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Standing together against fascism and bigotry

After British MP Jo Cox was murdered by a fascist last week, Anti Fascist Action Sydney put out a short, eloquent statement:

"They call us violent, they call us thuggish but their ideological counterparts in the UK stab and shoot members of Parliament for daring to speak out in favour of refugees... This is what nationalism does, these are not lone-wolf attacks, these aren't wild-card individuals. No, this is a pattern of behavior that is a direct consequence of a society torn asunder by the kind of divisive hate speech sold to us by the right-wing death-merchants across the spectrum, from the major political parties to the micro-fascist organisations.... It is the duty of every decent person to oppose fascism and racism whenever it shows it's hideous face." Read more

Along with opposing fascism, we must also actively oppose all the prejudices and hierarchical structures which turn us against each other. Following the attack in Orlando, some politicians tried to turn homophobia into Islamophobia. In response, we say no to homophobia, racism and Islamophobia!

And our opposition must be active
. As George K writes in and article on recent Melbourne actions:

"It is reprehensible to call both neo-Nazis and the people opposing them 'extremists': they are simply not equivalent. The idea that in the absence of counter-protestors the Nazis would simply go home is laughable if it wasn’t such a strong indication of the naivety of people who are relied upon to provide intelligent commentary... If the idea of opposing racist fascists is more distasteful than the fascists themselves then your conception of being anti-racist and anti-fascist is severely warped." Read more in "Fascism, Anti-fascism, and a coffee shop full of white liberals"

French anti-fascist film and talk tomorrow

7pm, Thursday 23rd June, at Jura
Tomorrow, Thursday Menace is screening a new short film Une vie de lutte which is about the French antifascist activist Clément Méric, who was murdered by fascists in 2013. The film also covers the swing to the right in France – especially the Front National and the strengthening of right-wing movements – and current anti-fascist and social struggles in Paris. The film is in French and German, with English subtitles.

A visiting French comrade will also give a short talk about antifascist struggles in France and the dangers posed by right wing movements.

The film is produced by media collective Left Report and the North-East Antifascists Berlin. They are also fundraising for a new film project, so donations collected on the night will be sent to them. Check out the 3 minute the trailer for their new film.

Thursday Menace is a space to gather, meet, hang out and plot. It starts at 7pm, then chats and hanging out till later. Food by donation. Facebook event

Celebration of Jack 'The Anarchist' Grancharoff

5pm, Saturday 2nd July, at Jura
Jack Grancharoff grew up fighting fascism. As a shepherd in Bulgaria in the 1940s he fought first against the Nazi then the Soviet invasion. He was expelled from one village after another before coming across anarchists for the first time while being incarcerated in a Soviet concentration camp for being an ‘enemy of the people’.

Jack arrived in Australia a refugee in the 1950s. He made contact with a broad range of radicals, bohemians and immigrants along the east coast. He became a significant figure in the Sydney Push – developing anarchism among the libertarians, andconnecting the ex-European anarchists with an Australian bohemianism.

He worked in a range jobs, including in on Sydney's trams and became a familiar figure to many in his tram conductor’s uniform, a stocky figure with long hair and flowing beard; in Push pubs; at student conferences; and on a pickle barrell in the Domain.

For over six decades, Jack spoke and wrote articulately about anarchism. He played an inspiring role spreading anarchist ideas in Australia. He published his magazine Red and Black semi-regularly for decades.

Self educated in the finer things of life, fiercely proud of his 'peasant's background', Jack loved thinking, discussing, arguing, nature, farming and revolutionary change, among many other things.
Jack died on the 15th of May 2016, at his home in Quaama, South Coast of NSW, aged 91. He died 'with his boots on' – he seemed to have risen from a chair, with an open book and a glass of something interesting on the table, collapsed onto the floor and was found a day or two later. Maybe he was researching an article on Bakunin he'd been talking about... in any case, doing one of the things that he loved.

Jura Books will hold a celebration of Jack's life at 5pm on Saturday, 2nd July – close to his birthday on the 5th. Facebook event

All those who knew Jack are welcome to attend; and all those who wish to learn a bit more about this remarkable person. He was an important part of our communities and lives. Members of the Push will be in attendance, and are very welcome.

There will be a slide show of photos and two short films, one at Quaama in his backyard praising his sheep, and one in Italy of Jack singing 'Bella Ciao' in Italian (a real hoot!). If anyone would like to say a few words in his memory, that would be welcome to commemorate his amazingly full and fascinating life. We'll provide some nibblies and drinks, feel free to bring something along too if you wish.

For more about Jack, check out this short article by Slackbastard, which compiles a few writings about him. Or this longer piece by Takver, which includes interviews. Or the audio of a talk on anarchism in Bulgaria, at Jura.

Workshop: Supporting friends in the community experiencing domestic violence

2pm, Saturday 25th June at Jura
This workshop aims to create a space where we can discuss ways of supporting our friends and community members who may be experiencing domestic violence. The workshop will outline some of the potential dynamics of domestically violent relationships, and how you may notice that your friends are experiencing them. There will be a space for questions, discussion and brainstorming on how these relationships may look in a queer and radical community. We will spend time brainstorming how to tackle this issues within our community, and within specific situations. People with personal experiences are welcome to attend and to share what they found useful and supportive from friends and community if they feel comfortable doing so.

Who's putting it on: Renata F is a member of the Jura community with a childhood history of domestic violence. Renata has worked in the domestic violence field for 2 years and has some experience and understanding of the issues, however the workshop is aimed to be an inclusive and participatory skillshare/discussion space.

Note: People of all genders and all experiences are welcome to attend. The workshop may be triggering for people who have experienced domestic violence. The facilitator is happy to discuss issues arising from the workshop with participants following the workshop, however the workshop itself will not be a therapeutic space.

Please RSVP by emailing – so that we have an idea of numbers. Facebook event

Feminist reading group

Over the last few months, a group of people from the Jura community have organised a series of readings and discussions in an attempt to develop our (pro)feminist politics. We've focussed in particular on readings on practical ways of improving our (particularly men's) behaviours and practices of consent, and on community accountability processes. This month we are reading chapter 6 and 7 from Shulamith Firestone's The Dialectic of Sex. If you are a like-minded person and would like to participate in this reading/discussion group, please get in touch via email or personal message. People of all genders and sexualities are welcome and we would like this to be a safe space. Also, please note that this is not an open public ‘forum’ as such, but rather a smaller group with a commitment to ongoing discussion and development. Participants are committed to turning up regularly (about monthly) and doing the readings.

Gig: Belle Haven, Stepson + friends

6pm, Tuesday 28th June, at Jura
Belle Haven play with Stepson, We May Fall, and Like Royals. 6pm, Tuesday 28 June, $10, tickets available from trybooking. Facebook event

"Melbourne’s Belle Haven have done nothing but play the wildest shows so far in 2016, and it’s not about to stop. The band released their debut record ‘Everything Ablaze’ in March last year and have since been touring both nationally and internationally with bands such as Norma Jean, ’68, Stories and Polaris, creating quite the reputation for chaos. Now, their journey again takes them to NSW."

Gig: Kings At Heart, Set The Score + more

6pm, Sunday 3rd July, at Jura
Chase Music Group present Kings At Heart, Set The Score, Eat Your Heart Out, and Grim Indiana. 6pm, Sunday 3rd July, at Jura. All Ages, $10 Entry. Facebook event

Music video: Parramatta Road

We were stoked to feature in this music video by feminist indie rockers Library Siesta

Take action: marriage equality, refugees, climate!

Take action before the election – it will certainly have more effect than voting!

Film: Punks for West Papua

7:30pm, Monday 27th June, at Petersham Bowling Club
In case you missed our screening of this great film at Jura recently, it's on again thanks to the Inner West Film Forum. Punks for West Papua is an Australia wide movement of solidarity with the West Papuan people, who have suffered attempted genocide at the hands of the Indonesian military, with the complicity of Australia, the USA and the UN. Entry by donation. Facebook event

Recent anarchistic articles online...

Wages So Low You'll Freek – short book review by Chris

"I gave this book to a friend as a late Christmas present. “Just read the first chapter,” I said, “then see if you can stop.” By 3am the next day he’d read the whole thing cover to cover in one marathon all-night session. Wages So Low You’ll Freak deserves to be a small classic. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in ages. It covers radical politics and workplace organising in a way that’s honest, often extremely funny, and is totally relatable for young, early 21st century workers bouncing from one precarious, poorly paid job to the next."

Read the review on the Jura blog
Privilege and Oppression – position statement by Anarchist Affinity

"Both an anti-oppression analysis and an analysis of capitalism, class and the state are useful, and these analyses are more useful when integrated. If we do not make the effort to understand the dynamics of different oppressive structures we will not be able to understand the complexity of capitalism and the state, and our resistance strategies will suffer as a result."
This recently published articulation of intersectional anarchist politics is concise and well worth reading! Read the statement on the Anarchist Affinity website

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