The Woolshed Programme March / April  2014
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 Greetings All
We officially entered the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, on 31st January at 10.38am. As a point of balance approaches with Autumn Equinox this month, here are a few interesting thoughts from Dr. Catherine Wilkins from her weekly Fractology newsletter:
 A horse’s strength is its speed.  Also its sociability, especially with other horses.  We are beginning to pick up speed!  So what happens when we pick up speed?  Anything not properly secured tends to fall off.  In other words, anything that is holding us back has been coming up for us to release. 
It will become increasingly difficult to hold onto these ‘negative anchors’ as the year progresses. 
We can all make it much easier for ourselves by letting go now.

So why don’t we do it?  Because we know the more we let go the faster we will begin to move and speed can be scary.  Things can whip by so fast and we can feel out of control.  I think that’s the point.  I think we’re meant to be out of control.  As the evolution of the collective consciousness moves forward we are being encouraged to open to yin energies, to bring in enough yin to balance our yang.  Yang loves to be in control, but yin knows that balance is far more important and that control, more often than not, pulls us out of balance.  The most appropriate control is self-control and this is where the two come together.  When we exercise self-control we are always in balance.  So the intention is:
I exist at the balance point of Heaven and Earth.  All things dance to the rhythm of my creation.
Life lived with the Universe as our dance partner is joyous and exciting, surprising and adventurous.  But remember, we have to allow the Universe to lead because we don’t always remember the steps.
Thank you Catherine!
March 2nd Yoga 10.30-12.00
March 9th Yoga 10.30-12.00
March 16th 10.30 Yoga with Ruth Diggins ($10)

March 17th (Monday 7pm) Full Moon –Celebrating the Divine Feminine -
Magic Moon

March 23rd (Sunday 11am) Autumn Equinox/Alban Elued/Poututerangi/Ngahuru
NO yoga this day
March 30th Yoga 10.30-12.00

April 6th Yoga 10.30-12.00
NB Daylight Saving ends
April 13th Yoga 10.30-12.00
April 15th (Tuesday 7pm) Full Moon – Celebrating the Divine Feminine – Crone Moon
April 20th Yoga 10.30-12.00
April 27th Yoga 10.30-12.00
10.30am-12pm, Sunday 16th March at The Woolshed

Please bring your yoga mat or, if you don’t have one, I have a couple of spare ones here. Ruth will now be taking regular monthly classes. Thank you Ruth! Here are her dates for the year if you would like to put them in your calendar: 16 March, no April, 18 May, 15 June, 6 July, no August, 28 September, 19 October, 16 November.  Please note the previous 21 September has been changed to 28 September as it clashed with Spring Equinox. Cost: $10 or koha.
We will reward ourselves as usual afterwards with coffee/tea and chocolate biscuits if you wish to stay on!


The lending library (books on spirituality, druidry, wicca, paganism, ritual, etc.) at The Woolshed is now open for business. Unfortunately we can’t send books out so you will just have to come and visit us at The Woolshed to access this fine library.
The new link for our online library database is:

There are only four rules
for The Woolshed

Come with an open heart
Come with an open mind
Leave your prejudices at the door
Along with your shoes

is a farm of 136 acres situated on the hills of Pukerua Bay looking out over the sea and Kapiti Island.  It is clothed in approximately 40 acres of native bush, including some of the last remaining stands of kohekohe on the Kapiti Coast.  It is gardened organically – herbs, vegetables and fruit – and has three springs of clear water.  It is a place of great peace, tranquillity and power.  The original woolshed has been converted into personal living quarters as well as a work and seminar space for up to 20 participants.

It is a place for:
Workshops and Seminars (bookable)
Study/Discussion Groups
Stress Management
Shiatsu and Massage
Total Pampering Days
Life Planning and Mentoring
Mythic Journeywork
Seasonal and Full Moon Celebrations

Pamela Meekings-Stewart is a:
Workshop Leader
Workshop Facilitator
Study/Discussion Group Facilitator
Life Planning Facilitator and Mentor
Retreat Facilitator
Shiatsu Practitioner and Teacher
Marriage Celebrant
Civil Union Celebrant
Ritual Maker
Mythic Journey Facilitator
In MARCH we will stretch and breathe to Yoga with Ruth Diggins on the 16th; celebrate Full Moon (Magic Moon) on Monday 17th and ponder the fruits of the harvest, both inner and outer at Autumn Equinox on the 23rd. Woolshed Yoga will be held on the 2nd, 9th and 30th.

In APRIL we can take a breath, or several, and practice what we have learned from Ruth, as she is not with us this month.  Full Moon (Crone Moon) calls women of all ages to a celebration at The Woolshed on Tuesday 15th and Woolshed Yoga will be held every Sunday – 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.

The Woolshed awaits your wonderful presence.
Love, light and laughter,
Pamela /|\
7pm at The Woolshed

The focus of the evening is one of ‘Exploring the Divine Feminine’ and the role of the Goddess and her ‘workings’ within ourselves and in our lives.  
On Monday 17th March we will be holding Magic Moon – taking command as medicine women and on Tuesday 15th April we will honour the Crone Moon – weaving the fabric of existence.
A contribution to ‘supper’ would be appreciated. The Full Moon rituals are for women only.  If you’re new and would like to attend just give Pamela a call on 2399234.

(Seed Time and Harvest)
11am, Sunday 23rd March
at The Woolshed
The Autumn Equinox represents a time of reflection and contemplation of how the balance of light and dark tips at equinox and, as we now enter the dying time of the year, the mysteries of life and death.  This is when we make the transition from outer to inner, from above to below.
For our ancestors, who were more aware than ourselves of their dependency on the land, this was a time of fruition of the year’s work; it represented the culmination of the year’s endeavours to ensure they would have enough food to see them through the winter.  Everyone worked their hardest to bring in the grain which would provide the following year’s bread and beer, and store it safely against the coming months of scarcity. So this is a time to reflect on all that we have gleaned or learnt during the previous year.
In the Maori calendar it is known as Poututerangi, when the crops are dug up. Poututerangi takes it name from the pole that Tane used to separate his parents Rangi and Papa.  This was the beginning of the kumara harvest, perhaps the most significant event of the year.
At harvest. European and Maori symbolism is similar.  The rua, or underground kumura pit, is a symbol that parallels the European imagery of the return of the seed to the earth.  The stories of Persephone, Pani and the Mabon all follow this theme.
As well as appropriate stories, poems, songs, etc. you might like to bring spring bulbs or seed which could be planted along the path to the Grove or elsewhere. 
The ceremony will be followed by our usual feasting – please bring a contribution.
Arachne is the Spider Goddess who weaves the Web of the World and, sitting at its centre, receives all knowledge that vibrates along it.  Here are a few ‘vibrations’, i.e. interesting workshops not held at The Woolshed that I think you might be interested in, or upcoming events at The Woolshed not yet in the Calendar.

11-13 April, 9am-5.30pm
Raumati South Memorial Hall
An expansive view of our human structure,
with Dr. Kausthub Desikachar
“It is the original mind/body medicine”.
Early bird price: $275 (March 14th)
Contact: Ruth Diggins:
04-905 6224 or 021-258 6865,

1 April, 6 May
St Andrew’s on the Terrace,
30 The Terrance, Wellington.
with Leanne Babcock. $20 per evening

The Woolshed is a place to celebrate Spirit in Nature and warmly welcomes community participation.  Here we celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year in Aotearoa New Zealand by holding Festivals appropriate to the seasons approximately every six weeks.  These are the two Solstices (Winter and Summer), the two Equinoxes (Spring and Autumn) and the four Quarter Festivals – Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh (when we hold a Camp) and Samhain.  These Festivals are open to all who wish to connect with the land and Her tides and times.  We also have a native tree-planting programme and are always keen for offers of help for our frequent ‘working bees’.  Our organic gardens and orchards also respond positively to extra hands.
The farm can be a little hard to find, so please telephone (you can leave a message on the answerphone) and I will send you directions on a clear and detailed map.
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