B'Yachad News:  February 2019

Dear Parents,

I hope you are staying warm in this cold weather. 

Thank you to those parents who helped with the Tu B'Shvat Seder. Many hands certainly made light work. The seder itself was also a lot of fun. Julie Adler and Bess Wadler led us in some wonderful songs. Students led parts of the seder, ate ice cream and fruits and discussed the importance of Tu B'Shvat. They also decorated a tree drawn my Morah Elisa. It is displayed in the office lobby, check it out when you get a chance!

Julie Adler is sick with a flare from her MS. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and she heals. She will hopefully be back at B'Yachad soon.

We have some exciting things to look forward to in February. The 6/7 class will be participating in a program on teen philanthropy at the Golub Center on 2/3 and Rabbi Eligberg will be teaching a DIY Judaism program on 2/10. Please keep in mind that March is also a busy month with the Purim program and B'Yachad Shabbat. If your child is interested in leading a prayer (in addition to the one led by their class) at the service, please let me know so we can have them start working on it soon. 

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Miriam
In this issue:
B'Yachad Calendar for January
2/03  -  Sunday classes 9:30 - 12:30 2/06  -  Wednesday classes 4:00 - 6:00
2/10  -  Sunday classes 9:30 - 12:30
  • DIY Judaism Parent Workshop: Parodies, Purimshpiels, Playfulness and What's Hidden Behind the Masks, 9:30-11
2/13  -  Wednesday classes 4:00 - 6:00
2/17-2/24 - No School - Presidents' Week
2/27 - Wednesday classes 4:00 - 6:00

Parsha Thoughts

This week's portion gives us a list of laws providing rules upon which the Israelites built a civilization. The 2/3 class was discussing some of these rules on Wednesday in order to find modern equivalents. For example, they looked at the command "when you see the donkey of your enemy lying under its burden and would refrain from raising it, you must nevertheless raise it with him" (Ex. 23:5) and one of the students equated it to helping someone pick up a fallen lunch on the floor. Some of these laws may seem archaic, yet even our youngest students can find modern equivalencies!

One of my favorite commandments in this parsha is the Shmita or the Sabbatical year. It says: "Six years you shall sow your land and gather in its yield; but in the seventh you shall let it rest and lie fallow. Let the needy among your people eat of it, and what they leave let the wild beasts eat..." (Ex. 10-11) Every seventh year, we are commanded to let all farmland in Israel lie fallow. This command speaks to two of the aspects of ethical Judaism I find most valuable. We must keep in mind the needs of nature, not just our own and we must always remember the needy and help provide for them. 

Judaism requires us to constantly strive to be better people and this parsha gives us some specific guidelines of how to do so. Let us all follow the lead of the 2/3 students and find a way to make these commandments relevant to us today.



Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah

The 6/7 class has the unique opportunity to learn about teen philanthropy with other area students at the Golub Center. The program runs from 9:30-11:30. The students have been working hard on researching charities and will make the argument for why other students should want to support them as well on Sunday. We wish our 6/7 class luck!
DIY Judaism Parent Workshop: Purim

Parodies, Purimshpiels, Playfulness and What's Hidden Behind the Masks

2/10/19  9:30-11:00

Join Rabbi Eligberg in preparing to celebrate Purim as a family and as a community. 


It is hard to believe, but our Purim program is fast approaching on 3/17. Please sign-up here to help out. 
Winter School Closings

On Wednesdays, we follow the Albany School District to determine if we will be open or not in the event of inclement weather. If the the Albany schools have a snow day or cancel after school activities, we do not have school. You can check to see if we are open by looking at our website ( or by checking major news outlets like the Times Union and TV channels. We will also send out an email if we are closed due to the weather.

Photo Book
Tu B'Shvat Ice Cream Seder
2-4 Students as Hayyalim (Israeli Soldiers)
B'Yachad Eetchem Students Designing Trees in Honor of Tu B'Shvat
In the Community...
Information Session on Ohav Trip to Israel
Givah Night Out 
Camp Givah is Hiring!
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