Our Aug 2017 Wise Democracy Online Event
August 8, 2017 • 1-3 pm Pacific Time

Help the organizers of a major global conference on Climate Change & Consciousness (CCC19) generate collective wisdom at their 2019 conference at Findhorn. Join us and the conference organizers on August 8 at 1pm Pacific Time as we explore the Wise Democracy Pattern Language  and how it can vitalize their planning process and conference outcomes.

In this event we'll learn together how to best use the pattern language to support major transformational work like theirs. This call will include both observers and participants. To join us:
  • Register for the call on EventBrite.
  • To be a participant, review the CCC19 conferences website and send us at least 1-3 patterns you think would make the biggest difference in the conference’s capacity to generate powerful wise outcomes.  Include your rationale for each recommendation. (Send your patterns to with "CCC19 Patterns" in the Subject line. The DEADLINE is August 6.)
  • We will send all the responses to the conference organizers who will choose the three patterns they are most interested in exploring.  
  • Join us on our Aug 8th Zoom call. 
To begin the call, the conference organizers will describe their conference, their vision and their hopes for the call.  Then they’ll tell us which three patterns they’ve chosen for our discussion with them.  We expect to explore ways they might apply those patterns to their conference… but the conversation could go anywhere that could help them increase their conference’s capacity for collective wisdom.

We may alter this process before or during the call as needed.  Near the end, we’ll take some time to review how it is going and what we’re all learning from it.

To participate in this adventure, sign up on EventBrite here:   

Instructions for attending will be emailed to you both the day before and an hour before start time. If you haven’t participated in a Zoom call previously, you may wish to download the free software beforehand.

The call will be facilitated by Andy Paice. After the call is formally concluded, Tom will remain online for a while to explore participants' experience of the call and anything else you’d like to talk about.

You can always contact us through or the comment section at the bottom of every page of the Wise Democracy Project website.

Exciting new developments on the Wise Democracy website!

Check out all the new portfolio sections which share the patterns by actually displaying their cards, including:

The Alphabetical List
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Clicking on each pattern's card takes you to the pattern's page.
Don't miss this incredibly gorgeous, useful feature!

Also Wise Democracy colleague Robert Best has mapped out the related patterns in a beautiful interactive graphic, which webmaster Martin Rausch has posted here.  Clicking on a pattern dot will take you to a page with information about that pattern card where you can explore or play with that pattern's relationships.

We've also remodeled the Activities page and created a new, shorter, simplified description of exercises you can do with the pattern cards, which is located at the end of the Associated Documents download pdf.

And we've created an expanded donations invitation at the bottom of both the home page and the downloads page - along with some new testimonials from people who love this work.  Check it out - and if you are excited, send us some love!

Once again, we thank Martin Rausch, the creator and maintainer of this beautiful, endlessly interesting webpage!!

Exploring a participatory project through the lens of the WD-PL

by Andy Paice

On 27th July six WDPL aficionados met on Zoom to see how we could use the pattern language to support and shed light on a real life existing project.

The project is the UK-based Assemblies for Democracy which I’m a member of. We have a small and committed core team and we are currently working on an initiative to establish a Citizen-led Convention for a new Constitution.
In the UK we have an uncodified and obscure constitution which is increasingly outdated. Issues of Brexit, an unpopular electoral system and growing feelings of powerlessness for many have led to greater interest in a nationwide conversation on how the people of the British Isles wish to constitute themselves.

So on the call I presented the project, its origins and some particular group dynamics which had resulted in two key members leaving over internal disagreements.

Exploring our efforts through the wise democracy pattern language, I explained how our group holds the vision of E Pluribus Unum and, because it is seeking to form an alliance of groups working towards the goal of a convention, it’s very much based in Partnership Culture. However it currently lacks Diversity and its Left-leaning tendencies can create a lack of Transpartisan Inquiry.

The five call participants asked me questions and suggested patterns that could help address the issues facing Assemblies for Democracy. All Concerns Addressed, Safety First, then Challenge, and Feeling Heard were suggested as ways to heal the divisions.
One major aspect that I hadn’t thought about much before was the need for Powerful Questions. I realized that this could help us deepen our thinking and shed light on assumptions and power dynamics that might make our group seem somewhat impenetrable to new members.

Something that emerged in our call was the need for courage in introducing new ways of doing things to help the group self-organize. We toyed with the idea that the existing pattern Safety First, then Challenge might need to be modified to reflect more of a dynamic dance between feeling safe and challenging people with new insights and processes that could improve things. Sometimes courageously taking on a challenge needs to come first and support follows. If that happens a lot, then the group culture provides the safety for more people to take risks of vulnerability and innovation.

We learnt a few things during this process about how a group can use the pattern language to support an initiative and also how people who are proposing collectively wise ways of doing things need to feel supported themselves by a community of peers.  

This was a useful exercise and I’ll definitely be taking insights back to the Assemblies for Democracy meetings. I’m now looking forward to seeing how we can support the Climate Change and Consciousness Conference preparations by using the pattern language on our next call on 8th August.

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