Veganarchist sober hip hop, library re-emergence, Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy, the campaign for community services, and a bunch of anarchist books.
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Veganarchist sober hip hop

From 7:30pm this Friday, Jura is excited to host GAEA: Straight-edge vegan hip hop from Portugal. As part of his mini Australian tour he'll be bringing his music, zines, ideas and more to Jura. There will be yummy vegan treats, by the Veganator – Karo Tak, Head Chef from Lentil as Anything, Sydney. There'll also be a talk with a Q&A and cool merchandise for sale, like hoodies, t-shirts, hotpants, beanies, patches, and stickers. For more info check out, and GAEA on youtube. All welcome. Entry by donation.

Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Update and call for support

The Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy was established 10 months ago to oppose the removal of Aboriginal people from Redfern. Jura supports the Embassy and their campaign for affordable housing for Aboriginal people in the area. We support justice and self-determination for Aboriginal people. Being pushed out of inner city areas to make way for wealthy non-Aboriginal people is not justice.

The Embassy is now under constant threat of eviction. Aunty Jenny, one of the elders of the embassy, has asked for people to commit to doing a shift there. Many supporters, including people from Black Rose and Jura have gone in response. We encourage you to go if you can - get in touch if you'd like to go with one of us. If you're not able to go, please consider making a donation to their account.

A rally has also been called for this Saturday 21 March, at the block at 11am, marching at 12 noon to Redfern park. There is a PR event in the park by the developer named 'Dreaming beyond - colours of Redfern'. Supporters will peacefully gather to publicly put our very strong belief that 'the colours of Redfern include black', as Ray Jackson put it. Please note that during these sorts of events, we at Jura take our lead from the Aboriginal organisers as to what actions are appropriate, and we encourage others to do the same.

The Block, where the embassy is situated is legally owned by the Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC), headed by Mick Mundine. The original plan was for AHC to turn it into a modern, affordable housing project for Aboriginal people. However now the AHC, along with development company DeiCorp, plan to gentrify the area with their Pemulwuy Project. 14 of the 17 storeys are designated as student housing and a commercial shopping area. DeiCorp controversially said in an advertisement, "The Aboriginals [sic] have already moved out, now Redfern is the last virgin suburb close to city, it will have great potential for the capital growth in the near future". The Pemulwuy Project is a departure from the AHC's mission of looking after the housing needs of less well off Aboriginal people. Asked by the Sydney Morning Herald whether the development would provide affordable housing to Aboriginal people, Mundine said, "That's on the backburner at the moment. Our first priority is the commercial build".

For more info, check out this recent article from New Matilda, this message from Embassy supporters, or the Embassy's Facebook page.

Fight for community services

Short report on the campaign, by penoos from the Jura Collective

On the 4th of March, over 15,000 union members rallied across NSW in a National Day of Action against privatisation. A broad cross-section of union members turned out, and it was significant that the rally was held during the daytime on a weekday - meaning that some workers walked off the job for it.

Part of the rally, the Save Our Local Community Services campaign organised by the Australian Services Union, is intended to fight back against the State and Federal government's restructuring of community services. Read more

The Jura library is re-emerging

It's been many years in the making, but the Jura library is starting to take shape in its final, glorious form. We've been working hard to make it one big room, properly organised and comfortable for meetings and other events. This has only been possible because dozens of people in the Jura community have donated thousands of hours of their time - thank you! Thanks also to the people who have donated money to pay for supplies.

The shelves are in and the books are being sorted. Can you help us finish sorting the books? The next working bees are on:
  • 12-5pm, Saturday 4th April
  • 12-5pm, Sunday 5th April
  • 12-5pm, Saturday 11th April
If you can't volunteer your time, perhaps you could make a donation to help pay for all the materials we've used - floorboards, shelves, plaster, gyprock, paint etc?
While we've been renovating, we've still managed to add lots of fantastic donations to the library collection. Here's a selection of the most recent titles:
The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein's expose of disaster capitalism
Leviathan - John Birmingham's unauthorised biography of Sydney
We - the state socialist dystopia novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin
What Every Radical Should Know About State Repression - by Russian anarchist-turned-Bolshevik Victor Serge
The Tall Man - Chloe Hooper's haunting tale of a death in custody on Palm Island
Imminent Rebellion #13 - latest issue, New Zealand/Aotearoa-based magazine
We, The Anarchists! - Stuart Christie's study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation

Recommended reading

Short reviews of books we like, by members of the Jura Collective

Decolonizing Anarchism
Maia Rammath

"This is a brilliant book, a part of a series of books out of a collaboration between the Institute for Anarchist Studies and AK Press, which leads to critical research and a vehicle for published outcomes. This is especially important in that it brings to western - especially Anglo - anarchists the basic idea that other forms and approaches to anarchism abound on this planet. There are other recent books that focus on this, such as..."
Read the rest of Sid's review

The Best of Social Anarchism
Howard Ehrlich & a.h.s. boy

"Social Anarchism is one of the best contemporary journals that critically analyses anarchist thoughts and practice, both historical and largely on current matters. This book puts together articles from the journal in sensible and understandable themes, and begins with a good history of the journal itself. Some themes and topics are: theory, education, current practices, anarcha-feminism, 'new anarchism', violence, consensus and democracy. Quite enjoyable and thought-provoking..."
Read the rest of Sid's review

The Tyranny of Theory: A contribution to the Anarchist Critique of Marxism
Ronald Tabor

"Quite simply, Tabor does a demolition job on Marxism. The core of his analysis is the theme of authoritarianism that he demonstrates pervades not only the theories of Marx and Engels, but also their practice. The main benefit of the book is that it brings into play a lot of recent thought and covers virtually all aspects of the theory and practice of Marxism, including both the originators and the followers up to today..."
Read the rest of Sid's review

Black Flame: The revolutionary class politics of anarchism & syndicalism, Michael Schmidt & Lucien van der Walt

"This book hit me in the face with so many challenges that it took a bit to get to grips with its fundamental thesis: that anarchism began in September 1869, with Bakunin in particular, and generally with anarchists in the First International. Thus they say that Proudhon, Godwin and Stirner, are not anarchists because they were not a part of a revolutionary working class movement..."
Read the rest of Sid's review

Chomsky on anarchism
"'Chomsky an anarchist!! WTF!?' Was my initial reaction to receiving this book as a gift from, funnily enough, a Stalinist. I then wondered: What ACTUALLY is anarchism? This was the first book I read that clarified for me what anarchism was about. Even after finishing it I didn't REALLY know, but I knew more than before, and that was very little. It's a collection of interviews and essays of Chomksy's views on anarchism that, in typical Chomsky style, is articulate and knowledgeable as well as optimistic. I recommend it to anyone beginning on the not-oft-walked road that is anarchism." - John Smith

Jura needs you!

Jura is an autonomous, self-managed, anarchist space that has been around since the 1970s! It couldn't have happened without the dedicated volunteers who donate their time and energy to keep the collective alive and thriving. We're regular Janes, Joes and Jesseys just like you with many other commitments in our lives. Yet the time we spend at Jura is rewarding, and it can be rewarding for you too. Feel like helping out? Getting involved? Donating some monetary support? Well, hesitate not! Come down some time and dip your feet in the water that is Jura, there're no sharks! Stop by any time we're open for a chat, or come to one of the working bees mentioned above, or come to the next Jura Collective meeting: 2pm, Sat 28 March. All welcome.
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