Apparently 'The Revolution' will be televised. Plus a gig with Half Eaten Apple, a feast, the Other Worlds Zine Fair, an Anarchist Picnic, a solidarity action, book reviews and the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair!
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Jura is going to be on TV

Apparently 'The Revolution' will be televised – by Channel V.

We hate the capitalist media. But we will occasionally engage with it strategically (a contentious position among anarchists). A few weeks ago Jura got a call from Channel V, owned by Lord Murdoch, about a program called The Revolution. It is hosted by Bert McCracken, from punk-rock band The Used. It's a music show which also touches on social issues from a left perspective. McCracken wanted to interview one of us about Jura, and about anarchism in general. The Jura Collective discussed it and agreed (with some abstaining) that we would participate, since McCracken and the show are well-intentioned. He's also been to one of the punk shows we've hosted at Jura. Of course we don't believe that anyone can change the capitalist media from within, and we recognise that "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house". However we decided that in this instance, it was worth trying to use the opportunity.

The uncut interview briefly covered the history of Jura, anarchism in general, and other ideas related to positive change in the world. McCracken was generous with his questions and time. He considers himself an anarchist, and is working on projects such as the "Give A Shit Union" - a new musician orientated label that aims to make the relationship between bands and fans more direct, and make music free. It seemed worthwhile to engage with the media in the hope that it will spread The Idea of anarchism that little bit further. You'll be able to judge for yourself when the show is screened sometime in the next few weeks. It's on at 9pm on Wednesdays; our episode is meant to air on the 3rd June.

New roof and fundraiser feast

Help us fundraise for roof repairs and insurance

Last month we asked for your help to repair a rusted section of our roof and pay our insurance. During the wild storms, a small flood leaked into our library and shop, damaging some books and pamphlets. Luckily a few of us were there to do emergency mopping and book salvage! And better still, many of you made generous donations! Thanks to: SD ($50), CM ($250), RR ($50), JK ($20), PR ($50), KH ($10), LM ($500), PJ ($25), BJ ($100), LP ($20), RS ($34) CS ($150), JK ($15), ML ($510), GJH ($30), SP ($20), BP ($50). Thanks to you we raised enough to get the roof fixed! (Pictured above.) It cost $682.

However, we still haven't raised enough to pay our insurance bill, which is $3,300. Our insurance policy is both a legal necessity and an asset to the Jura community, because it enables us to hold events and gives us (some) protection against accidents etc. Our insurance also enables the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair to hire a venue. Without insurance, all would be lost if we suffered a disaster. So we're asking you to please make a donation to Jura.
Make a donation to Jura now

Fundraiser feast – this Saturday 23rd May

We'd also like to invite you to come and help us warm up the new library space with a late autumn fundraiser dinner, 7pm this Saturday 23rd May. It will be a long table vegetarian/vegan feast with delicious seasonal local produce from the NSW area. Please RSVP via email to save your seat. Dinner is by $25 donation with drinks by additional donation. There will also be a raffle drawn on the night, with some great books as prizes. If you’d like to buy a raffle ticket, but can’t make the dinner, email us or simply make a donation. Raffle tickets are $10 each. Everyone who makes (or has made) a donation this month will be entered into the raffle.

Half Eaten Apple – this Friday

Gig this Friday 22nd May from 5:30pm at Jura. Half Eaten Apple, Kill Your Heroes, Zappo, Rort Menace, and Whacked out. All ages. $5. Facebook event.

Other Worlds Zine fair

11am-4pm, Saturday 23rd May, Glebe Town Hall

Other Worlds Zine Fair aims to create an alternative space for the exhange of art and ideas. It began in 2014 as a critical response to the MCA zine fair's connections to mandatory detention through their sponsorship by Transfield. The connections are ongoing – and so is Other Worlds. This year the program will expand across three days to include heaps of zines, exhibitions, talks, workshops, and more.

SydSol Action in Redfern

11am, Saturday 30th May. Meet: corner of Redfern & Regent Streets.

Sydney Solidarity Network is taking action at a cafe in Redfern in support of Josie, a SydSol member and worker who has not been paid her superannuation. Josie worked in the kitchen of the cafe washing dishes for three months in 2014. Although she was assured many times by the bosses that she would be paid her super, and has made a number of subsequent requests, including presenting a letter of demand with SydSol's support, it still hasn't been deposited into her fund. The amount owed is $365.90. On Saturday SydSol will leaflet outside the cafe for about an hour. All supporters are invited to join in. Meet at the spiky metal sculpture on the corner of Redfern and Regent Streets, 11am Sat 30th May. The more people, the better! To receive SydSol action emails, please subscribe here.

Sydney Anarchist Picnic

From 11:30am, Saturday 6th June at Blacktown Showground. Hosted by Black Flag – Western Sydney Peoples Collective.

Family friendly picnic day for anarchists and anyone curious about anarchism, or interested in getting involved with one of Sydney's various collectives. Join anarchists from across Sydney and beyond at the Blacktown Showground for a day of comradery and fun, only a few minutes from Blacktown train station.

Bring a plate or some snacks to share if you're able, or alternatively donations will be collected for the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair. There'll also be a raffle on the day with some fabulous prizes to be won. Feel free to bring a soccer ball or a frisbee, and maybe wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on coz there'll be some banner paints while we're at it! Invite your friends to the Facebook event.

Sydney Anarchist Bookfair

10am-5pm, Saturday 13th June, Addison Road Community Centre

The second Sydney Anarchist Bookfair will be held on Saturday 13th June. There'll be books, talks and workshops. Anarchist bookfairs are an opportunity to engage with the wider community, share experiences and exchange ideas. Jura is helping to organise the Bookfair, in collaboration with Black Rose in Newtown, Black Flag Western Sydney Peoples Collective, and other anarchists. Please save the date and make a donation to help cover costs - there are great perks on offer, including artworks, books, t-shirts, massages and graphic design services. Also, time is running out to book a stall - do it ASAP! Or can you help publicise it? Invite your friends to the Facebook event, or email us and we'll post you flyers/posters.

Proposed Anarchist Federation

Jura is pleased to be able to share with you a new draft constitution of the proposed Anarchist Federation Australia. This draft has been prepared by Jura, based on earlier versions drafted by the Melbourne Anarchist Club and other anarchist groups. There will be a session on federation at the Bookfair and we would welcome other anarchist groups joining this federation if they agree with the constitution (the final version may well be different to this one).

Recommended reading

Short reviews of 4 great books, by Sid of the Jura Collective

Anarchist Seeds Beneath the Snow: Left-libertarian Thought and British writers from William Morris to Colin Ward, David Goodway.
This book so excites me that I'm reviewing it before finishing reading it. Goodway gave a talk/book launch when in Sydney a couple of years ago, which was great, but nothing like delving into each of the fascinating essays that comprise this masterful work... Read more.

The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings On Anarchist Economics, (Editors) Deric Shannon, Anthony J. Nocella II, & John Asimakopoulos.
As the title suggests, this is another of the several recent works that aim to develop a modern approach to 'anarchist economics', a topic that I've been getting into lately. Overall, this collection of essays helps to confirm my contention that there is no such thing as 'marxist economics'... Read more.

Kontrrazvedka: The Story of the Makhnovist Intelligence Service, V. Azarov.
Black Cat Press has published several books from new research on the Russian Revolution. We know of the betrayals of the Bolsheviks and the heroics of the Makhnovists, but often the details are missing, this slim book fills in some very interesting and critical information... Read more.

Cartography of Revolutionary Anarchism, Michael Schmidt.
A brief but important book that seeks to explore the wide range of anarchist movements across the globe - hence the 'cartography' in the title. Schmidt follows the approach of a previous publication 'Black Flame' in that he covers only anarchism from 1868 onwards... Read more.
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