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Other Worlds Zine Fair!

11am - 4pm, this Sat 21st May, Marrickville Town Hall, 303 Marrickville Rd
Other Worlds Zine Fair is an alternative space for the exchange of art and ideas. The fair has been collectively organised in Sydney since 2014. Other Worlds started as an F U to the MCA zine fair for artwashing the industry of detention and borders.

This year the number of stall holders has doubled, so it's in a brilliant larger venue! Jura will have a stall jam-packed with zines and books – come and say hi!

Other Worlds Launch Party!

7pm, Friday 20th May at Jura
Jura is excited to be hosting the Other Worlds Launch Party from 7pm this Friday 20th May. Join us for a pre-zine fair night of excellent music and performance. Entry is $5 - $10, plus spiced whiskey and fresh pressed apple cocktails and other bevs (fundraiser for the zine fair), but no-one turned away for lack of funds. The Other Worlds Poster Zine will be launched on the night, and will be available to buy.

  • HAZEEN – Muslim black-death metal from Sydney, comprised of Safdar Ahmed (vocals, guitar) & Can Yalcinkaya (drums). Facebook | Safdarahmed
  • PASSIVE SMOKE – 'Tough jangle. Dense guitars and drums, a bit shouty', from Canberra. Facebook | Bandcamp
  • HENCE THEREFORE – Conceived as a vehicle for live improvisation, Sydney's Hence Therefore creates viscous, textured experimental techno that explores failure, the nature of work, climate-crisis anxiety and the limits of spontaneity. Soundcloud | Tumblr
  • PLASTIC RUPERT – Melbourne-based supergroup featuring Plastic Knife and Rupert Ramon. Bandcamp | Discogs
  • BOGANO – Bogan Latino Electro Punk, Melbourne. Facebook | Soundcloud
  • DILEMMAS – Pop interventionists. Genre making legends. Ex-Mekons cover band, Sydney. Facebook | Bandcamp

Action: Grandmothers Against Removals

12:30pm, Thursday 26th May at The Block in Redfern
'Sorry Day', May 26, will mark 19 years since the tabling of the Bringing Them Home report in 1997, a report which exposed the horrific impact of policies of forced Aboriginal child removal during the 20th Century. Since then, the theft of Aboriginal children has increased more than five fold and is now one of the most urgent crisis facing Aboriginal communities. Grandmothers Against Removals is a national network initiated by families directly affected by the child removal crisis. On the 26th of May, as part of a National Day of Action, GMAR will lead a march on the Redfern office of Family and Community Services (FACS). More info.

Film screening: Kala Benoa

7pm, Thursday 26th May at Jura
Kala Benoa is a recent documentary film on the experiences of the Balinese facing the looming reclamation of Benoa Bay. This is one of the many struggles of local residents facing land reclamation plans in Indonesian cities. Most of these plans are framed as revitalization for the well-being of the majority. The film documents the potential environmental degradation and threats to livelihood that come along with the reclamation project by developers and the government.

WatchdoC is a production house that was established by two journalists, Andhy Panca Kurniawan and Dandhy Dwi Laksono in 2009. They have produced hundreds of works, many of which have won awards.

Join us for this Thursday Menace film screening – it's a space to gather, meet, hang out and plot. It starts at 7pm with food by donation, then hanging out till later.

Gig: Pasha Bulka, Rumours and guests

6pm, Saturday 4th June at Jura
Come and enjoy a gathering of fine emo, punk, melodic hardcore bands. $10, all ages. Facebook event. Featuring:

Broke but not broken: Reclaim the streets

1pm onwards, Saturday 18th June, meet at Sydenham Green
The rich are driving us out of the city. They’re waging a war on everyone who can’t afford a million-dollar home. People can’t get jobs that don’t exist. Rent shouldn’t chew through half our income.

This mobile protest festival will meet at Sydenham Green at 1pm, and move into the heart of impending gentrification soon after. Sydney’s sound system crews will be spinning a huge range of styles over multiple stages. Everyone has a right to the city! Let’s take back control of our urban space! More info

Workshop: Supporting friends in the community experiencing domestic violence

2pm, Saturday 25th June at Jura
This workshop aims to create a space where we can discuss ways of supporting our friends and community members who may be experiencing domestic violence. The workshop will outline some of the potential dynamics of domestically violent relationships, and how you may notice that your friends are experiencing them. There will be a space for questions, discussion and brainstorming on how these relationships may look in a queer and radical community. We will spend time brainstorming how to tackle this issues within our community, and within specific situations. People with personal experiences are welcome to attend and to share what they found useful and supportive from friends and community if they feel comfortable doing so.

Who's putting it on: Renata F is a member of the Jura community with a childhood history of domestic violence. Renata has worked in the domestic violence field for 2 years and has some experience and understanding of the issues, however the workshop is aimed to be an inclusive and participatory skillshare/discussion space.

Note: People of all genders and all experiences are welcome to attend. The workshop may be triggering for people who have experienced domestic violence. The facilitator is happy to discuss issues arising from the workshop with participants following the workshop, however the workshop itself will not be a therapeutic space.

Please RSVP by emailing – so that we have an idea of numbers.

Feminist reading group

Over the last few months, a group of people from the Jura community have organised a series of readings and discussions in an attempt to develop our (pro)feminist politics. We've focussed in particular on readings on practical ways of improving our (particularly men's) behaviours and practices of consent, and on community accountability processes. This month we are reading chapter 6: love from Shulamith Firestone's The Dialectic of Sex. If you are a like-minded person and would like to participate in this reading/discussion group, please get in touch via email or personal message. People of all genders and sexualities are welcome and we would like this to be a safe space. Also, please note that this is not an open public ‘forum’ as such, but rather a smaller group with a commitment to ongoing discussion and development. Participants are committed to turning up regularly (about monthly) and doing the readings.

Reports: Victory, direct action, solidarity!

Lots of inspiring actions in the last month
Last month Sydney Solidarity Network organised 3 actions at a café in Leichhardt where a worker had been exploited and sexually harassed. The actions were lively and energetic, with chanting, singing, banners, placards and leaflets. Between 20 and 40 SydSol supporters came to each action. During the actions they gave out almost 1,000 leaflets to passersby, had lots of conversations and caused much discussion on the busy street. Each action lasted for around 2 hours, during which time almost no customers went to the café. At first the boss refused to pay. He started off trying to ignore the actions, but soon became more antagonistic, publishing defamatory messages about the ex-worker, throwing buckets of water at the protestors and threatening to break someone’s arm! The boss called the police a number of times, but no arrests were made. He even hired musicians to try to drown out the chanting! But SydSol kept going and eventually won! The worker has been paid the full amount she was owed. More info.
On 8th May at the world's biggest coal port in Newcastle and around the world, thousands of people took direct action to cause real problems for the polluters and call for a break free from fossil fuels!
In a snap action last week, refugee activists in Melbourne occupied the office of the Department of Immigration and Border Violence.
Hundreds of prisoners inside Manus Island detention centre protested and raised the slogans, "Freedom; Freedom," and "This place is illegal." Their actions coincide with protests on Nauru, which have been continuing for over 56 days! The Nauru protests have been inflamed by the recent suicide of Bangladeshi refugee, Rakib, and by the emergency medivac of Somali mother, Naima Ahmed and her baby.
And on 1st May, people from Jura marched with fellow anarchists in the May Day March, to commemorate the Haymarket Massacre and celebrate workers' solidarity.

Recent anarchistic articles online...

'Aussie' Posters Miss the Inclusive Mark, by Radha Wahyuwidayat
"If you've taken a walk along King Street in Newtown recently or read the news, you would be familiar with the poster of a turbaned man captioned with the word 'AUSSIE'. The poster is part of a campaign by Peter Drew; the artist responsible for the 'Real Australians Say Welcome' campaign... [but] the ‘Real Australian’ is not even real. It is a constructed identity that ignores Indigenous people and history, and the fact that the vast majority of Australians have their ancestral roots overseas. Despite this, the ‘Real Australian’ style of racism is widespread, because it frames itself as accepting and inclusive. For this reason, it is far more insidious than the overt racism of Reclaim Australia..." Pulp more

The Spanish Democracy Revolutions, by Steve Rushton
"Spain's fires have been fanned especially bright since May 15, 2011, when occupations filled squares across the country... On 15M’s first evening, between 20,000 and 50,000 took Madrid's Puerta Del Sol, compared to 1,000 initiating Occupy Wall Street. The movement spread quickly to many towns and cities. Of Spain’s 47 million population, between 0.8 and 1.5 million were very active, according to a study by Ipsos Public Affairs, and between 6 and 8.5 million took part. More than three-quarters supported the movement's message. Spaniards had lost trust in the establishment..." The Baffler more

Finding warmth in a dark place: a glimpse of #NuitDebout, by Manuela Zechner
"Paris had been so tough and so stuck. Recharging on the energies of a square full of people in buzzing encounter, it refound a collective way of being... Last weekend, Nuit Debout's international working group organized two days of assemblies and action planning on the Place de la République in Paris. Some hundred people came from all over Europe and beyond to get to know this new movement in one of the heartlands of the European crisis..." Roar Magazine. more

Anarchism's Mid-Century Turn, by Kristian Williams
"No matter how one feels about it, the current state of anarchism has represented something of a mystery: What was once a mass movement based mainly in working class immigrant communities is now an archipelago of subcultural scenes inhabited largely by disaffected young people from the white middle class... In the early part of the century, from 1905 to 1917, American anarchism was predominantly, but by no means exclusively, syndicalist..." Toward Freedom more

To Spread the Revolution: Anarchist Archives and Libraries, by Jessica Moran
"For anarchists, the written and published word has been central to their movement. From early on, anarchists in the United States and Europe published and collected their ideas and written work... Anarchists saw their libraries as vital social centers for their movement. These libraries were not simply places to collect social and political books that addressed anarchism; they were active locations for anarchism. They were meeting places and spaces to share, spread, and develop the ideas of the anarchist movement..." Kate Sharpley Library more

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