Talks on Ayotzinapa, Mexico. A film screening on Honduras. Organising and countering racism in Sydney. Get amongst it!
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Ayotzinapa: let's not forget!

Mexican Solidarity Australia talks, 6pm this Friday at Jura.

Nine months have passed since the forced disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa, Mexico. The struggle for justice continues. As part of the actions to diffuse the campaign, Mexican Solidarity Australia (MexSA) will be giving three talks at Jura this Friday. The talks will contextualise the case of the disappeared students in order to appreciate the symbolic significance of Ayotzinapa for popular organisation and State violence in Mexico today.

Miguel Ángel will speak on the local, social and historical roots of the Raúl Isidrio Burgos Normal School, Ayotzinapa, locating these within the current context of widespread violence, corruption & impunity affecting the wider state of Guerrero.

Ella Simone will discuss the ideological bases of educational reforms from social nationalism to neoliberalism, and the significance of a critical, humanist education against the dismantling of the revolutionary state and the consolidation of neoliberal authoritarianism in Mexico.

Jorge Díaz will explain the emergence of MexSA in response to the international call for solidarity with Ayotzinapa, describe the events realised so far and future actions in solidarity with the families and compañeros of the 43 disappeared students. He will also share the experience of his recent trip to Mexico.

6pm, Friday 26 June at Jura. Facebook event

Film screening: Resistencia

Struggle & occupations in Honduras. 6:30pm, this Sunday at Jura.

Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley | OFFICIAL TRAILER
Resistencia: the Fight for the Aguan Valley. [Official trailer]
Jura is proud to host one of the premier screenings of Resistencia - a new documentary on struggle and land occupations in Honduras. The film is by Jesse Freeston who made a number of great mini docos on Honduras since the coup, for The Real News. They also made another good movie called 'Revolutionary Medicine'. Whoever wants to chat about the film afterwards will be welcome to stick around for a short discussion.

The screening date will coincide with the 6th year anniversary of the resistance against the coup in Honduras, and many people are mobilising, and with lots of fire, especially in the last few weeks in response to another huge scandal of the politicians (this is not shown in the movie, but might be good for discussion).

6:30pm Sun 28 June, at Jura. Film's websiteTrailer. Facebook event.

SydSol: victory and a new fight!

Sydney Solidarity Network has won again! After three SydSol actions at the Perfect Cup Cafe in Redfern, the worker was paid her owed superannuation. Thanks to all who made this happen. Persistence pays off; together we are strong!

SydSol has now taken up another fight: Yoon worked three 10-hour 'training shifts' packing containers of fruit salad in a supermarket, but never got paid. She has asked the boss multiple times to pay her the award wages she is legally entitled to, only to be fobbed off each time. Adding insult to injury, Nick threatened to call the police on Yoon if she came back again to ask for her pay. He also threatened her with legal action. SydSol will be doing a leafleting action outside the supermarket and we ask that you join us! Sign up for SydSol alerts here.

Meet at 11am, Saturday 4th July, at Taylor Square on Oxford St. We will then proceed to the supermarket nearby. #SydneySolidarity

Counter-Rally: 19th July

No to Racism, No to Fascism, No to Islamophobia!

The racist organisation ‘Reclaim Australia’ is holding another rally on Sunday July 19 in Sydney. The call has gone out for all those who oppose racism to mobilise in a peaceful protest to oppose their bigotry, xenophobia and Islamophobia.

The Government's scaremongering about terrorism is feeding the systemic demonisation of Muslims. This, along with years of racist policies towards refugees and others provides fertile soil for 'Reclaim Australia' and similar groups to grow.
We must not let fascists and extreme nationalists spout their racist messages without anti-racists putting forward our views. Anti-racists will be gathering at Martin Place in the space where 'Reclaim Australia' plans to hold their rally, one hour before their event begins, to contest their rally with a large, loud counter-demonstration. We will deliver the strongest possible message to them that their racism is not welcome. Join us!

The time is still being finalised - check the Facebook event for final details - the current details are: 11am, Sunday 19th July, Martin Place.

Also, please read Anarchist Affinity's quick guide to staying safe & being effective.

Anarchist Bookfair report

The second Sydney Anarchist Bookfair was great! On Saturday 13th of June at Addison Road Community Centre, we gathered, shared ideas and organised. At least 400 people attended over the course of the day. There were around 30 stalls and more than a dozen excellent talks. Hundreds of anarchist books exchanged hands, not to mention zines, posters, t-shirts, and patches!

Congratulations to all the organisers, volunteers, stall holders, presenters, financial supporters and others who made it possible! Also thanks to the bands who rocked the afterparty: A Commoner's Revolt, Mr Sterile Assembly, Slyng Shot and Cap a Capo. Stay tuned to this email list for news about the next bookfair.

Provisional Anarchist Federation formed

At a meeting on 14th June 2015 at Jura, delegates from four anarchist groups agreed to form a provisional Anarchist Federation Australia. The four founding groups are Jura Books, the Melbourne Anarchist Club, the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group and Perth Libertarians. At the meeting a number of individual observers were also present as well as an observer from Black Rose and Black Flag. The provisional Federation is based on this constitution. However this is still being discussed, and changes may be made at the first Congress of the Federation - tentatively scheduled for December in Melbourne. As well as being geographically diverse, the groups making up the federation have a range of political differences, but we hope to work together cooperatively to spread anarchist ideas in Australia. Other anarchist groups are welcome to join us.
Next Jura Collective meeting: 3pm Saturday 4th July. All welcome.
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