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BEX ILSLEY is a UK-based multimedia artist who is notorious for her blob-themed sculptures and the hyper-realities she creates for them. For her collection on Print All Over Me, Bex used photos of the blobs to create the prints you see featured below. Read below to learn all about her process and shop the collab!

Q: Do you name the blobs you make? 
A: I don’t name my sculptures but I love it so much when other people name the blobs they’ve purchased! For example, ‘Sir Blobbington the Orange’ is a snobby British blob who lives in LA with my friends Jake and Nikki. He helps him write songs for their band, Psychedelic Seeds. A blob can be a great muse, I think. 

Q: What’s the most uncanny reference you look to for inspiration? 
A: Lately I’ve been inspired by food as well as bath and shower products - it’s all about colour and texture. I’m obsessed with goo, the fluidity of reality. Instagram is a kind of hodgepodge maximalism itself is something that inspires me and it’s part of what led me to turn my 3D artworks into flat images for print and product. 
Q: What is your spirit animal? 
A: I think my spirit animal would be some kind of cat/bee/chameleon hybrid. I should draw that.
(scroll down to see Bex's illustration of this creature!) 
Q: What was the first concert you ever went to? 
A: Ha! It was a 1-day pop-punk festival in Nottingham, UK. I saw Less Than Jake, The Ataris and The Vandals. That was the very beginning of discovering music for myself and exploring ~*teen rebellion*~. 

Q: Which silhouette on the site is your favorite to design? 
A: I genuinely love it all, but I think my designs look especially great on the swimwear. Swimwear seems like a good place for an explosion of colour in anybody’s wardrobe.Whenever I design, I try to make things that I want to see in the world - things that are missing from my life that I would want to own. I believe that’s always the best start for an artist or designer.  
Small Blobs Dress, $85.00
Blobs Square Dress, $250.00
Blobs Swimsuit, $98.00
Blobs Kimono, $72.00
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