Jura is having a big booksale. Plus cabaret and talks on participatory alternatives to electoral democracy and solidarity networks.
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Jura is having a big book-sale!

10% off everything; 50% off selected books
Hundreds of second-hand books for $1 each

At Jura, one of our main goals is to get good books out into the world, but we need your help! This xmas, why not give your friends and family presents of great radical books? Books make nice gifts and they help to circulate ideas and start conversations. Jura is totally volunteer-run and anti-profit. We don't make money from selling the books, we do it for the love of spreading anarchist ideas. The sale starts officially on Monday 16 December, but readers of this email can come in early to snap up the tastiest titles in advance from 12pm Sunday 15 December.

Upcoming events at Jura

Anarchist Cabaret

An evening of music, comedy and poetry, featuring:
• Clive Parmiguanas – New virulent folk punk super group debut.
• Captain of the Rant – tearing up the scene with scorching verse.
• Eddie T – Jura’s own virtuoso with a feast of rebel folk songs.
• Shayne Hunter – A vicious wit worthy of Bill Hicks $5 or what you can afford.
All proceeds will go to the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair.
5-8pm, Saturday 23 November.

Patu! Film screening

An inspiring 1983 doco about the mass direct action in Aotearoa New Zealand in 1981, in protest against a South African rugby tour and the apartheid it represented. By donation. More
4pm, Sunday 24 Nov.
(We'll finish by 6pm and some of us will head to the rally below together).

Seattle Solidarity Network (USA)

Ever been ripped off or abused by a boss or landlord and wanted to do something about it? Come to this event to learn a bit more about Solidarity Networks. There will be a presentation by former and current members of the SeaSol (Seattle Solidarity Network), followed by a discussion facilitated by SydSol about attempts to organise using a Solidarity Network model in Sydney. More
6pm, Wednesday 11 December.

Professor Brian Martin on Participatory Alternatives to Electoral Democracy

Election campaigns and voting allow people to participate in politics, but only to a very limited extent. Various participatory options exist, including referenda, self-managing collectives, consensus decision-making, small-scale government units, and randomly selected decision-makers. We need to consider strategies to promote a variety of participatory alternatives, paying special attention to ones that can be used as part of day-to-day practice. Brian Martin is Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong, author of many books, and a long-time activist. More
Red & Black Forum: 2pm Sun 15 Dec.

Jura's end-of-year-party

Jura has been going for 36 years! Come and help us celebrate. It will be a chilled gathering involving some tunes and nice chats.
3pm, Sunday 22 December.

Reject Police Brutality - Rally in Bankstown

A snap action has been called in response to the tasering of a student while handcuffed, barely conscious and surrounded by six cops. Join us at Blacktown train station at 7pm this Sunday for a march to the copshop to protest their racism and violence.

New and recommended books at Jura

Slingshot Organizer, $9.
These wicked diaries are full of hand-drawn art, radical history, space for your addresses and phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, useful info and much more. They are laminated for durability and come in many colours.
The Dispossessed, $12.
Ursula K Le Guin is one of the truly great writers of modern science fiction and fantasy. Her works radically changed the field of fantastic literature, introducing themes of gender, race, socialism and anarchism, all the while thrilling readers with trips to strange (and strangely familiar) new worlds. Le Guin's novel The Dispossessed is a multi-award winning classic. It's also the favourite fictional text of a number of Jura Collective members. We think everyone should read this book!
The New Utopian Politics of Ursula K LeGuin's The Dispossessed, $39.
Edited by Laurence Davis and Peter G. Stillman.
The first ever collection of original essays devoted to Ursula Le Guin's novel. Among the topics covered are the anarchist, ecological, post-consumerist, temporal, revolutionary, and open-ended utopian politics of The Dispossessed.
Undoing Border Imperialism, $24.
By Harsha Walia.
Combines academic discourse, lived experiences of displacement, and movement-based practices into an exciting new book, with contributions from over twenty organisers and writers. Naomi Klein writes, 'Harsha Walia has played a central role in building some of North America’s most innovative, diverse, and effective new move­ments. That this brilliant organizer and theorist has found time to share her wisdom in this book is a tremendous gift to us all'.
How to Make Trouble and Influence People
Iain McIntyre, $35.
No Australian home is complete without a copy of this brilliant book on Australia's radical past. More than 500 tales of Indigenous resistance, convict revolts, picket-line hijinks, occupations, creative direct action, squatting, blockades and more.

New anarchistic articles online

Beyond the 'solidarity of the same' – solidarity, class and empowerment
Paul Bowman looks at the origin of the term 'solidarity', then explores commonality, difference, charity, 'solidarity under fire', mutual aid and prefigurative politics. He also discusses the dangers of attempting to speak for or represent others.
Inclusive, intersectional, anti-racist feminist class war – Many shades, second sex
Farah Azadi discusses the experience of women of colour with reference to the struggle for reproductive rights in Ireland. She explores ideas around 'bodily sovereignty', othering and unity through difference. (Last year, Savita Halappanavar died in an Irish hospital as a result of being denied an abortion. This tragedy led to a surge of protests demanding change to anti-choice abortion laws.)
In case you missed it, comedian Russell Brand caused a minor flurry in an entertaining interview (and a longer editorial), by calling for revolution and arguing against voting. Some pragmatic anarchists welcomed Brand's statements, while other commentators pointed out why we should resist jumping on the 'Brand-wagon' – including his great-man persona and sexism (which, to his credit, he later acknowledged in another article).
Wendy Bacon, Professor of Journalism (and long-time friend of Jura), published a report about the misleading coverage of climate change in Australian newspapers. She was subsequently attacked in two pieces in The Australian, but responded eloquently in New Matilda.
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