The power of direct action. Creative rebellion. Love beyond equality. Acoustic indie-chamber music and an underground instrumental trio.
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We're the queers they're warning you about.

We hate this stupid 'vote' and we want more than 'equality' and tolerance. We want to smash the State, subvert the nuclear family, destroy the patriarchy, and punch nazis. We don't have many pink dollars, but we've got loads of fierce love.

And we are part of this movement.

We know the power of solidarity and collective action. And this is a moment for action. It's time to push forward and claim this victory. Marriage equality won't be the end of the struggle, but it will be a huge win for this movement, and a blow to the homophobic establishment.

Join us and be a part of it!

Rally for marriage equality

1pm, Sunday 10 September at Town Hall

Organised by a large coalition of LGBTIAQ+ organisations; 8K 'attending' and 16K 'interested' on Facebook, this is going to be big. See you there!

Hinterland and No Mandate

Acoustic indie-chamber music | Underground instrumental trio
6pm, Sunday 3 September at Jura

Jura is excited to host this concert in two parts:

Part One: Sitting, Dreaming, Listening
Hinterlandt is an acoustic ensemble playing contemporary indie-chamber music. Their music was composed specifically for this group, with violins, cello, xylophones, trumpet, piano and male/female vocal duets carefully woven into each other to create a musical landscape that is often described as 'beautiful'. Hinterlandt has made many records and toured internationally.

Part Two: Moving, Being, Acting.
No Mandate is a brand new instrumental trio combining gentle dub rhythms with bold slabs of noise rock. Long sections of laid-back grooves alternate with short attacks of brick-heavy math punk. Electric guitar, bass and drums all move together as one, played by three seasoned performers in Sydney’s underground music scene.

Across both groups the evening will feature current-or-former members of Chaika, Meniscus, Brian Campeau, SEIMS, The Dawn Collective, Feedback Recycling, n000000000, Green Mohair Suits, Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes, Suckspseed, Agnes Kain, Professor, GODSWOUNDS, Snob Club, Tángalo, and about 785 other bands.

6.00 pm Come In
6.30 pm Hinterlandt Plays Quiet Music
7.30 pm No Mandate Plays Loud Music
8.30 pm Go Home

Facebook event

Creative rebellion – call for participants

Join us and participate in a festival of creativity on Sat 28 October

As part of Jura's 40th anniversary celebrations we would like to host a celebration of creative rebellion on Saturday 28 October. We’re calling for proposals from musicians (acoustic), poets, actors, comedians, jugglers, video-makers, artists, DIYers, vegan cupcake bakers, and anyone else with creative talents, to be part of this participatory celebration.

The act of creating or performing something for our own pleasure and the enjoyment of our community can be a profound act of rebellion against the consumerism and commodification prevalent in contemporary society. We know that Jura’s community of supporters is full of talented people. We are seeking people to fill a 10 or 20 minute slot with something creative that can be shared with others. Why not join us on 28th October and share your creative spirit with like-minded people?

The festival is planned to run from the afternoon into the evening, with a presentation by Melbourne poet TTO as the anchor event in the evening. The purpose of inviting proposals is for programming. Apart from TTO, the program will depend on proposals received.

To get involved please email your proposal to with these details:
  1. Your name & contact and names of any co-collaborators if they be
  2. Type of creative activity (eg music, poetry, talk, video, workshop, etc)
  3. Time required – generally a 10 minute or 20 minute slot, but we're flexible
  4. Any preferences you have for a timeslot between 1pm and 6pm
  5. Any special equipment / set-up you need, and if you can provide it yourself
  6. Any other details that may be relevant
To help us work out the program, it would be greatly appreciated if you could email us your proposal by Saturday 30th September.

(Image above is a detail from a poster out of Jura's archive – 2SER Tokyo Hit Beat, artist unknown, possibly Redback Graphix.)

SydSol victory in Auburn

Solidarity and direct action beat wage theft

Sydney Solidarity Network and the ASF-IWA were recently contacted by Melinda, Sheila, Suko and Ulya, working holiday makers from Indonesia who worked at a factory in May and June and still had not been paid. They had collectively worked 34 days and were owed over $4,000, but despite promises, they had not seen a cent.

With the support of SydSol, the workers protested a restaurant in Auburn owned by the same person as the factory they had worked at. They gave out leaflets, chanted, talked to people passing by and made the situation known.

Thanks to this action, the workers were paid a few days later.

Congratulations to all involved! This story shows the power of collective action. Share it and inspire those around you! Sign up to the SydSol supporters email list here and contact SydSol for support in your own fights.

New volunteers needed!

Jura needs YOU to become a member of the collective

We're sad to announce that Jura won't be open on Thursdays for a while. Hopefully this is a temporary situation. It's due to a shortage of collective members - particularly those who can do shifts on weekdays. All of us in the Jura collective are volunteers, and many of us have to work paid jobs on weekdays. If you're interested in getting involved in the collective and doing shifts in the bookshop you'd be most welcome! Find out more about getting involved

Recent radical articles online

Trouble at the Intersection, Celeste Liddle

Check out this powerful speech delivered by Celeste Liddle, at the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair. "So if I was going to be framed as an intersectional feminist, I had to work out what the hell that meant to me. It could not be as simple as being othered as a radical left voice who is also Aboriginal and a woman. It could not be as offensive as a way of further marginalising the marginalised voices in this country. But it also could not dissolve into shallow identity politics where the ultimate prize goes to the person who can identify as many groups outside the social default of white, wealthy, heterosexual, able-bodied, middle-aged men. Because it’s never a prize. It’s a radical politics of liberation based on the principle that the advancement of those on the bottom rungs of society ends up benefiting others because to do so requires the bottom-up systematic dismantling of the structures which oppress..." Read more

From ‘Anarchist Affinity’ to ‘Collective Action’

A brief history and future directions, from some articulate Melbourne comrades. "Anarchists can be inward looking – it’s easy to get caught up in the internal issues and culture of the anarchist scene, and miss out on engaging with broader social movements. We often lack the organisation and political confidence needed to make anarchist ideas relevant to contemporary political and social struggles. Anarchist politics have a lot to offer. Our ideas about direct action, the dangers of reformism and electoralism, and the importance of bottom-up decision making in mass movements have the potential to help us build stronger, more resilient social movements. But for anarchist ideas to have any impact, we must put them into practice..." Read more

Sydney squatters turn a hoarded house into a home, ABC News

A rare sympathetic article about squatting in the ABC! "In Sydney's inner west, a cluster of punks have turned an old, abandoned house with a rusty corrugated iron roof into a cosy home..." Read more

Who are the antifa? Washington Post

One of the better accounts from the mainstream media on this question. "What is antifa? Where did it come from? Militant anti-fascist or “antifa” (pronounced ANtifa) is a radical pan-leftist politics of social revolution applied to fighting the far right. Its adherents are predominantly communists, socialists and anarchists who reject turning to the police or the state to halt the advance of white supremacy. Instead they advocate popular opposition to fascism as we witnessed in Charlottesville..." More

Skin in the game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism

This longer article is worth reading for its insights into the functioning of white nationalism, anti-semitism, and racism more broadly. Especially in light of recent events - in the USA, but also in Sydney, and in the Sydney radical community.
"The meteoric rise of White nationalism within national discourse over the course of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and freshman administration – through Trump’s barely coded speech at fascist-style rallies, his support from the internet-based 'Alt Right,' and his placement of White nationalist popularizers in top positions – has produced a shock of revelation for people across a wide swath of the political spectrum. This shock, in turn, has been a source of frustration within communities of color and leftist circles, where White liberals are often accused of having kept their heads in the sand while more vulnerable populations sounded the alarm about the toll of economic crisis, mass incarceration, police violence, deportation, environmental devastation, and – despite and in reaction to the election of Barack Obama – the unending blare of everyday hate. This is an understandable reaction. It’s one I’ve often shared. But the fact that many of us have long recognized that the country we live in is not the one we are told exists doesn’t mean we always understand the one that does. Within social and economic justice movements committed to equality, we have not yet collectively come to terms with the centrality of antisemitism to White nationalist ideology, and until we do we will fail to understand this virulent form of racism rapidly growing in the U.S. today..." More
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