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Towards worldwide workers solidarity!

Join us at the rally and family fun day this Sunday 6th May

May 1st is a day of special significance for the workers' movement, and its history is closely linked with the anarchist movement through the Haymarket Matyrs of 1886 in Chicago. However, arguably, the idea of using a holiday celebration to win the eight-hour day was first born in Melbourne in 1856.

This Sunday, 6 May 2018, once again we'll be marching and doing a Jura stall at the May Day rally and family fun day. We'd like you to join us and bring your red and black flags! (Note that the shop won't be open – come to the rally instead.)

Sydney Wobblies have called for a libertarian-left contingent at the rally – meet at Hyde Park North fountain at 10:30am.

What has Jura been up to recently?

We continue to be open 4 days every week and welcome like-minded folk to visit the shop or library or use the space for organising. In the last month we've hosted meetings of the Sydney IWW (next meeting 2nd June) and the Feminist Discussion Group, and we've been part of these other great events...

$700 raised for Grandmothers Against Removals

Thanks to a great crew of organisers, artists and participants, together we raised $700 for Grandmothers Against Removals at a special gig in March. Special shout outs to Aboriginal poet Lizzy Jarrett – sovereign warrior woman from the Gumbaynggirr, Bundjalung, Dunghutti clans – and to Spindles, Outskert, Whoa Mule, Teri Young and Andy Paine. And to everyone who came and contributed!

International Women's Day 2018

International Women’s Day was celebrated in Sydney on Saturday 10th March 2018, with a rally and march, and members of Jura were there among the more than 2,000 participants. The brightly-dressed Asian Women at Work troupe headed up the march from Hyde Park along Castlereagh Street to Belmore Park. Read more

Ray Jackson Celebrate People's History poster launch and stall

Ray Jackson was a proud Aboriginal activist, unionist, wharfie, internationalist, father and tireless fighter for justice. He was an inspiration to many of us, so we were pleased to see the creation of a Celebrate People’s History poster in his honour. Copies of the poster will soon be available for sale at Jura. The poster launch was a powerful event and it was great to have a Jura stall on the day. We gave away a number of posters and donated half of the rest of the proceeds to families of those killed in prisons or police custody, via ISJA.

New books!

Jura always has a steady stream of new books. Here are just a few of which have arrived in the last month:
  • Take Back the Fight: Resisting Sexual violence from the Ground Up, Interference Document 10, $12
  • Young Women's Global Revolution: Brave, Vol 1, Gayle Kimball, $24
  • Yugoslavia: Peace, war and dissolution, Noam Chomsky, $26
  • Girls Will be Boys Will be Girls Will be... Colouring Book, Jacinta Bunnell, $14
  • Slavery: A new global history, Jeremy Black, $11
  • Events and Victims, Bartolomeo Vanzetti, $9 (written by Vanzetti while in prison awaiting his judicial murder)
  • William Godwin: Philosopher, Novelist, Revolutionary, Peter Marshall, $39

Medical expenses fundraiser call-out

A comrade is in urgent need of our solidarity. Juey and her partner Cris are amazing community activists who run the Etniko Bandido Infoshop in Manila, Philippines. Juey is now facing daily chronic pain due to an ovarian cyst, and needs to raise AU$10,000 for surgery to get it removed. Please consider helping out if you can. More info

Upcoming community actions and events

Protest: Stop Black Deaths in Custody

Aboriginal people are still disproportionately targeted by the criminal injustice system, from the police to prison officers to judges. Aboriginal people are the most incarcerated group in the world, making up 27% of prison inmates while only 3% of the population. Then there is the tragic fact that the rate of deaths in custody has actually increased since the 1996 Royal Commission.

Courageous struggles by the families of those who have been murdered and their supporters are the only thing bringing this injustice to light.

FIRE Fighting In Resistance Equally are urging all peoples of this land to unite in solidarity and call for real justice that will end the killings in custody. 1pm Saturday 12th of May, at Town Hall. Facebook event

Protest for Palestine: 70 years of Nakba

May 15th 1948 marks the day that over 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes and made refugees.
In 1948, the establishment of the Israeli state in Palestine through violent ethnic cleansing not only forced Palestinians from their homes, but also led to massacres of Indigenous populations and the destruction of villages.

After 70 years this bloodshed is not forgotten, nor the right of Palestinians to return to their homeland.

6:30pm Monday 15th May at Town Hall. Facebook event

Rally to Stop Adani

Millions of people have already taken action across the country to stop Adani, forcing companies and financial institutions to withdraw their support for the mine.But the federal government is still pledging its full support for the project and the ALP has refused to take a firm stance against it. We are going to need a strong movement to stop this mine and force the government to walk away from the destructive fossil fuel industry. Join Stop Adani Sydney to demand the government and the ALP oppose the mine and commit to ending Australia’s dependence on coal. Gather at Marrickville Town Hall at 12.30pm, Saturday 19th May. Facebook event

Students of Sustainability

Hosted by the Australian Student Environment Network, Students of Sustainability is an annual environmental and social justice conference now running for 27 years. It brings together students, activists, First Nations elders, academics, environmentalists, artists and anyone who is passionate about improving the state of this world from all over the country. It's an awesome opportunity to learn, network and build relationships.
Get excited! This year SoS will be held in Naarm (so-called Melbourne), Victoria on Wurundjeri Country as part of the Kulin Nation, 7th to the 11th of July.

Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair

The Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair is on again! Now in it's 8th year, it will be held on Wurundjeri Land in Naarm / Melbourne on Saturday 11 August 2018 at the Brunswick Town Hall, Sydney Road, Brunswick.

Workshop and stall applications are open now if you wish to submit. Early bird rates for stalls will apply until July.

Facebook event

Recent radical readings online

Anarchist papers at the State Library of NSW

There are some interesting anarchist papers and pamphlets held in the collection of the State Library of New South Wales, dating back to 19th Century Sydney and Melbourne. These include newspapers, booklets and handwritten drafts by the late 19th century anarchist journalist John Arthur Andrews (1865-1903), who spent time in jail for "publishing without a printer's imprint". Anna Corkhill, Curator, Research and Discovery, will be giving a curator talk on 19 May on "Subversive literature in the Library". Some of the materials are available to browse online.

Where to now Zimbabwe? – Zabalaza

An anarchist/syndicalist perspective after the dust has settled.

"It’s been around a 100 days since 37 years of authoritarian rule by Robert Mugabe – Head of State since 1980 – finally came to an end. Zimbabwe has a new President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who gained power through a soft military coup against Mugabe, and his chosen successor, Grace Mugabe. And recently, Zimbabwe mourned the death of former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai: an opposition leader, he came from the trade unions, and spent most of his life fighting against Mugabe. But what has changed, and what we can we expect now?"
Read more

The anti-imperialism of idiots – Leila Al-Shami

Brilliant, clear-eyed analysis from the British Syrian anarchist writer Leila Al-Shami.

"This left exhibits deeply authoritarian tendencies, one that places States themselves at the centre of political analysis. Solidarity is therefore extended to States (seen as the main actor in a struggle for liberation) rather than oppressed or underprivileged groups in any given society, no matter that state’s tyranny. Blind to the social war occurring within Syria itself, the Syrian people (where they exist) are viewed as mere pawns in a geo-political chess game. They repeat the mantra ‘Assad is the legitimate ruler of a sovereign country’."
Read more

The chilling oppression of Camp Freedom — Celeste Liddle

Celeste Liddle on the policing of Aboriginal protest at the Stolenwealth Games.

"When news started coming through social media channels over the weekend that the Queensland police had not only bullied and orchestrated arrests of Indigenous protesters at Camp Freedom Commonwealth Games protest, but that child protection officers had been sent in, apparently on the directive of the QLD government; it chilled me to the core."
Read more

Racist and violent policing

Recently, the racist NSW Police STMP program revealed yet again how fundamental racism is to the police force. Meanwhile in Victoria, cops were caught on video torturing a mentally ill man after his psychologist called them because of concerns for his welfare, and brutally beating a young black man. Shortly afterwards they announced the acquisition of 'confronting new riot gear' – semi-lethal weapons for intimidation and control which will no doubt be disproportionately used against the same people who are their favourite victims: Aboriginal people and people of colour, young people, people with mental illness and poor people. ACAB.
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