Anti-pipeline resistance in Canada, gigs, and Durruti. Plus radical history in Sydney and upcoming actions by workers, women, students and new anarchist articles...
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Indigenous land defence on Turtle Island

Film night and discussion – 7pm Thursday 13th October, at Jura.
This Thursday we’ll be screening a few short docos from anti-pipeline resistance at Unist’ot’en and Lelu Island. Followed by discussion hosted by a (non-Indigenous) comrade who was recently in Canada. All welcome! Food and drinks by donation. facebook event

Punk gigs at Jura!

6pm Saturday 22nd October

Metal punk with Building the Broken and more.

6pm Saturday 5th November

Melodic hardcore with Autumn, Hollow Heart and Aburden.

6pm Friday 18th November

Punk out with Whatever forever, Malibu Stacy, Introvert, Zen Haircuts & Speakeasy

Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

Red and Black film screening – 5pm Saturday 19th November, at Jura
Jura is pleased to be screening "Durruti in the Spanish Revolution" – the first screening in Australia as far as we know. It's a 60 minute film by Fundacion de Estudios Libertarios Anselmo Lorenzo via Pacific Street Films, based on the book by Abel Paz. Sid will give a brief introduction to the events depicted for those who may not be familiar with them. More importantly, the film has archival footage from the time of Durruti and the working classes of Spain.

Durruti was a major figure in the anarchist movement, from his teenage years, the formation of the affinity groups and on to the greatest revolutionary event in human history – the Spanish Revolution. He always fought for the poor and downtrodden, and against the State, whether of the social democratic, fascist or marxist varieties. In the film you can hear the voice of his wife, and some of his companions.

Jura's Red and Black Forum is showing this film in 2016 as it is the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution, and also of Durruti's death on the battle front. The questions that these events present us, remain: social revolution or reformism, a world free that develops all human potential or authoritarian domination of all and the destruction of the planet? facebook event

Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation Sydney

Meetings – 12:30pm, Sunday 16th Oct and Sunday 13th Nov at Jura
ASF-Sydney aims to engage with the working class to promote, encourage and facilitate Anarcho-Syndicalist organisation in the Sydney area with the ultimate goal of creating a society based on liberty, mutual aid, federalism and self-management with solidarity to all oppressed.

ASF meets monthly at Jura. Next meetings: 12:30pm Sunday 16th Oct and 13th Nov

Paddington radical history walking tour

Friday 14th October, 11am-1pm, meet at Paddington library.
This community event may be of interest. It's free, but bookings are essential here.
Join staff from Woollahra Libraries to take a journey through Paddington's radical past. From green bans to dole riots, conscription debates to secret fascist armies, Paddington has a dramatic and often turbulent history of radicalism and popular protest. The walking tour will visit sites where headline-grabbing events took place, and uncover the wilder, more unruly parts of Paddington's history.

The walk is on fairly even terrain, however, comfortable shoes are recommended. Meet at 11am, Paddington library, 247 Oxford Street, Friday 14th October.

Sydney Solidarity Network – past and future?

Open meeting – 3pm Saturday 15th October, in Camperdown Park
SydSol has been a bit quiet since their victory at a Leichhardt café in April, but they're keen to get active again. Can you help? All SydSol supporters are welcome to an informal catch-up to discuss recent actions and future activities of SydSol. Meet in Camperdown park at 3pm on Saturday 15th (corner of the park near the Courthouse Hotel). Afterwards or in case of bad weather, head to the Courthouse.

Don't nuclear waste Australia!

National Day of Action, 12pm Saturday 15 October at Pitt St Mall
Nuclear waste is a threat to workers, the community and the environment. It is a toxic burden for generations many thousands of years into the future. But two separate proposals are being advanced in South Australia. The federal government is proposing a national radioactive waste facility in the magnificent Flinders Ranges. The plan is fiercely contested by Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners and local pastoralists and could greatly impact tourism in the region. The most dangerous of the waste is from the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel rods used in the Lucas Heights reactor south of Sydney. Meanwhile, the SA government proposes to import 138,000 tonnes of international high-level nuclear waste to SA, risking economic as well as environmental catastrophe.

We need to move away from coal and nuclear, toward a renewable energy future with jobs in regional and remote areas.

Be part of a National Day of Action and join Uranium Free NSW at 12pm on Saturday October 15 to say ‘Don't nuclear waste Australia’. website | facebook

Reclaim the night!

March – 6pm-9pm Friday 28 October, Penrith.
Reclaim the Night Penrith is an annual march for women held on the last Friday in October to allow women to come together to speak out against violence and to celebrate strength. Leaving Penrith Station at 6pm and marching to the Penrith Popup Park for a Night market and outdoor movie at the end of High St. This year's march highlights the theme 'Consent'. Come join the march for keeping our streets and community safe for women. facebook event

Anti-conscription commemoration

Friday 28 October, Addison Road Community Centre.
28 October marks the 100th anniversary of the defeat of the WW1 Conscription Referendum in 1916. This event will celebrate peace, the anti-war movement and the anti-conscription cause, with a forum, exhibition, films and concert. More details on facebook. The program for the forum is:
  • 12noon – 2pm: The defeat of the 1916 and 1917 conscription referendums. Speakers: Dr. Drew Cottle, Dr Mark Gregory, Colleen Burke, Hall Greenland.
  • 3pm – 5pm: The anti-conscription issue, the Moratorium and Vietnam veterans in Australia's Vietnam War history. Speakers: Meredith Burgmann, Graeme Dunstan, Michael Matteson, Peter Galvin, Mike Scrase
  • 5pm – 7pm: Moratorium & peace activists reunion & unveiling 'War resisters honour wall for peace' with anti-nuclear campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott.
  • 7:30pm – 10pm: Denid Kevans Memorial Benefit Concert for the Agent Orange Justice Campaign ($30/$20/$10). Performers: Solidarity Choir, Dennis Aubrey, Margaret Walters, Joe & Harmony's 'Hippy Trippy Band', Jason and Chloe Roweth, Mark Gregory, Simon Lentham and Greg North.

Student occupation – Let SCA Stay

Occupation has been ongoing for over 40 days!
Sydney College of the Arts is currently under threat of closure by its 'parent company' – the University of Sydney. Proposed changes are a major attack on students, staff and the future of visual arts education. In response, students have occupied the SCA administration building in one of the most enduring sit-ins in Australian history. They've also had actions at Sydney Uni main campus and achieved several small wins. The fight continues!

Stay in touch with the campaign: website | twitter | facebook | periscope | instagram

Recent radical articles online...

Fancy Forms of Paperwork and the Logic of Financial Violence
– David Graeber in Roarmag

This is a great read, and well worth the effort. David Graeber is an anarchist, one of the world’s leading anthropologists and a well-known activist who played an important role in the early days of Occupy Wall Street in New York. In this wide-ranging interview, he speaks about the unexpected history of inequality, the role of debt in contemporary capitalism, the nature of money as a social relation, the violent and self-destructive logic of finance, the class power of the 1%, and the challenges of building a radical-democratic movement. Read more

Against Meaninglessness and Precarity: Towards a Post-Work Society
– David Frayne in Roarmag

A nice article against work. Comfort and laziness for all! "When a stranger meets you for the first time, the first question they will almost always ask is: “what do you do?” Convention tells us that what they really mean is: “what job do you perform?”, which is a terrible question to ask a person who does not work, or who dislikes the work that she does. It is also a sure sign that, whether we like it or not, we in industrial societies live in a profoundly work-centered world." Read more

Burkini Bans, New Atheism and State Worship
– Noam Chomsky on Religion in Politics

Chomsky is spot-on as always. "I don't think there should be laws forcing women to remove veils or preferred clothes when swimming. Secular values should, I think, be honored; among them, respect for individual choice, as long as it does not harm others. Secular values that should be respected are undermined when state power intrudes in areas that should be matters of personal choice." Read more

Uncle Noam also recently wrote an appeal for people to support radical writing and publishing e.g. the Institute for Anarchist Studies and AK Press. As usual, we agree with him! If you're able to make a donation, please do so. Alternatively, you can find most of AK and IAS's books for sale at Jura.

The Case for Anarchism or why Hierarchy should be Abolished
– Drewy on the Jura blog

"When you look at society today, what do you see? You see workers and business owners, citizens and policepeople, policepeople and commanders, citizens and government, soldiers and officers, agents and agencies, renters and property owners, users and intellectual property owners, and so on. How did these relationships materialise?" Read more

Means and Ends: Anarchist vs Marxist praxis – Anarchist Affinity
This recent article presents a concise and persuasive critique of Leninist vanguardism, and articulates the anarchist alternative. "As Anarchists we argue that the theory and organisational practice of revolutionary groups must be consistent with the principles upon which we want a future society to be based. We believe that the praxis of groups which seek communism should point them toward communism, and not toward statism, authoritarianism, hierarchy, and centralism. This is not mere idealism, the cold hard fact is that “ends” do not justify “means”, rather “means create ends”... Anarchists argue that while a revolutionary force is being built to smash the capitalist state, we must also be building the kinds of prefigurative institutions that will make libertarian socialism possible. Our task is to argue for and build a practice of neighbourhood, community, and workers councils. The alternative to a vanguard party is the creation of federations of participatory democratic bodies, outside the control of this or that political faction." Read more

Also, check out this great new six-minute video about Emma Goldman...
– By Feminist Frequency

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