Rust, fire and May Day solidarity. Gigs, art, and a football tournament. A rally, a free digital magazine, and a frontline reportback. This Jura newsletter has it all!
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May Day! May Day!

Your support is needed to combat fire, rust and public liability

May Day is the international day of workers' solidarity. It commemorates the execution of 4 anarchists who were part of the movement for the 8-hour-day. This May Day, we are asking you to show your solidarity by making a donation to Jura. We don't ask for money very often, but we need your help now. This month, we need to pay our insurance bill, which is $3,300. Our insurance policy is both a legal necessity and an asset to the Jura community, because it enables us to hold events and gives us (some) protection against accidents etc. Our insurance also enables the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair to hire a venue. Without insurance, all would be lost if we suffered a disaster like the recent warehouse fire at anarchist publisher AK Press. There's also a section of Jura's roof which is rusted and leaking. We need to fix it ASAP. So we're asking you to please make a donation to Jura now. If we raise more than $3,000 we'll contribute all excess funds to AK Press and the Bookfair.
Make a donation to Jura now
On Friday 1st of May, we would also like to invite you to a May Day Toast and gig. There will be drinks and snacks from 6pm at Jura, and then we'll head to a nearby location, 15 minutes walk from Jura, where there will be a fundraiser gig for the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Black Vat and Leg It will be playing.

Sydney Anarchist Bookfair

10am-5pm, Saturday 13th June 2015, Addison Rd Community Cntre

The second Sydney Anarchist Bookfair will be held on the 13th June 2015. There''ll be books, talks and workshops. Anarchist bookfairs are an opportunity to engage with the wider community, share experiences and exchange ideas. Jura is helping to organise the Bookfair, in collaboration with Black Rose in Newtown, Black Flag Western Sydney People's Collective, and other anarchists. Please save the date and make a donation - there are great perks on offer, including artworks, books, t-shirts, massages and graphic design services. Or get in touch if you can help out.

Gig this Saturday at Jura

From 7pm this Saturday 18th April, Jura is pleased to host: Entry is by donation, with proceeds going to Jura's fundraising effort.

Rally for refugees this Sunday

Rally to support refugees, 1pm this Sunday, 19th April at Belmore Park.
"The momentum for change is growing. Last year’s Palm Sunday demonstrations were the largest for refugee rights since the Howard years. Over 200 groups signed a statement against children in detention following the Human Rights Commission report... We hope that this rally can be a broad and powerful statement of opposition to government policies and of support for refugees."

Anti-racism soccer tournament

An anti-racism 5-a-side soccer tournament is being organised to raise awareness in Sydney and to bring anti-racist and anti-fascist activists from all over together through football. 10:30am-2:00pm, 2nd May at Fraser Park in Marrickville.

Girls at the Tin Sheds

Time is running out to catch "Girls at the Tin Sheds", an exhibition of posters currently showing at the Sydney University Art Gallery, until 24th April. The posters, mostly drawn from University of Sydney collections, feature the women artists and poster-makers who worked at the Tin Sheds, a "hothouse for social and political debates". From the mid-seventies feminism, Aboriginal rights and the enviro movement galvanised the Tin Sheds, leading to an explosion of dazzling and provocative posters. Some of the posters were collectively produced. Jura also holds a collection of Tin Sheds posters, which we hope to exhibit again soon. We have also started a project to digitise and archive our posters properly. Once again, this project needs funds to make it possible.  

Reportback: Reclaim Ignorance

John Smith from Jura has written a short report on the Sydney 'Reclaim Australia' rally: "On April 4th, a couple of weeks ago, I attended the counter-rally to Reclaim Australia (RA). For those that don't know what RA is all about it comes down to fear-mongering and bigotry. They oppose the 'take-over' or 'Islamification' of Australia by Muslims, they want Halal certification banned, and want Islam banned from being taught in schools, amongst other narrow-minded, and fear based demands..." Read the rest of his reportback.

Free Adbusters e-magazine

At Jura we regularly stock the impressive magazine Adbusters. This month they couldn't send us hard copies for technical reasons, so they said we could give you a free digital copy. Download it now - it's only available for a few more days. Enjoy!

Upcoming Jura activities

You're always welcome at a Jura meeting, or to help out at one of our working bees. The next working bees are 12-5pm on Saturday 18th April and Sunday 19th April. We'll be sorting books in the library and finishing the renovations in our kitchen. The next Jura Collective meeting is at 2pm on Saturday 25th April. Jura also hosts meetings of the Sydney Solidarity Network, who take action against dodgy bosses and landlords. Details of all events can be found at
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