The Woolshed Programme October / November 2018
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Greetings All
Beltane! Not only a time to celebrate love and the fertility of the land but also to light a Beltane fire to honour and burn away old attachments, to ask for a blessing or to enact a ritual of purification.
At this time of the union of the Feminine and Masculine powers, may your celebration of Beltane open you fully to the creativity and abundance of Life.
I give you this quote from Steve Maraboli:
Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering
NOVEMBER starts the month with the glorious celebration of Beltane on Saturday 3rd and ends with our Full Moon celebration of Mother Moon on Friday 23rd.

DECEMBER calls us a little early to celebrate Summer Solstice on Sunday 9th and ends with such an appropriate Full Moon celebration – Tender Moon / The Midwife – on Sunday 23rd.

The Woolshed awaits your wonderful presence.
Love, light and laughter,
Pamela /|\
7pm at The Woolshed

The focus of the evening is one of ‘Exploring the Divine Feminine’ and the role of the Goddess and her ‘workings’ within ourselves and in our lives.

We will honour Mother Moon on Friday 23 November and share what we are ‘birthing’ at Tender Moon / The Midwife on Sunday 23 December.

A contribution to ‘supper’ would be appreciated. The Full Moon rituals are for women only. If you’re new and would like to attend just give Pamela a call on 2399234.

Sunday 9th December, The Woolshed, 11am.

Summer Solstice, the longest day, arrives as the year is coming to an end and the holiday season is about to begin. Although this is when the sun’s light reaches its maximum, it is but the threshold of summer. The crimson flowers of the pohutukawa fringe the coastline, dancing against the blue sea.
Summer is also announced by the appearance of the star/spirit woman Parearohi shimmering in the sky with her consort Rehua (Antares, the red star in Scorpio). Rehua was sometimes also referred to as the sun and people would say karakia to Rehua: Rehua is the sun, and if he did not shine the grass and vegetation would die and life would cease.
In the Druid tradition, these words are spoken:
We are met here on the shortest night of the year to celebrate the zenith of the Mabon, the Sun-Child of the Druid tradition. We come together to honour a great mystery – that every zenith contains its nadir, as every nadir its zenith. And we come together too, to celebrate the power of light and warmth and Summer. The sun which has warmed and lighted us through the Wheel of the Year seems to stand still for several days. This is the time of Great Light.
This is also the time of Kiwi Christmas – a Summer Solstice rather than a Winter Solstice celebration in this part of the world.
Please arrive by 10.45am. Bring any readings, songs, poems, music, dances or stories which you feel are appropriate to this celebration of light. Also bring food to share for a Solstice lunch. This is an ‘open’ ritual and all (adults and children) are most welcome. . Let’s make this a real family Summer Solstice
There are only four rules
for The Woolshed

Come with an open heart
Come with an open mind
Leave your prejudices at the door
Along with your shoes

Arachne is the Spider Goddess who weaves the Web of the World and, sitting at its centre, receives all knowledge that vibrates along it. Here are a few ‘vibrations’, i.e. interesting workshops not held at The Woolshed that I think you might be interested in, or upcoming events at The Woolshed not yet in the Calendar. (Please contact Pamela if you would like an appropriate event displayed here.)

7 November (Wednesday)

Many of you will have experienced the beautiful essential oils that have complimented the emotions of the Full Moon over the last few months and I have been asked by many about the oils and how they can access them. For this reason I would like to offer a gathering at my house to learn about the benefits of these amazing oils.
7.00 pm, 51 Leeward Drive, Whitby.
If you are interested, can you please text me, Heather, direct on 021 897 945 with a ‘Yes” and your name. Please feel free to ask any questions.
As a special thank you I would like to give a Doterra 5ml Wild Orange to all the beautiful women who attend. If you are unable to make the Wednesday let me know and we will organise another time for you.
Until soon. Blessings, Heather Haswell.
9 November (Friday)
Book Launch – 6.30-8.00pm
by L P Hansen

A coming-of-age story ideal for Suffrage Anniversary Celebrations. A real-life adventure for teenage readers, it may even make you laugh. Brief biographies of 25 brilliant women from 25 countries are included at the end.
Paraparaumu Library Meeting Room
Refreshments and Book Launch discounts
Tel. 04 2367788 for further details.
16 – 19 November
A 3-day mindfulness and qi gong retreat
Te Moana Retreat Centre, near Tairua, Coromandel
Saturday, 24 November
1-day mindfulness and qi gong retreat
Hobson Crescent, Wellington

Itineraries are now available for next year's sacred site tours with Gothic ImageThe working partnership between Jamie George and Linda Marson, which started five years ago, has led to a unique blend of experiences for those who journey with us. Follow the links for more information, including itineraries, special guests and videos with highlights of the places we visit. 
  • Sacred Scotland7-16 May - a transformational journey through the mists of time in the wild Scottish Isles
  • Enchanted Ireland16-25 May - land of the faery faith
  • Merlin's Britain3-12 July - a journey through the mists of time from Stonehenge to Cornwall.
I did the Sacred Scotland tour this year and just loved it.  (Pamela)
The lending library (books on spirituality, druidry, wicca, paganism, ritual, etc.) at The Woolshed is now open for business. Unfortunately we can’t send books out so you will just have to come and visit us at The Woolshed to access this fine library.
The link for our online library database is:

‘Check it out – many new titles have been added.’
3          (Saturday 7pm)
            Flowering & Sap Rise   
23        (Friday 7pm) Celebrating the
            Divine Feminine –

9          (Sunday 11am) Summer
            Solstice / Alban Hefin

23        (Sunday 7pm) Celebrating the
            Divine Feminine –
            Moon / The Midwife

7pm Saturday 3rd November at The Woolshed.

Halfway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, this is a high-energy time when the whole earth sings of growth and regeneration.  Birds are nesting, deciduous trees leafing, flowers are blossoming and the increasing sun power quickens both sap and blood. Beltane is often referred to as ‘the night for lovers’!

To the Maori, this was Whiringanuku, the fifth month, when ka whakaniho nga mea katoa o te whenua i konei, ‘all things now put forth fresh growth’.  A good flowering of ti kouka (cabbage tree) is said to be a sign that a long, fine summer will follow.

Beltane is the third of the Spring celebrations in the Druid tradition.  The invigorating energies of Spring growth are flowing at their strongest through the earth, and through us too.  The two elemental symbols for Beltane are water (healing and the times of the first swim) and fire (‘destroyed the powers hostile to humankind, purified the air, and allowed human and beast and vegetation to thrive and become fertile’)

Bring poems, stories, songs, dances, etc. and wear some greenery or green clothes.  If the weather is kind and I can get a fire permit, we will light the Beltane fire.

We will have a celebration supper after the ceremony – please bring food to share.
PLEASE NOTE: The Quarter Festivals (Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhuinn and Imbolc) are for members of the Grove of the Summer Stars only.  The Sun festivals (both Equinoxes and both Solstices) are open to all and we look forward to welcoming you here.
The Wisdom of the Four Seasons

The interest in the Wheel of Segais Personal Reader Kit has been amazing and we are getting low on stock.  So if you don’t want to wait for a new order to arrive, buy now!

The divination kit contains a copy of the Wheel of Segais on which to do your casting; a Personal Reader Guide; nine hazelnuts for casting (plus a couple of extras in case you lose one or two) and a notebook and pen to record your personal reading.

The Wheel of Segais Reader Training already has a number of students and we are about to celebrate our first Graduate!!

You can sign up for the Training through Global Spiritual Studies – . Prices are in $USD.
  • Download seven recordings to your device: $279
  • Seven recordings stored on a USB flash drive: $290 (includes postage worldwide)
 If you are a New Zealand resident, the good news is that you can save on international currency transfer fees by paying in $NZD. Email me for $NZ prices and bank account details –
You will need to have received a Personal Reader Kit before your on-line training begins.  This is purchased  separately through the Wheel of Segais website - The cost is $95 NZD plus 15%GST, plus postage.
If you already have a Personal Reader Kit then you can purchase the Wheel of Segais Reader Training course straight away and start your Reader journey.  On purchase you will be sent an access code to enter the Schoology site for homework.
As the seed is nurtured and the Wheel of Segais unfurls its tendrils around the world, I hope you will consider taking the next step with me to becoming a Wheel of Segais Reader.  Let us use the wisdom of Nature to grow our dreams and the dreams of others from Seed to Harvest.
I look forward to hearing from some of you very soon.

Yours on behalf of the Salmon of Wisdom, Pamela

The Wheel of Segais is a simple but profound template for understanding the innate nature of the universe and our place within it.  It allows us to perceive all that we are and all that we need as we experience the turning of the wheel of the year - the Four Seasons, the 12 streams or stages and the Well of the Salmon of Wisdom, the Well of Segais itself, in the centre.

If you would like a reading or a life coaching session in person, you can contact me at, 0272068876 or 2399234.

Cost: $40

Out of town or in another country? 
Book an on line reading or Life Coaching Session through my website –
The Woolshed is a place to celebrate Spirit in Nature and warmly welcomes community participation.  Here we celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year in Aotearoa New Zealand by holding Festivals appropriate to the seasons approximately every six weeks.  These are the two Solstices (Winter and Summer), the two Equinoxes (Spring and Autumn) and the four Quarter Festivals – Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh (when we hold a Camp) and Samhain. The four Quarter Festivals are for Grove members only and the Solstices and Eqinoxes are open to all…These Festivals are open to all who wish to connect with the land and Her tides and times.  We also have a native tree-planting programme and are always keen for offers of help for our frequent ‘working bees’. Our organic gardens and orchards also respond positively to extra hands.
A women-only group meets monthly on the Full Moon.
Also, if you would like to walk the hills and the bush on the farm then give us a ring –
04 2399234. I’m sure we can accommodate you.
is a farm of 136 acres situated on the hills of Pukerua Bay looking out over the sea and Kapiti Island.  It is clothed in approximately 40 acres of native bush, including some of the last remaining stands of kohekohe on the Kapiti Coast.  It is gardened organically – herbs, vegetables and fruit – and has three springs of clear water.  It is a place of great peace, tranquillity and power.  The original woolshed has been converted into personal living quarters as well as a work and seminar space.

It is a place for:
Study/Discussion Groups
Stress Management
Shiatsu and Massage
Total Pampering Days
Life Planning and Mentoring
Seasonal and Full Moon Celebrations
Wheel of Segais Readings

Pamela Meekings-Stewart is a:
Workshop Facilitator
- Four Elements/Four Seasons
- Wheel of Segais
Study/Discussion Group Facilitator
Life Planning Facilitator and Mentor
Retreat Facilitator
Marriage Celebrant
Civil Union Celebrant
Ritual Maker
Mythic Journey Facilitator
The farm can be a little hard to find, so please telephone (you can leave a message on the answerphone) and I will send you directions on a clear and detailed map.
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Pamela Meekings-Stewart, The Woolshed, 144 Muri Road, Pukerua Bay, Porirua 5026
Tel: 04 239 9234 / 027 206 8876     e-mail:    web:

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