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We're on sale for the rest of March!

Once a year Jura has a sale, and this time it's in March. The last day of the sale will be Saturday 1st April. Come to Jura any time during opening hours and get:
  • 10% off everything – all books, t-shirts, CDs, posters etc.
  • All DVDs reduced to $10 – some down from $40
  • Selected books reduced to $2-$5 each – a selection from Jura's shelves
  • 30% off everything for Jura Financial Supporters – 10% on top of your usual 20%. Anyone can become a Jura Financial Supporter at any time – it's $20 per month (or $10 concession). Either set up a monthly direct deposit through your internet banking or paypal, or pay in cash for a year in advance. 20% off all the time and 30% off during the sale. Details at

Not My Debt – Senate Enquiry Workshop

AUWU workshop, 12pm-4pm Monday 13th March, at Jura
Josie from the Inner West Branch of the Australian Unemployed Workers Union (AUWU), in collaboration with #notmydebt will be hosting a workshop to help Sydney peeps submit their experience with the Centrelink Debt Recovery system to the Senate Inquiry into Robo-Debt. If you want to learn how to make a submission please attend this event. This is an opportunity to inform the federal government of the problems we have experienced with Centrelink (especially the Robo-Debt) and to make suggestions for change. The more submissions sent, the more the government will be forced to listen. Facebook event

The Revolution Starts at Home – pro-feminist reading group

2pm Sunday 19th March, at Jura
The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Intimate Violence within Activist Communities is a watershed collection of essays which break the dangerous silence surrounding intimate violence within social justice circles. Just as importantly, it provides practical strategies for dealing with abuse and creating safety without relying on the coercive power of the state.

The pro-feminist reading group which has been happening at Jura for the last year, has just started reading the new edition of this great book. If you're a like-minded person and would like to participate in this reading/discussion group, please do come along! People of all genders and sexualities are welcome and we try to make this a safe space.
Reading group participants are aiming to have read the first two chapters for the first meeting on 19th March. The chapters are 'Reclaiming Queer and Trans Safety' and 'Ending Oppression. Building Solidarity. Creating Community Solutions.'
The Revolution Starts at Home is available at Jura for $24. Facebook event

Bourgeois Robbery (UK), Grey Places, and more

6pm Saturday 18th March, at Jura
English folk duo Bourgeois Robbery will be joined by local favorites Grey Places. Entry $5 (to help cover travel costs for Bourgeois Robbery) Facebook event

Jim Dusty (Canberra), Jack Lundie (Newcastle), Alexa Dexa (US)

6pm Friday 31st March, at Jura
Alexa Dexa is a multifaceted artist with footholds in composition, electronic sound design, and performance. Her toychestral electronic pop solo project parades her floating vocals, handcrafted soundscapes, and enough instruments made with children in mind to rival a playpen. Among her growing collection are her beloved toy pianos, pitched desk bells, and typatune.

Jim Dusty is from Canberra and plays punk-influenced folk music. He plays solo with a banjo and sings about everything from the struggles of existing within the societal expectations of the modern world, to poverty, toxic celebrity culture & social anxiety.

Jack Lundie is also a solo folk musician. He's a former back flip enthusiast turned semi-professional mumbler and he lives in Newcastle.

Suggested entry: $5 (to help cover the musicians' travel costs) Facebook event

Decolonizing Solidarity – book club

Info Night: 6pm Tuesday 14th March at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern.
Decolonizing Solidarity: Dilemmas and directions for supporters of Indigenous struggles is a fantastic resource for activists thinking about how to work in support of Aboriginal struggles. Jura was lucky to host a talk by the author, Clare Land late last year. The book is based on interviews with 24 Aboriginal community members and non-Aboriginal activists, and includes what the author learned through her activist work in southeastern Australia.

Now, a Decolonizing Solidarity Book Club is being organised online and face-to-face. The book club is for people anywhere who want to process the book’s insights and discuss how they could be put into practice. Head along to the info night: 6pm Tuesday 14th March at 107 Projects (107 Redfern Street). Facebook event
Decolonizing Solidarity is available at Jura for $38.

Palm Sunday rally for refugees 2017

2pm Sunday 9th April. Rally at Hyde Park then march to Circular Quay.
We can do better! #BringThemHere

Conditions for the refugees and asylum seekers dumped on Nauru and Manus Island remain intolerable. Detention on Manus has claimed the lives of Reza Barati, Hamid Khazaei, Kamil Hussain and Faysal Ishak Ahmed, who died on Christmas Eve, following the failure to provide him with proper medical care. Last year Omid Masoumali died after losing hope on Nauru.

Support for refugees is growing. Last year’s #LetThemStay protests stopped the government sending 267 refugees and asylum seekers back to Nauru and Manus Island. A majority of people now say detention of refugees on Manus and Nauru should end. Join us to step up the pressure for change. Facebook event

Community Response to Anti-Semitism

Discussion on the politics of anti-semitism and accountability
Following a recent anti-semitic incident that took place in Sydney, Jura will be hosting a forum on the politics of anti-semitism. This forum will centre Jewish voices and experiences, and talk about what accountability might look like. The forum was originally scheduled for 16th March, but has had to be postponed. Please check back on the Jura website or Facebook event for updated details shortly.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 – recommended reading

New on the Jura blog – book reviews by Sid.
This week saw not only International Women's Day on March 8th, but also its connection to the Russian Revolution of 1917, which celebrates its 100th anniversary. One hundred years ago, women in the cold on the bread lines began protests and riots that led to the overthrow of the 300 year Romanov monarchy. Now, before history-phobia sets in, remember that the events that those women initiated, along with the larger revolution which was initiated, affected hundreds of millions of people and have huge lessons for revolutionaries of today. Those events show as much about what shouldn't be done as what could be done to live on this planet in a peaceful, creative, fulfilling, sustainable way. Here are some short reviews of books that are relevant to exploring those events which still resonate today.
  • Kevin Murphy's Revolution and Counterrevolution: Class struggle in a Moscow metal factory
  • Simon Pirani's The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920-1924: Soviet workers and the new communist elite
  • Nestor Makhno's autobiography, The Russian Revolution in Ukraine, Under the Blows of the Counterrevolution, and The Ukrainian Revolution.
  • Alexandre Skirda's Nestor Makhno: Anarchy's Cossack. The Struggle for Free Soviets in the Ukraine, 1917-1921
  • Maurice Brinton's The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control, 1917-1921: The state and counter-revolution
Read more

The Egyptians: A Radical Story

New on the Jura blog – book review by Christian.
"It's hard for me to find enough superlatives to do justice to this excellent book... The Egyptians: A Radical Story is journalist Jack Shenker's attempt to cover Egypt's revolution and counter-revolution from below. Rather than portraying the events of early 2011, which saw the overthrow of one of the Middle East's longest reigning dictators, as some kind of sudden outburst, he traces the roots of the revolution back through decades of struggle. And rather than framing the story as some kind of battle to win free markets and liberal democracy – as much of the media did – Shenker shows that its motive forces were, above all, aspirations for social and economic justice..." Read more
The Egyptians: A Radical Story is available at Jura for $20.

Recommended recent articles online

The Anarchists vs the Islamic State – Rolling Stone
"I met a dozen recruits when I visited, mostly Germans and Italians, but also two Americans, an Englishman, a Finn, a Spanish Basque and a Tibetan citizen of Hong Kong. In the barracks, they slept five to a room on floor mats, their rucksacks and rifles stacked in the corners. At dawn they went for a run in uniform, carrying Kalashnikovs. The rest of the day, recruits attended classes in weapons training, anarcho-feminist ideology and rudimentary Kurmanji." Read more
The Contradictions of Left Renewal – Libcom
This article offers a reasonably well-articulated critique of 'Left Renewal ' – the new tendency within the NSW Greens, by a person who used to be involved in the group. "What is most evident in this inception of Left Renewal is the immediate, incoherent contradiction between relating revolutionary ideology to concrete methods of praxis. A communistic, decentralised society founded on workers self-managing the means of production and abolishing the prisms of their alienation cannot be established by disputes over menial process points within the structures of a reformist party." More

Back in Black – Viewpoint Magazine
This article on the Black Bloc tactic is thoughtful and fair. It's well worth reading. "An undocumented student wrote of the [Berkley riot], 'A peaceful protest was not going to cancel the [fascist event], just like numerous letters from faculty, staff, Free Speech Movement veterans and even donors did not cancel the event. Only the destruction of glass and shooting of fireworks did that.'... If the history of militant confrontation shows us anything, it’s that black bloc tactics may work in some cases and not in others... Only a concrete analysis of our concrete situation can determine what role, if any, the black bloc can play in today’s movements. While many have rightly questioned the bloc’s overall effectiveness over the past decade or so, we are now in an objectively different historical conjuncture, which should force us to reconsider the potential role of the black bloc..." Read more

Surprise! A New Report Proves How Cooked Renting In Australia Actually Is
A new report on renting in Australia was released in February, and this article describes it as a "war zone". They're right. It's a class war. Like capitalism, property is nothing more than an invented social relationship which lets the rich get richer by stealing from the poor. And it's even more absurd in a country where all our houses are built on Stolen Land and the violence of colonialism. There's also the ongoing threat of real violence in the form of eviction and homelessness. Read more

This Is Not a Dialogue – Crimethinc
You're not in a dialogue – you're in a power struggle. How the rhetoric of 'free speech' is used to create space for the far right to organise violent actions, and how else to understand freedom. Read more

Anti-Racist Neighborhood Watch Manual and Resource Toolkit
Since the rise of the Trump regime to power there has been a dramatic rise in bigoted violence in cities across the US and elsewhere. Dangerous hate groups and white supremacist gangs have been emboldened to organise in more public and intimidating ways. This Manual is a useful initiative aimed at generalising and broadening anti-racist work in our communities. Read more

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Sidestreeters Sydney Anarchist Fair 2016
Video of the anarchist fair day at Jura in December 2016. Thanks Sidestreeters!
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