Fighting the Budget, playing music, building solidarity with Africa, breaking walls, going on a road trip, and more.
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From Rallies to Revolution?

How do we Really Smash this Budget for the Rich?

We all know that the Budget is a brutal attack. From GP co-payments to $80 billion in cuts to health and education, to cuts in benefits and increasing uni fees. But how do we stop it? What does "Bust the Budget" mean when we have a Labor and Green opposition who have already chosen to defend the pseudo-democratic parliamentary system and ruled out taking radical action to block supply? (As Wollongong activist Alexander Brown asks in this thoughtful piece in which he argues for social movement unionism.)

Last week, the Unions NSW Secretary was booed and heckled at a mass delegates meeting, when he overrode the majority of the meeting's call for strike action and that supply be blocked. He pushed through his original resolution anyway which focussed on letter-writing, petitions and the "Bust the Budget" rally on Sunday 6 July. But many everyday people want to take more militant action.

We'll certainly be at the rally (join us under the red and black flags), but we know we need to do more to really stop this onslaught. We invite you to two upcoming events to discuss the way forward:
  1. Militant Delegates Meeting to Bust the Budget
    3pm, Saturday 21 June, at the Petersham Bowling Club.

    The Sydney Branch of the IWW is hosting an open meeting to talk about what is to be done. The draft agenda is:
    - how we can support the "Bust the Budget" movement;
    - how to build it as a genuine grass roots movement;
    - how to prevent it being astro-turfed into a parliamentary campaign
    - how to prevent "Bust the Budget" being a re-run of "Your Rights at Work"; being shut down in the event of an ALP electoral victory.
  2. Red and Black Discussion on Anarchist Responses to the Budget
    3pm, Saturday 28 June, at Jura Books.

    Jura's Red and Black event this month is a discussion in which we invite you to join with us in exploring an anarchist response to the proposed budget cuts. We also want to expand the discussion to consider how an anarchist community would tackle the issues of education, welfare, and environment. The aim is to facilitate the opening of imagination for future possibilities of anarchist praxis as well as direct action against current political issues.

Music and Solidarity

Fundraiser Party for Sam Mbah

This Saturday, an eclectic line-up of musicians will play to entertain you and help build solidarity with Africa:
  • Hence Therefore - improvised pop electronica
  • Camilla Hill - alternative singer/songwriter
  • Clinic 13 - a rock band
  • Phil Linrage - ukulele interpretations of struggle songs
Plus Vegan treats, and at 6pm Jeremy will give a short talk about Sam Mbah and Nigeria.

Suggested donation on the night: $10

Music and Solidarity fundraiser party
6pm, Saturday 21 June at Jura.
Jeremy writes, "When I was in Nigeria in 2012, I sought out Sam Mbah and spent a couple of weeks getting to know him. Since then I’ve been in regular phone and email contact with him. He's an amazing person. A veteran activist who was part of a successful movement against a dictatorship and who helped to build a 1,000-member anarchist organisation. Sam is also an anthropologist whose research on traditional African societies and their anarchistic elements is of great importance. His blog and book "African Anarchism" are excellent, and he hopes to publish more in the future. He's a beacon for anarchism in West Africa - a significant part of the world where anarchism could and should grow significantly. Even though monetary donations to an individual might not be the most preferable form of global solidarity, I think supporting Sam at this time is a worthwhile project. I encourage all anarchists and fellow-travellers to make a donation."

Fundraising update

Since the start of this fundraising drive, we have raised just over $1,100 for Sam. Special thanks to: AK Press for publicising and to all donors so far, MN (Sweden $15), JM (USA $10), SC (Australia $25), SD (USA $25), AS (UK $10), LW (USA $20), SB (Germany $20), MT (Canada $25), KP (Canada $5), MM (USA $20), JJ (USA $100), JM (USA $5), KM (New Zealand $5), RS (Aust $50), CP (Aust $500), MV (Aust $100), JK (Aust $100), WT (Aust $120).

Sam writes, "I continue to lose weight and experience general body weakness as a consequence of my heart condition. In the past three months, I have been working  to raise funds from friends and family, to be able to undertake a trip to India where I am billed to undergo heart surgery to replace the defective valves. So far, I have been able to raise USD15,000 out of the USD25,000 required for the trip, expected in July this year. The amount covers my medical expenses as well as the round trip.

"I am still working to raise the outstanding balance and I wish to appeal to you and fellow comrades to assist me in raising part of it. No amount will be too big or too small. My appreciation goes to all our comrades around the world. Thank you all.

"My morale is boosted by the realisation that there are comrades and friends in distant places who are willing to contribute to arresting the situation before it deteriorates further. My family and I are gratified indeed."

Please donate if you can. Details on how to donate.

Want to Smash Jura Books?

With a Hammer

Ever wanted to take a sledgehammer to Jura Books? Well, now's your chance. We're doing renovations to our library to make it a bigger, better space for talks and gigs. We need your help to destroy a wall (and rebuild the room). We also need a certified electrician to do about a day's work on the wiring. We can afford to pay the sparky, although mates rates would be appreciated! Please get in touch if you are a friendly sparky or know of one.
Working bee, 12-5pm, Sat 5 July
Working bee, 12-5pm, Sat 12 July

New anarchist articles online

Anarchist Affinity is a new Melbourne- based anarchist communist group who have published a number of interesting articles recently:
No Platform for Transphobia
Where to next for the anarchist movement in Sydney - Sean M reflects on the anarchist movement and argues for the ongoing relevance of the Organisational Platform.
Silent no longer: Confronting Sexual Violence on the left - excellent article in which Rebecca Winter discusses the responses to sexual violence in Australia and on the left. She also outlines what needs to happen for us to have a survivor-centred response.

Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair

Road Trip

As in previous years, we are taking a Jura stall to Melbourne for their Anarchist Bookfair. We plan to drive down and we're looking for people who want to join us (and hopefully share costs). The Bookfair will be taking place from 10am-6pm on Saturday 9th of August. There will be about 40 stalls and 21 one-hour workshops, on all kinds of anarchist and direct action topics. It's a great space to talk about the different traditions, visions, and practices of anarchism. Let us know if you're interested in coming with us.
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