and Kurdish Democratic Confederalism
2pm, 16 November at Jura. Facebook event

Jura's working buzz

Get involved at a working bee or Jura Collective meeting

Thanks to all who helped Jura push through the working bees in the last few weeks, we couldn't have done so much work without y'all. The ceiling and floor are almost finished! But there's still a bit more to do, please come by to help us move towards a revolution of Jura's library one nail at a time.
  • Jura collective meeting: 2pm, Saturday 15 November
  • Jura working bee: 12pm-5pm, Saturday 29 November

Hong Kong Occupation

Recommended articles

The explosive occupation by students and others in Hong Kong has captured many of our imaginations. To delve deeper, we recommend these articles from Libcom:

New and recommended books

The Slingshot Organizer 2015, now in its 21st year of publication, has radical occasions (historical and contemporary) for every day of the year, space for your addresses and phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, unit conversions, and more. Small: $9, Large: $19

The Best of Social Anarchism (417 pages) is an anthology of brilliant anarchist writing, brought to you by the editors of Social Anarchism. It offers an overview of the diversity and depth of the work being published in one of the longest-running anarchist journals in the world today. $38

Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan by German solidarity group TATORT Kurdistan, is based on interviews and evidence gathered on a journey to the region by the activists in 2011. They describe how, since 2005, under the most difficult of conditions, the movement in North Kurdistan has created structures for a democratic, ecological and gender-liberated society. At its core is a system of councils in villages, cities, and neighborhoods. These structures do not yet offer a way of life that is fully independent of the nation-state and the market economy, but they nonetheless reveal a potent civil counter-power. $30

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The next meeting of the Jura Collective is 2pm-4pm, Saturday 15th November. All welcome.

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