Meet your Congressional District Delegates to the National Convention
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My fellow Republicans, 

Today was a great day in our quest to retake the White House and reclaim America. Today, 15 delegates and 15 alternatives were selected to the 2016 Republican National Convention from South Florida.  While many great and highly qualified candidates applied to be delegates, 15 had to be selected from over 100 applicants, interviewed over six hours. Those selected are below. 

I want to thank the Congressional District Caucus members from Miami-Dade, Monore, Broward, and Hendry counties who spent the day in Miami interviewing candidates. Together there is no doubt we will elect a Republican as the next President of the United States.

Thank you,

Chairman Nelson Diaz  

Congressional District 23 Delegates   
Corey Brieir (Miami-Dade County), Sanjay Narang (Broward County), and Eric Shure (Broward County)

Kevin Cooper (Miami-Dade County), Richard DeNapoli (Broward County), and Florine Goldfarb (Broward County)

Congressional District 24 Delegates   
Kelly Mallete (Miami-Dade County), Stephanie Pidderman-Woodard (Miami-Dade County), and Jessica Fernandez (Miami-Dade County)

Uri Benhamron (Miami-Dade County), Nikita Mizgirev, (Miami-Dade County), and Steven Karski (Miami-Dade County)

Congressional District 25 Delegates 
Steve Nesbit (Hendry County), Margie Nelson (Hendry County), and Carlos Trujillo (Miami-Dade County)

Manny Diaz, Jr. (Miami-Dade County), Doug Harrison (Broward County), and Doug Rankin (Collier County)

Congressional District 26 Delegates
Carey Goodman (Monroe County), Alex Trujillo (Miami-Dade County), and Jeanette Nuñez (Miami-Dade County)

Jose Felix Diaz (Miami-Dade County), Harry Hoffman (Miami-Dade County), and Debbie Goodman (Monroe County)

Congressional District 27 Delegates
All Miami-Dade County: Liliana Ros, Nelson Diaz, and Bernie Navarro  

Rey Lastre, Rodolfo Milani, and Marili Cancio

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