Events by the Anarcha-Feminist Discussion Group and Sydney IWW. Plus a gig, the politics of disability and accessibility, articles and more.
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Workplace Organiser Training

Organised by the Sydney IWW – 2:30pm Saturday 24th Feb @ Jura

Jura is pleased to host this awesome event organised by the Sydney Wobblies.

Ever wanted to organise in your workplace and unionise your co-workers, but have no idea how? Well, this is for you! This participatory workshop will offer a brief introduction to some of the practical skills we can use to organise and fight for our rights at work. Whether there's a recognised union present or not, we can all learn how to unite with our co-workers and organise for change. All are welcome, and no prior experience or background in union organising is required!

Facebook event

Mammies, matriarchs & other controlling images

Anarcha-Feminist discussion – 2pm Sunday 18th February @ Jura

Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, Noam Chomsky, and Voltairine de Cleyre – all in party hats.
The long-running Anarcha-Feminist Reading and Discussion Group will be having a discussion on Sunday 18th February at 2pm at Jura. People of all genders and sexualities are welcome and we try to make this a safe space.

The reading for the discussion is 'Mammies, Matriarchs and other Controlling Images' from Black Feminist Thought by Patricia Hill, available here.

Facebook event

Mama's broke, Holy locust, Whoa mule, Frogwash

Gig! 7pm Wednesday 28th February @ Jura

As part of their Australian tour, Mama's broke and Holy locust will play Jura, with local supports Whoa mule and Frogwash. 7-11pm, Wednesday 28th February. Facebook event

Disability and Accessibility:
Practical and Political Considerations.

Discussion facilitated by disabled radical Saz, 11am Sat 31st March @ the Rattler
Jura is pleased to be opening up a space for discussion about the politics and practical considerations of disability and accessibility, with a particular focus on concrete ways we can improve our own accessibility at Jura and across radical meeting spaces. We are very grateful to Saz for volunteering to provide resources and to facilitate. We are also grateful to the Red Rattler for allowing us to use their space for this discussion; they are recognised as a radical community space which has had some real successes in terms of making themselves accessible. Information about their venue’s accessibility.

This discussion aims to be a starting point on understanding the ways in which Disability Justice fits into anti-capitalist work. It will attempt to lay out some ground work on the specificity of ableist oppression and how it is interwoven through Western capitalist societies, as well as its immediate manifestations within the contexts surrounding us. By drawing lines of connection between the structural and the imminent components, it will seek to push people to consider both what is immediately possible and the scope of work to come.

We want to work out how Jura can begin to invest energy into developing a consciousness around accessibility and a more developed praxis, do solidarity work, and help facilitate the opening of other radical spaces which do meet more accessibility requirements.

This discussion comes partly in response to public criticism made of Jura last year, but also because of our ongoing commitment to making our shop, library and events as accessible as possible, to as wide a range of people as possible, including people with disabilities. We try to have an intersectional approach to anarchism, and this means working towards ending all forms of oppression, both in our own space and in the broader society.

Jura also issued a call for input – so if you are not able to make the meeting in person, please consider contributing your ideas via email to, in person when the shop is open, or in some other way if you prefer. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments at all.

Facilitated discussion, 11am-1pm Saturday 31st March at the Red Rattler, 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville. All welcome. Facebook event

50% off calendars and diaries

Jura's remaining 2018 organisers and calendars are now half price!

Jura still has some of the large Slingshot Organizers remaining, and the excellent Certain Days Political Prisoners Calendar for 2018. The Slingshots are now $11.50 (were $23) and the calendars are $10.50 (down from $21).

As always, we welcome mail orders (for the cost of postage). Email us to discuss.

Upcoming community actions and events

Redback Graphix exhibition and Diary of a Strike @ Casula Powerhouse

For the next month, Casula Powerhouse has a fantastic exhibition of political posters from Redback Graphix – we highly recommend it! (Jura also holds some of these posters in our archive, which we have been hard at work sorting and digitising.)

At 1pm on 3rd March, Casula Powerhouse will also be showing Tom Zubrycki's famous political doco Kemira: Diary Of A Strike, which documents the trials of the miners who lost their jobs in the closing of the Kemira coal mine in 1982 in Wollongong. Worth watching.

No Pride in Detention! No Pride in Turnbull! @ Sydney Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras started 40 years ago as a protest, and the awesome No Pride in Detention, No Pride in Turnbull are keeping the spirit alive! Organised by Community Action Against Homophobia, Refugee Action Coalition, Teachers for Refugees and the Riff Raff Radical Marching Band – this joyous protest will be saying no to racism, homophobia, and transphobia, and no to the Turnbull Government! In 2016 their  float made it into international news and put real pressure on the government. This year they'll be doing it all again. Check them out on Saturday 3rd March!

4th ISJA Silent March Stop all Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

On Monday 16th of July, the David Dungay’ coronial inquiry will start. The campaign for justice to the Deaths in Custody is organising together with the Dungay family to fight for a real and clear inquiry. Last year the Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) organised three Silent Marches, trying to reach more people to explain what Aboriginal Deaths in Custody are. Supporters marched in silence with posters with the photos of Aboriginal people who died in Custody, from John Pay to Eric Whittaker, including TJ, Eddie Murray, Ms Dhu, Mulrunji, Mark Mason and others. Join the 4th ISJA Silent March, 11am-2pm on Sat 24th February at Customs House Square.

Sydney International Women's Day

The 2018 Sydney International Women's Day rally and march will hear from women about the progress we've made and the work we still have left to do. Join us to mark IWD in solidarity! Bring your placards, flags, banners and topical t-shirts! Sydney IWD is an inclusive march for all women and we welcome all participants and supporters, all genders.

More details, theme and speakers will be announced soon via Sydney IWD on Facebook. Rally at 10am, Saturday 10th March at the Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park North. Then march together to Belmore Park.

Massive rally: Time to Choose – clean air, clean water, clean energy

NSW is at a crossroads. One path leads to clean air, clean water and clean energy. The other leads us deeper into the damage of coal and gas mining.

This massive rally will build people power and shift the course of our collective futures. Saturday 24th March will be one year before the next NSW election – let's put our politicians on notice and demand urgent action to protect land and water, communities and heritage.

#Time2Choose rally – 12pm Saturday 24 March at NSW Parliament

Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees

Refugees on both Manus Island and Nauru remain in serious danger. The government continues to whip up fear about refugees in an effort to recover its electoral support—and is expanding to new targets such as African migrants and refugees. It’s time to end the cruelty and scaremongering. It is urgent that the Australian government take responsibility for the refugees on Manus and Nauru and Bring Them Here immediately. And it needs to welcome all refugees and provide fair processing and a secure future.

Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees, 2pm Sunday 25th March at Belmore Park

Recent radical readings online

We will remember freedom: Why it matters that Ursula K Le Guin was an anarchist – Crimethinc

Ursula Le Guin was a writer close to many of our hearts at Jura. Her beautiful revolutionary visions of other worlds have been, and will continue to be, a fantastic inspiration. In "The Dispossessed" she gave us a nuanced and thoughtful vision of an anarchist utopia. It’s one of our favourite books here at Jura. She passed away in January at age 88. Rest in power comrade. This obituary is one of the better ones...

"I asked Ursula why she didn't call herself an anarchist. She said she didn't deserve to – she didn’t do enough. I asked if it was OK for us to. She said she’d be honored. Ursula, I promise you, the honor is ours." Read more

Romper Stomper fails to understand the rising tide of racism in Oz

A review of Romper Stomper by our comrades at Collective Action.

"The show’s promotion boasts of it being confrontational and shocking. However, as one reviewer has already noted, to be truly confrontational it would have to interrogate the ideas and notions it depicts. As an audience we are never shown why people organise as anti-fascists nor why people join the far-right. Instead, they exist in a vacuum divorced from the racist political landscape that surrounds them."
Read more

Spotlight on Policing in NSW – Redfern Legal Centre

A useful newsletter from Redfern Legal Centre, including a number of useful articles and resources such as a 4 page Factsheet about police powers.

"RLC's Police Powers practice provides free information and advice across NSW in matters involving complaints about the NSW Police Force." Read more

Living through the catastrophe – Roar magazine

"Long before rising sea levels, scorching temperatures and civilizational collapse leave vast stretches of the planet uninhabitable, the super-rich will seek to establish a regime of global eco-apartheid to manage the resultant disorder and shield themselves from the inevitable mass migrations and debilitating social unrest, hiding behind a rapidly expanding authoritarian complex of militarized police, mass surveillance, drone warfare, concentration camps and border walls.

Climate change, then, cannot be understood in isolation from its social, political and economic context, including the structural violence of the neoliberal shock doctrine, the systemic logic of extractivism, the asymmetric integration of the Global South into the world economy, the concentrated power of the fossil fuel industry, the investment decisions of the big banks and financial institutions, or the deep-seated inequalities of class, race and gender that lie at the heart of capitalist society. As the environmental historian and critical geographer Jason Moore has forcefully argued, there is “a profound interconnection between biophysical transformations and biophysical problems and crises, on the one hand, and the central institutions of the capitalist world economy, on the other — of financial markets, of large transnational firms, of capital intensive agriculture.” The ecological crisis, in short, is inextricably bound up with the general crisis of late capitalism.

It follows that the central focus of action should not just be on reducing global carbon emissions, but on confronting the underlying asymmetries in the balance of power and making sure that those who benefited most from the extraction, sale and combustion of fossil fuels end up paying for the burden of adaptation and the worldwide transition to a renewable energy future. Crucially, this fight cannot be waged on the basis of failed multilateral negotiations, elusive technological fixes or flaunted emission reduction targets; it inevitably necessitates a broad-based popular struggle for climate justice — involving not only radical action to mitigate the worst effects of global warming, but also extensive technology transfer and the payment of sizeable and sustained reparations for the enormous climate debt that the wealthy citizens of the Global North owe the poor of the North and the South alike, especially the Indigenous peoples who have been at the front-lines of the struggle against extractivism since the days of European colonialism." Read more

The Syrian Revolution – an anarchist initiative from Koridalos Prison

A short booklet (100 pages) on the Syrian Revolution by an anarchist in Greece.

"The recent developments in Syria – or, more accurately, the geographical area that used to be the Syrian state until 2011 – constitute the most complex link in a chain of revolutions that started to take place in the Arab world towards the end of 2010. The uprising against an autocratic regime, the uncompleted revolution of the local committees, the genocidal involvement of the USA and Russia, the chaotic war against everyone, the emergence of ISIS, the special case of the Kurdish communities of Rojava, the hundreds of thousands of deaths and the millions of refugees, the total war conflicts as well as the seemingly incongruent alliances and a lot more aspects are all pieces of a puzzle that reflects a battlefield of geopolitical competitions among the global dominant powers of our times." Read more

An Investigation Into Red-Brown Alliances: Third Positionism, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, And The Western Left – Libcom

A long, fairly comprehensive, survey of the many alliances between Brown and Red fascists internationally, including a good section on local apologist for the genocidal Assad regime, Tim Anderson.

"Many of these same figures belonging to these red-brown networks regularly appear on Russian and Iranian state media, as well as on obscure and not-so-obscure websites which present themselves as 'alternative' and 'independent' media but are effectively purveyors and vehicles of crypto-fascist political confusion aiming to appeal to both the far-right and the far-left, especially through a form 'anti-imperialism' which appeals to both Third Positionists and campist Stalinists... As radical leftist anti-fascists, anti-racists, anti-colonialists, and anti-capitalists struggling for liberation, we can fight against imperialism, against racism, and against fascism at the same time, and we can oppose the American war machine and oppose colonialism without siding with reactionary and oppressive entities. We can support liberation in Palestine, Bahrain, India, Venezuela and everywhere else where people are struggling against oppression without allying to fascists or allowing them to try co-opting our movements. Unfortunately sections of the radical movement have failed or have been purposely misled by crypto-fascists." Read more

ASIO makes a movie

In 1951 Asio began using movie cameras in secret surveillance of people who were suspected of being threats to the state. Their prime suspects? Then 21-year-old Aboriginal man Ray Peckham and 32-year-old Indigenous activist Faith Bandler, on their way to a Berlin peace festival. (6 minutes)
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