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Film: Assimilation

Thurs 14th April, 7pm at Jura – Aboriginal and Irish doco
This award-winning film by Louis de Paor explores the complex relationship between Aborigines and the Irish in Australia. At the heart of this is the story of the Stolen Generations, and an Aboriginal resistance lead by 'Shamrock Aborigines', who saw theirs as a shared struggle against a common oppressor. Weaving social and personal history with poetry, Assimilation reveals this hidden history.

For more info, see the Facebook event or watch the 2 minute trailer.

This film screening is part of Thursday Menace – a weekly gathering space at Jura, to meet, hang out and plot. There's food at 7pm then a talk or film, and drinks and chats later. If you're able to help with cooking, we usually start at 5pm at Jura. Also, get in touch if you can help out in other ways, or if you'd like to do a talk or show a film! Sometimes details aren't announced until a few days before the event, so stay tuned to the Jura website, or see below for how to stay in touch via Fanya Barone.
Also, check out the forum Getting organised locally to stop forced child removal on Saturday 30th April at 12pm, at Redfern Community Centre. Organised by the awesome Grandmothers Against Removals – see their Facebook or website.

Gig: Lionizer – Be Alone

Fri 15th April, 6pm at Jura – Lionizer EP launch, plus guests
Sad Grrrls Club Presents Lionizer Be Alone EP launch. With Snape, Nothing Rhymes with David, Rachel Maria Cox. All ages, $5 at the door. Facebook event.

Action: Fight Leichhardt wage theft!

Sat 16th April, 10am, meet at Berkelouw Books Norton St – SydSol action
Sydney Solidarity Network is taking action at a cafe in Leichhardt and your participation is needed!

The action is in support of CJ, a worker who was sexually harassed and exploited. She is a traveler on a working holiday visa who started working at the cafe in early March. There were problems from the beginning. The boss would continually try to touch her and other women against their will. She was paid only $17 per hour, which is below the Restaurant Award wage ($22.24 on weekdays and $26.69 on weekends, for casuals).

The pay was cash-in-hand, and the boss would always pay late. No contracts were signed and the boss never asked for their tax file numbers. There were other workers who were fired on the spot, with no notice, for no reason. When CJ spoke up, she was taken off the shift roster, with no notice. She decided to quit. She asked the boss to pay her outstanding wages (at $17 per hour): $433.50. He refused, and one of the supervisors slapped the face of CJ’s friend who was there to support her. The cops were called but they didn’t help CJ, but instead told her to come back a few days later as the boss requested. When she came back the boss only paid her $200 and withheld the rest ‘for damages to property’ – a completely fictitious claim.

CJ contacted SydSol and asked for help to get back her stolen wages. CJ is demanding the boss pay her the full $1,108.70 she is owed – which would bring her wages up to the award minimum for the hours she worked.

Exploitative, violent, disrespectful, and sexist behaviour by bosses, supervisors and cops is all too common – in the hospitality industry and elsewhere. But in this case, we workers are standing up and saying “NO!” And we ask you to join us!

SydSol participants are called on to gather outside Berkelouw Books on Norton St at 10am, this Saturday 16th April. From there we will head to the cafe nearby. We plan to hold a peaceful protest, hand out leaflets to passersby and demand that the boss pay CJ the $1,108.70 she is owed.

Talk: Anarchism and freedom

Sat 16th April, 2pm at Jura – Red & Black forum with Dr Alex Pritchard
How do you know when you're free? Anarchists have usually said you're free to the extent that you're not dominated. But what secures this non-dominated state? Do we need to be empowered, or is something else needed?

Jura is pleased to host a talk by Dr Alex Pritchard of Exeter University (UK). Alex will introduce his current research project, conducted with Ruth Kinna, on this subject. What they argue is that anarchists need to think more clearly about constitutional politics, that is rules, regulations, institutions and the divisions of powers. These are taboo subjects at the moment across large parts of the movement, but routinely adopted in general assemblies, camp rules, plural decision making arrangements and so on. They argue that the 19th century republican tradition (rather than Trump and the GOP!), and the classical anarchists that developed it, give us plenty to think about that can help here.

To whet your appetite, check out this engaging and wide-ranging radio show which aired a few days ago on ABC Late Night Live. It’s a 20-minute discussion with Alex and Professor Saul Newman (Goldsmiths University), hosted by Phillip Adams. They discuss anarchist philosophy, history and principles as well as the prevalence of anarchist ideas and practices in recent movements like Occupy.

Come along on Saturday and get involved in the discussion! And we'd love you to invite your friends to the Facebook event!

Reading group: Climate crisis

Fri 22nd April, 5pm at Jura – ASEN reading group
Jura is pleased to provide a space for this fortnightly reading group organised by the Australian Student Environment Network.

For more info, check the Jura website or the ASEN Facebook closer to the day.

Action: Stop H8! Protest the ACL!

Sat 23rd April, 12:30pm at Wesley Conference Centre Pitt St
Australia's most vocal homophobes, the Australian Christian Lobby, have scheduled their national conference in Sydney. Whenever a voice for the narrow-minded and hateful is needed the ACL are there to lobby the government to make the world a nastier place. Their current target? LGBTI school students and anyone who supports them, including the Safe Schools anti-bullying and LGBTI awareness program. The ACL's conference will feature a who's-who of the homophobic right, including Scott Morrison, and 'Alliance Defending Freedom', the American gay-hate group and lawyers against progress who have been involved in keeping gay sex criminalised internationally and who were recently visited by ex-PM Tony Abbott. Come along to the protest organised by Community Action Against Homophobia and join the anarcho-queer solidarity bloc organised by Black Flag!

Gig: Carb on Carb (NZ)

Sat 30th April, 7pm at Jura – plus Baby Machine, Canine & Hannah Band
One Brick Today presents: Carb on Carb (Aotearoa / New Zealand), Baby Machine, Canine, Hannah band. There'll also be some fundraising tables set up, so bring $$. One will be for Grandmothers Against Removals, selling t-shirts etc. Facebook event

Action: May Day!

Sun 1st May, 11am Belmore & Victoria Parks Rally & fun activities
May Day is international workers' day. The date commemorates the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago, which began as a workers' rally for the eight-hour day, and ended in the execution of seven anarchists.

This year in Sydney, the May Day March will assemble at Belmore Park near Central, and proceed to Victoria Park on City Road. There will be speakers and also rides, bands, food and fun activities at Victoria Park. Come along!

Action report: Spycops out of lives!

Helen Steel confronts John Dines. Spontaneous solidarity action organised.
Last month, Jura hosted Helen Steel as a special international guest speaker. Helen spoke about corporate and state spying on political activists, and the recent scandals surrounding undercover policing in the UK. Helen was involved in a court case against the London Police along with 7 other women who were all deceived into relationships by undercover cops infiltrating campaign groups. For more about the case, check out the campaign Police Spies Out of Lives.

Helen came to Australia to confront the cop who deceived her. His name is John Dines and he now teaches at the Australian Institute of Police Management. Helen confronted him at Sydney airport – the first time she had seen him in more than 20 years. See the Guardian article about it.

The day after she spoke at Jura, a group of anarchists organised a spontaneous solidarity action at the Australian Institute of Police Management to demand an end to the police human rights abuses and #spycops out of our lives!

Reading group: LIES

Feminist reading group at Jura – email us for details
Over the last few months, a group of people from the Jura community have organised a series of readings and discussions in an attempt to develop our (pro)feminist politics. We've focussed in particular on readings on practical ways of improving our (particularly men's) behaviours and practices of consent, and on community accountability processes. We are now reading the excellent LIES: A Journal Of Materialist Feminism. Volumes 1 and 2 are available at Jura for $18 each. Volume 1 is also available for free online. This month we're reading "All the Work We Do As Women: Feminist Manifestos on Prostitution & the State, 1977" and "Listen to sex workers: support decriminalisation & anti-discrimination protections" by the Scarlet Alliance.

If you are a like-minded person and would like to participate in this reading/discussion group, please get in touch via email or personal message. People of all genders and sexualities are welcome and we would like this to be a safe space. Also, please note that this is not an open public ‘forum’ as such, but rather a smaller group with a commitment to ongoing discussion and development. Participants are committed to turning up regularly (about monthly) and doing the readings.

So, who is Fanya Barone?

Russian anarchist revolutionary? Your new Facebook friend?
Fanya Baron (AKA Fanya Greck, Fanny Grefenson, Fanya Anisimovna) was young anarchist who suffered the brutality of both US and Russian cops. She was active with the Nabat Anarchist Confederation in the Ukraine. Emma Goldman wrote, that she "possessed unbounded courage and a generous spirit... Under harrowing conditions of travel, Fanya went up and down the Ukraina to spread the Nabat, organize the workers and peasants, or bring help and succour to her imprisoned comrades." Fanya was arrested and imprisoned by the Cheka (the secret police of the Soviet Government). She escaped from the Ryazan prison and made her way to Moscow to keep up the struggle, but was again arrested by the Cheka, and executed. Goldman concludes, "This big-hearted woman, who had served the Social Revolution all her life, was done to death by the people who pretended to be the advance guard of revolution. Not content with the crime of killing Fanya Baron, the Soviet Government put the stigma of banditism on the memory of their dead victim." – from Fanya's short autobiography on Libcom.

Jura's library is named after Fanya Baron, and so our new 'Facebook event coordinator' is called Fanya Barone. We'd love you to be Facebook friends with her. She'll invite you to Jura events etc. She's something of a collective project – like liberation. As anarchists, we believe that no individual can really be free while others are oppressed – we’re all interconnected in this world. And none of us is truly or solely the persona that we present on Facebook are we? Sometimes it's important to be anonymous or to wear a mask – especially in this era of hyper-surveillance! This also came out of a discussion among the Jura Collective, about trying to share tasks and not rely too much on particular individuals for collective organising. So, please be Facebook friends with Fanya!

Recent anarchistic articles online...

Dismantling neoliberal education – a lesson from the Zapatistas
A devastating critique of the punishing neoliberal education system which many of us have been subject to. And a hopeful account of the non-hierarchical, liberatory Zapatista system of education from below. Plus lots of beautiful Zapatista murals! "The battle for humanity and against neoliberalism was and is ours, and also that of many others from below. Against death – We demand life." Roar Mag. more

The rent is too damn high! – Chris from Sydney Solidarity
Chris looks at the housing and rental crisis in Australia, examples of tenant organising overseas, and calls for us to do the same here! Published by Anarchist Affinity, an anarchist communist group organising in Melbourne. more

Boomers & millennials: it's not intergenerational warfare, it's class warfare.
Bridie Jabour writes in the Guardian, "Though generational markers should not be discounted as meaningless, most of the time when we are talking about generations, we are actually talking about class." more

Building Democracy without the State
A new article about the revolution in Rojava, by Kurdish activist Dilar Diriki. "The democratic autonomy system in our three cantons shakes and upsets the whole world because the capitalist system does not want freedom and democracy for the Middle East, despite all its pretensions." Roar Mag. more

Protesters take to the streets across Europe – in photos
Tens of thousands of people have occupied the streets of major European capitals in recent days. Check out this short summary, with great photos. Roar Mag. more

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