Ideas on Christmas and religion, plus heaps of stalls at Anarchist Fair Day this Sunday, Anarchy in Athens book launch and more
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What do you think of Christmas?

There are a range of opinions among anarchists about Christmas – and about religion generally (not to mention many other topics!) Many would agree that ideals such as liberty, equality and mutual aid, are integral to both anarchism and also the Christmas tradition (at its best). See, for example, this lovely, brief essay on The Prince of Anarchists and Christmas, or this article by Grant Mincy – a fellow at the Centre for a Stateless Society.

In this newsletter, we offer you a few links on religion and anarchism. But if you really want to explore the topic, we recommend getting a copy of Karen Kennedy's book Deeply Felt, Reflections on Religion & Violence within the Anarchist Turn – available at Jura and online.

Christian anarchism

If you're interested in an explicitly Christian anarchist approach, start with Tolstoy, then check out A Political Commentary on the Gospel by Alexandre Christoyannopoulos, or the Jesus Radicals.

Islamic anarchism

Given the current onslaught against Muslims in our society, perhaps it would be an appropriate time to read the recent online pamphlet, Varieties of Islamic Anarchism: A Brief Introduction by Anthony T. Fiscella.

Jewish anarchism

This year, the Jewish festival of Hannukah begins on the same day as Christmas, so you might want to check out this Interview with a Jewish Orthodox anarchist, or the radical Jewish site Jewdas.

Buddhist anarchism

Perhaps a synthesis of Buddhism and anarchism resonates more with you? If so, read this conversation between Josh Korda and Joshua Stephens of Dharma Punx NYC and the Institute for Anarchist Studies.

Pagan anarchism

If you're happier celebrating Summer Solstice at this time of year, get in touch with the earth-based spirituality of Starhawk, or the "magical religion" Christopher Scott Thompson writes about in What is Pagan Anarchism.

Atheist anarchism

Or maybe, like the majority of anarchists, you're in firm agreement with Bhagat Singh – an inspiring Indian anarchist, atheist and revolutionary:

The ultimate goal of Anarchism is complete independence, according to which no one will be obsessed with God or religion, nor will anybody be crazy for money or other worldly desires. There'll be no chains on the body or control by the State. This means that they want to eliminate: the Church, God and Religion; the State; Private property."

There's certainly one religion we can't abide...

Whatever your personal beliefs and practices, at Jura there is one religion we cannot abide – the enforced capitalist religion of vulgar consumerism. ;) However, with that time of the year fast approaching, if you are going to participate in this ritual for whatever reason, please give the gift of left libertarian ideas. Consider dropping in and purchasing your presents from your local 39-year-old, not-for-profit, and 100% volunteer-run, radical bookshop, library and organising space!

We will be open for special extended hours – every day in the week leading up to Christmas. We have a wide range of books, t-shirts, diaries and other items to help you keep the anarchist spirit alive.

Jura's extended opening hours:
  • Thurs 8th: 2-7pm
  • Fri 9th 2-7pm
  • Sat 10th: 12-5pm
  • Sun 11th: 11am-5pm (Anarchist Fair Day)
  • Thurs 15th: 2-7pm
  • Fri 16th: 2-7pm
  • Sat 17th: 12-5pm
  • Sun 18th: 12-5pm
  • Mon 19th: 2-7pm
  • Tues 20th: 2-7pm
  • Wed 21st: 2-8pm (Anarchy in Athens book launch)
  • Thurs 22nd: 2-7pm
  • Fri 23rd: 2-7pm
  • Sat 24th: 12-5pm
Jura will then be closed from 25th Dec to 26th Jan, re-opening on 27th Jan 2017.

Sydney Anarchist Fair Day

11am-4pm, this Sunday, 11th December, at Jura
This weekend, Jura is pleased to be hosting a day of stalls, music, food, drinks, zines, books, films and more! Come to the anarchist fair day to learn about how local community groups are organising for a better world, and how you can get involved!

Stalls at the fair day will include: Plus:
  • Jim Mongrel and more playing MUSIC
  • A dedicated table to help you put Signal on yr phone!
  • 50% off selected books, DVDs, and posters from Jura
  • Vegan bake sale
  • Lunch by donation
  • and more…
Check out and invite your friends to the Anarchist Fair Day Facebook event!

Also, check out this nice interview which aired on Tuesday on 2SER FM, by our very own Sasha Berkman of the Jura Collective. We think he did a great job – a short and sweet take on the obligatory "what is anarchism" question, plus shout outs for lots of the rad grassroots groups who are coming to rock the fair day!

Book launch – Anarchy in Athens: An ethnography of militancy, Emotions and Violence

6:30pm Wednesday 21st December, at Jura
Jura is very pleased to be hosting the launch of a new book by Dr Nicholas Apoifis. Nick is a long-time friend of Jura and a lecturer in International Relations at the University of NSW. He spent several years researching the Greek anarchist movement, which has blossomed spectacularly in recent times.

Nick will give a short introduction to the book, followed by questions and discussion. Snacks and drinks will be available by donation and copies of the book for $36.50.
The Athenian anarchist and anti-authoritarian milieu's public protests and battles against the Greek state, police and other capitalist institutions are prolific and highly visible. Away from the intensity of the street-protests and the glare of mainstream media, however, its militants implement anarchist practices whose outcomes are less visible. They are feeding the hungry and poor, protecting migrants from fascist beatings and trying to carve out an autonomous political, social and cultural space. Activists within this movement share politics centred on hostility to the capitalist state and all forms of domination, hierarchy and discrimination. Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork amongst Athenian anarchists and anti-authoritarians, Anarchy in Athens unravels the internal complexities within this milieu and provides a better understanding of the forces that give the space its shape.

Rally on International Human Rights Day

1pm Saturday 10th December, Meet at Custom House, Circular Quay
Out of prison, out of foster care - Bring the Children Home!
Unite with Aboriginal people’s defence of Human Rights!

Human rights abuses against Aboriginal people are at a crisis point. more children are being forcibly removed than at any time in Australia’s history. The torture of black youth in the Don Dale detention centre in Darwin is happening across the country and examples of extreme police brutality and killings of Aboriginal people in custody are being exposed every week. These abuses are rooted in a continuing invasion and denial of First Nations sovereignty.

At this rally, Aboriginal leaders will be joined by representatives from other campaigns and marginalised peoples standing up against brutal human rights abuses by the Australian government. It is the same government torturing refugees in offshore detention, persecuting Muslims, destroying the environment and denying equal marriage and trying to criminalise trade union activism in the building industry and beyond. The March will commence at Custom House, Circular Quay at 1pm, which then we will all join together in solidarity march across Sydney Harbour Bridge.

More info on their Facebook event.

Romantica Social Centre open in Petersham!

Heaps of events at new radical space
Romantica Social Centre (formerly Intersection) is a new space near Petersham Station that runs regular events. They have an upcoming movie night on Monday 12th December – State of Siege (1972): A dramatised account of the Tupamaros, a leftist urban guerilla group from Uraguay which waged war against the state government throughout the 1960s and 70s. Check out their Facebook for more info.

Sydney Solidarity Network organising meeting

6pm Tuesday 13th December, at Jura
Sydney Solidairty Network is getting active again, and needs your involvement! Come to the organising meeting at 6pm on Tuesday 13th December at Jura.

Jura Collective meeting

2pm Saturday 28th January 2017
Interested in getting involved in Jura? Or finding out more about how we operate? You'd be most welcome to come along to our next collective meeting!
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