Great events coming up: anti-nationalist, anarcho-syndicalist and feminist. And Jura is on sale! Plus lots of news and articles.
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Proudly Unaustralian!

A celebration of anti-nationalist & anti-colonial artwork & music, 25/1/16
Invasion Day is a sickening celebration of jingoism and toxic masculinity. So, in opposition, there's an anti-nationalist event organised by Dystopia, from 6pm tomorrow. There will be a bar and a raffle to fundraise for Black Nations Rising subscriptions – the publication of the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance – which will be given away in the raffle at the end of the night. Also on display will be a number of posters reproduced from the Jura poster archive. The location will be sent out on the day by text. SMS 0423 941 454 for details. Facebook event

Invasion Day March

228 years and still fighting for Sovereignty, Treaty, Social Justice! 26/1/16
Indigenous Social Justice Association Sydney and Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy and other organisations have called all to unite together for an Invasion Day March Tuesday 26 January 2016, 10am at the Block Redfern then march into the city.

"This call is for all who want to fight for sovereignty, treaty and social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders rights as well as to unite across Australia to protest the British Colonial Invasion 228 years ago. This will also be to remember the actions of our Aboriginal and allied comrades in 1938, the black rights struggle of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, the 21st century and too many others before or since. Our Invasion Day March will indeed be a peaceful one, but we of course, retain the absolute right to stop the violence of racism and prejudice towards anyone.

"Governments and their hand-maidens have been quite successful in turning Invasion Day into a day of ‘celebration’. Meanwhile, they continue to forget that our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to suffer and diminish in numbers without any rights other than the rights of assimilation. This injustice must be overturned and brutality of the colonialism that we are all forced to live by must be brought to the forefront.

"We intend to march from the Redfern Block into the city where the Sydney City Council will be doing their appeasement Australia Day celebrations. We, will not be disrupting their events nor calling for a Boycott of their events. Yet we will inform all concerned people along the way of the true history of Invasion Day with the following issues:
  1. Sovereignty, Treaty, Social Justice!
  2. Stop all deaths in custody!
  3. Reinstate Commonwealth funding under community control!
  4. Stop forced Closures of Aboriginal Communities by building communities not prisons!
  5. Stop forced removals of all children!
  6. Say no to cashless welfare!
  7. Stop the Intervention!
  8. Justice for the Bowraville 3!
  9. Hands off Waterloo public housing!
  10. Protect TJ’s memorial! Affix TJ’s plaque to the fence line!
"We call on all organizations and supporters of the Aboriginal rights struggle to join us. Always was always will be Aboriginal land!" Facebook event

What is anarcho-syndicalism?

A talk by Laure Akai, secretary of the International Workers Association
3pm, Saturday 6 February at Jura
Jura is pleased to host this special presentation on anarcho-syndicalism by Laure Akai, the Secretary of the International Workers' Association. Laure will be in Australia on a speaking tour in February; it’s the first time the Secretary of the IWA has visited Australia. The tour is part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the IWA in Australia and the 30th anniversary of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation. The IWA is an international federation of anarcho-syndicalist labour unions and initiatives, based on the principles of revolutionary unionism. Sections of the IWA play an active role in workplace struggles and solidarity campaigns, such as the victorious Domino’s Pizza campaign in 2012.
Laure will give a 20 minute talk, followed by discussion. Free. Facebook event

Murder in Tottenham: Australia's first political assassination

Book launch & discussion with the author – 2pm, Sunday 21 Feb at Jura
In 1916, as World War 1 raged and Australia debated conscription, tensions that had been boiling beneath the surface exploded with the shooting death of a police officer in western NSW. In less than three months two members of the Industrial Workers of the World, or Wobblies, were hanged in the most politicised and polarising example of capital punishment since Ned Kelly. Murder in Tottenham: Australia's first political assassination is a new book which examines these deaths and what drove bush workers to fly the IWW's flag of industrial revolution.

At this free Red & Black Forum, the author, Rowan Day will launch and discuss his book. Facebook event

Jura is on sale!

10% off everything, and 50% off lots of books, CDs and DVDs
For the whole month of February, Jura is having a spectacularly priced sale! Everything in the shop will be at least 10% off, plus many books will be 50% off. All CDs, DVDs and 2016 diaries/calendars will also be discounted by 50%. Plus, become a regular financial supporter, and you'll get an additional 20% off, on top of the sale price! So, come in and support your volunteer-run anarchist book shop and social space, while getting some awesome reading, listening, and/or watching material. Jura's awesomeness is fuelled by supporters like you! See you all there.

Pro-feminist reading group

Over the last few months, a group of people from the Jura community have organised a series of readings and discussions in an attempt to develop our (pro)feminist politics. We've focussed in particular on readings on practical ways of improving our (particularly men's) behaviours and practices of consent, and on community accountability processes. After these meetings, we decided that our discussion of transformative justice would be enriched by developing our feminist politics more broadly. We are now reading the excellent LIES: A Journal Of Materialist Feminism. Volumes 1 and 2 are available at Jura for $18 each. Volume 1 is also available for free online here. We are also reading some articles by Clementine Ford – to try to help ground the theory in local events.

If you are a like-minded person and would like to participate in this reading/discussion group, please get in touch via email or personal message. People of all genders and sexualities are welcome and we would like this to be a safe space. We use a progressive speaking list, and try to let discussion be driven by wom*n's experiences of sexism and patriarchy. In the interests of honest disclosure, we should mention that the majority of us who have been participating so far identify as hetero cis men, with a smaller number identifying as wom*n, although at some meetings the gender balance has been even. Also, please note that this is not an open public ‘forum’ as such, but rather a smaller group with a commitment to ongoing discussion and development. Participants are committed to turning up regularly (about monthly) and doing the readings.
Also, we encourage you to participate in the campaign to keep pap smears and pathology services free: These Cuts Are Killing Us! This campaign is in response to the government proposing to cut bulk billing incentives for pap smears, MRI's, urine/blood tests, X-rays and ultrasounds. Sign the online petition and come to the rally at 1pm on Saturday 20 February!

Bike rider solidarity needed now!

Not only did a Sydney cop recently push a cyclist off his bike, but the car-obsessed, surveillance-loving NSW gubbament is planning to increase fines for cyclists by a staggering 500% and introduce mandatory ID. This would make NSW the only place in the world with compulsory IDs for bike riders. Make no mistake, these new rules (like all authoritarian laws) will disproportionately affect oppressed people, and will pave the way for increased surveillance and control over all of us.

But Sydney bike riders and supporters are fighting back. Come to the rally in Martin Place from 7:30am-8:30am on Thursday 18 February, email your local MP or the Premier or at least sign the online petition.

Recent anarchistic articles online...

Summer reading and thinking, by Sid of the Jura Collective.
"Summer holidays called for a little light reading and thinking. I've recently finished my tenth read of Ursula Le Guin's The Dispossessed. Crazy you might think, but I find it endlessly fascinating for the global craft-work, deep thought, and fine word-smithing... while also finishing scott crow's Black Flags and Windmills (which I reviewed a few weeks ago here), I realised how similar the two books were in so many ways..." Read more

Greens pitch to the ruling class: 'You can trust us' by Kieran, Anarchist Affinity.
"If the leadership of the Greens seriously believe their bullshit (and there is every reason to suspect they do), the 2016 federal election will be a disappointment for The Greens. A 'me-to' minor party cannot substantially change Australian politics. There is little reason for people who accept the logic of 'lesser-evilism' to vote Greens, and there is no reason for people who do not accept that logic to do so. Their search for respectability has made it clear, The Greens are no alternative for any person who wants real change, real economic and social justice, and a real shot at ecological sustainability." Read more

Thoughts on Rojava: an interview with Janet Biehl.
This new interview with Janet Biehl about the revolution in Rojava is lucid and really inspiring. The focus is on how power and democracy are functioning. We strongly encourage everyone to learn more about Rojava!
"Nothing could have prepared me for actually witnessing a revolution. For the first time I saw how the concentrated power of the collective human will can transform a social order in just a short time. [With Bookchin] I had studied revolutionary history and helped him write books about it. But to see such a thing before my eyes—it was extraordinary." Read more

Freedom technologists and the future of global justice, by John Postill.
An interesting essay by a Melbourne-based anthropologist which examines the role of 'freedom technologists' (geeks, hackers, online journalists, digital rights lawyers, Pirate politicians, etc.) in three countries that experienced mass movements following the global crisis of 2008: Iceland, Tunisia and Spain. The essay critically explores the question of to what extent these movements combined the pursuit of liberty with the struggle for social justice. Read more

Reflections on 2015: a selection of struggles and ideas, by Roar Mag.
From Kobane to Paris, global struggles for justice, democracy and freedom made headlines across the world. Roar offers some the highlights of 2015. Read more
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