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Anarchist speed dating

First held in London a few years back, Anarchist Speed Dating was a suprise hit, including getting the interest of the BBC. In the anarchist spirit of free love, the event is open to all... gay or straight, bi or queer, pan or trans, the monogamous and the polyamorous alike, and everyone in between. Forget 'commercial love day' and instead enjoy a free-spirited celebration of love among friends and lovers you've not yet met. Afterwards, it's a short walk to the Anti-Valentine's Party (see below). All proceeds to Sydney Anarchist Bookfair, entry by donation. 7.30pm, Frid 14 Feb at Black Rose in Newtown. More

Anti-valentine's party

Red and Black Forum:

Anarchism, Socialism and Organisation

Contrary to the popular myth, most anarchists believe in organisation. In this talk, with reference to historical examples, Paul Rubner will introduce some of the principles, practicalities and problems associated with anarchists organising to achieve a better society. Followed by questions and discussion.
2pm, Sunday 23rd February at Jura.

Poster digitisation update

Jura is in the process of digitising our amazing archive of political posters which dates back 40 years. We want to take high-quality photos of the 1,500 most important posters, using a professional studio. But this is expensive. We need your help to raise $3,000. Thanks so far to: RS ($30), JK ($50), and Jura is sky blue ($300), and BK ($50). Learn more

Great new books at Jura

Ready for Revolution: The CNT defense committees in Barcelona 1933-1938, $22
The Spanish Revolution wasn’t spontaneous. The clandestine armed wing of the anarchist workers’ movement became the building block and rampart in the fight against fascism, church, and state. Tensions and betrayals on the streets of Barcelona were more complex than simple narratives suggest, and this book places readers in the middle of the fray. By Agustín Guillamón, independent historian, author and editor.
Normal Life Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law, $24.
Dean Spade raises revelatory critiques of current strategies focussed on a 'legal rights framework,' but also points to examples of an organised grassroots trans movement that is demanding the most essential of legal reforms in addition to making more comprehensive interventions into dangerous systems of repression. Spade sets forth a politic beyond the quest for legal inclusion and is an urgent call for justice and liberation.
The Tyranny of Theory: A contribution to the anarchist critique of Marxism, $44
Does Marxism equal totalitarianism? Are the ideas of Marx and Engels somehow responsible for the horrors of Communism? Or were Communist societies an aberration - the result of a profound misreading of Marxian concepts, the unfortunate outcome of objective conditions, or the work of perverse, power-hungry individuals? Tabor argues that the roots of totalitarianism do lie within Marxism. He focuses on the Marxist conception of the state; the 'dictatorship of the proletariat'; the analysis of capital; the materialist conception of history; and dialectical materialism.

New anarchistic articles online

Transfield is a major sponsor of the Sydney Biennale (to be held 21 March - 9 June, on Cockatoo Island). Transfield is also the major contractor for the running of the mandatory detention centres on the the islands of Nauru and Manus. Please read and share the call-out to boycott the Biennale.
A Rose by any other name: making stuff up about anarchists. A good article in Overland by Melbourne anarchist Andy. He again examines the media beat-up around the 'Black Rose Syndicat' and discusses protest policing since S11, Black Blocs and anarchism.
Solidarity Unionism: the Fight for a Livable Wage is Everyone's Fight - this longer article from ZMag traces the growth of ‘solidarity unionism’ in the USA. The survey begins with the IWW Starbucks baristas struggle in 2004 and follows the wave of grassroots organising through to the present, describing workers’ struggles in Walmart, McDonald’s, and other low-paid service-sector jobs. The article also deals with the employers’ aggressive union-busting response, broader economic questions, and optimism for future labour militancy.
An Anarchist Critique of Horizontalism - a short article that examines 'horizontalism' - a term used to describe the characteristics of Occupy and similar waves of rebellion. Horizontalism has much in common with anarchism (eg an emphasis on direct democracy and direct action), but differs in its lack of class analysis and lack of organisational structures.
"The politicians had to obey the crowd" - this interview with a member of the anarchist Autonomous Workers' Union in Kiev on 28 Jan 2014 sheds some light on the events unfolding in the Ukraine. The interview discusses the different reasons for the Maidan protests, the involvement of neo-nazis and other far right groups in the protests, and possible scenarios.
Twice per month, Crimethinc put out a well-made 45 minute podcast with news and features. Last month they compiled personal stories about people becoming anarchists - back to black. The month before they focussed on anarchist critiques of religion.
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