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AHEPA District 12 Hoosier eHerald

Bringing you all the news from AHEPA District 12.

Indiana Senate Passes Religious Freedom for Ecumenical Patriarch

On Wednesday March 15th, the Indiana State Senate Judiciary committee held a hearing to discuss Senate Resolution SR002. The title of this resolution is “Urging the government of Turkey to cease its discrimination against the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Christian Church”.

The resolution is being pursued by both the Chicago and Detroit Greek Orthodox Metropolises with the support of the Archons, clergy, and laity of both metropolises.

District 12 AHEPA and DOP are also supporting this resolution.

John Ackerman, director of media relations for Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, testified before the Indiana State Senate Judiciary Committee along with a few Archons in defense of the resolution. They did an excellent job highlighting the reasons behind the resolution.

It is great pleasure to inform everyone that the Indiana State Senate Judiciary Committee passed the resolution unanimously (7-0). A few days later on Monday March 20th, the resolution was formally passed in the State Senate General assembly by voice vote. The resolution will now be introduced in the Indiana House of Representatives where we look forward for passage and then to the Governor of Indiana.

AHEPA was formally represented at the committee hearing by Past AHEPA District 12 Governors Matthew Kochevar and Nick Kavadas.

You may read the resolution by clicking here:

You may read the committee report including the recommendation of resolution changes and the formal vote here:


AHEPA District 12 would like to thank State Senator Lonnie Randolph for authoring and submitting this resolution to the Indiana State Senate and Co-Authored by State Senator Rick Niemeyer.

AHEPA District 12 would also like to thank the Judiciary Committee Chairman Rodric Bray and committee members Timothy Lanane, Greg Taylor, Lonnie Randolph, Michael Delph, Susan Glick, and Eric Koch for all voting to pass the resolution unanimously.

AHEPA District 13 Bowling Tournament


DATE: April 1st & April 2nd

Singles & Doubles: Saturday April 1st 2 pm
Team Event: Sunday April 2nd 12:30 pm

Joliet Town & Country Lanes
2231 W. Jefferson St
Joliet, Il 60435
(815) 725-1231

Rules & Regulations
1. All entrants MUST be in good standing with AHEPA with dues paid through December 31,

2. Each bowler MUST enter the tournament using his HIGHEST league average from the 2015-2016 season. If an entrant’s current average on 12/31/16 was 10 pins higher than his 2015-2016 average, he must use current average.

3. If an entrant does not have a 2015-2016 league average but is currently in a league and has bowled as least 21 games, he shall use his current average.

4. Anyone entering the tournament with no average shall be assigned one based on his total pin fall for all games bowled.

5. The office of the National Bowling Director carries names of non league bowlers who have established an average based on their participation in past District and National
Tournaments. For these entrants, the respective tournament will be used.

6. Handicap shall be established based on ninety per cent (90%) of the difference between the entrants entering average and 220, with no decimal points. There is no limit on handicap. Example: assume an entering average of 150… 220-150=70 pins X 90% = 63 pins

For registration form and more information, CLICK HERE.

Greece: Tech Hub

Having spent time in the tech hubs of New York, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv, Greece was not on the top of my of tech hub bucket list. That said, when I decided to visit Greece  earlier this month, I discovered a burgeoning tech scene in a country famous for its culture and cuisine.

It’s been easy to overlook Greece’s tech scene since the country’s recent economic woes eclipsed most of the other news. The debt crisis sent most businesses reeling, and, despite declared over in 2015, its negative effects still linger today. The rest of Europe still keeps a close eye on the government’s management of the economy and unemployment still is at 23.6 percent in Q4 of 2016.

But despite this grim outlook, I was pleasantly greeted by an energetic tech scene composed of ventures that aim to bring some luster back into Greek entrepreneurship. Greece has at least a couple of major tech success stories that they can be proud of.

Read more by clicking here.

Chicago Greek Independence Day Parade

The 2017 Chicago Greek Independence Day Parade will be Sunday April 30th in Greek Town on Halsted Street. The parade will start at 2:30PM.

AHEPA Families of Districts 12 and 13 will have a float. We encourage as many AHEPANs. Daughters, Maids, and Sons to attend and march or ride with the AHEPA Family float.

For more information, see the ENOSIS website by clicking here.

AHEPA Attends Greek Independence Celebrations

The AHEPA family celebrated the 196th Anniversary of Greek Independence at a White House ceremony held March 24, 2017. President Donald J. Trump, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, White House Director of the Office of Public Liaison George Sifakis, and His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, provided remarks. Vice President Mike Pence also attended.

"We sincerely thank President Trump for issuing a Proclamation that calls on the people of the United States to observe Greek Independence Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities," Supreme President Andrew C. Zachariades said.

Peter J. Economos Memorial Scholarship

The 2017 application for the Peter J. Economos Memorial Scholarship is now available.

This scholarship is provided by Order of AHEPA Chapter #260 (Chicago, Illinois) in District 13.

A) All applicants must:

1) Be a high school senior who is graduating or has graduated in 2017 and is pursuing or will pursue a post-secondary education by attending a vocational, trade or technical school, or a college or university,


2) Be an undergraduate student who is currently enrolled in a post-secondary course of education by attending a vocational, trade or technical school, or a college or university.

B) Satisfy one of the following conditions:

1) Must be a current or former participant in the Junior Olympics,


2) The applicant, or a parent of the applicant, must be a member in good standing of the 13' District (Illinois and Wisconsin) Ahepa family (Order of Ahepa, Daughters of Penelope, Sons of Pericles or Maids of Athena),


3) The applicant, or a parent of the applicant, must be a member in good standing of a Greek Orthodox Parish within the Metropolis of Chicago (please contact your parish priest for this determination).

C) Complete, sign and return the personal information portion of this application (Sections II-IX) to Mr. Nicholas P. Bobis, whose address appears above, by the deadline date of Monday, May 8, 2017.

CLICK HERE for the scholarship application and rules.

AHEPA Collegiate Network

The Order of AHEPA has developed a members only collegiate network in order to assist those in the AHEPA family applying to college.  The thought behind this is for the applicant to be able to reach out to alumni of the school they plan to pursue their education at for advice and letters of recommendation.  

We are asking any member who is willing to be added to this database to fill out the form we've created and linked to below, and thank you in advance for supporting the youth of the AHEPA family! 

CLICK HERE to join the AHEPA Collegiate Network

Your information will only be shared with students applying to your alma mater.  Thank you in advance for supporting this endeavor!

April National Days

Did you know there are many days of the year where something is celebrated. 

For example, August 26th is National Dog Day, December 1st is National Pie Day, May 4th is National Star Wars Day, June 8th is National Best Friends Day, February 9th is National Pizza Day, and October 8th is National Chocolate Day. 

AHEPA District 12 will help you not miss any one of these celebrated days by providing the complete list for the next month in each newsletter. Have fun with it...that's the point!

In April, there are many days designated for something fun.

For example:

  • April 5th - National Deep Dish Pizza Day

  • April 7th - National Beer Day

  • April 11th - National Pet Day

  • April 19th - National Garlic Day

  • April 28th - National Superhero Day

And much much more. To see entire list of designated days in April, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

March is also National Craft Month, Frozen Food Month, Nutrition Month, Trisomy Awareness Month, Women’s History Month, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and more!

South Bend Chapter 100 Honors Nick Giannakakis 

South Bend Chapter 100 honored Nick Giannakakis who is retiring from the South Bend Housing Board after 13 years of service. Nick has also served Chapter 100 in many capacities including holding the position of Vice-President for many years.

Brother Nick was presented a certificate of appreciation from South Bend Housing Board president and District 12 Lt. Governor Panos Niarchos.

Pictured along with Panos and Nick are Angela Magrames, Nick Anagnos and Ted Poledor who are all board members.

Jesus tomb restored

Jesus's tomb unveiled after $4m restoration.

The restored tomb in which Jesus’s body is believed to have been interred after his crucifixion will be officially unveiled at a ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday.

A team of Greek scientists and restorers has completed the nine-month renovation project, which focused on a small structure above the burial chamber, known as the Edicule. It is the most sacred monument in Christianity.

Read more by clicking here.

AHEPA 78 Scholarship

AHEPA brothers of Merrillville Chapter 78,

AHEPA 78 scholarship application is now available on the District 12 website. The application form and eligibility requirements may be found by clicking here

In order to apply and be eligible for an AHEPA 78 Scholarship:

A. The applicant must in good standing with AHEPA 78 or have a parent/guardian/grandparent that is an active member for a minimum of 1 year and in good standing with Order of AHEPA Chapter No. 78. An active member is defined as a member in good standing with dues paid for the previous and current year (2016 & 2017) at time of application.

B. Exhibit Academic Excellence / must have a grade point average (G.P.A.) 3.0 or higher

C. Exhibit leadership roles within the church, community, and/or school

D. Provide letters of recommendation.

E. Include an official transcript.

The deadline to return the scholarship application form in May 1st, 2017.

72nd Anniversary of Archbishop Damaskinos letter

Seventy-two years ago on March 23rd, the Most Revered Archbishop Damaskinos Papandreou, the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, sat in his office in Athens, which by then had fallen under the flag of Nazi Germany, and signed his name to a document unlike any other during World War II. He was leading his faithful in protesting the Jewish deportations and, eventually, interment in death camps that would come to be called the Holocaust.

The letter incited the rage of General Stroop, who threatened Archbishop Damaskinos with death by a firing squad. Recalling the execution of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Gregory V during the 1821 Massacre of the Greek Population of Constantinople, and other previous atrocities against the clergy, the Archbishop’s response was “Greek religious leaders are not shot, they are hanged. I request that you respect this custom.” Shocked by this bold response, General Stroop retreated from his execution demand, and Archbishop Damaskinos would continue to lead his faithful throughout the war.

Read more by clicking here.

Read the entire letter in its entirety by clicking here.

Notable dates in April History

For your reading enjoyment, here is a listing of some notable events for every day in April:

April 1, 1976 - Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs found Apple Computer in the garage of Jobs' parents house in Cupertino, California.

April 2, 1453 - Mehmed II begins his siege of Constantinople (İstanbul), which falls May 29.

April 3, 1948 - US President Harry Truman signs Marshall Plan ($5B aid to 16 European countries).

April 4, 1949 - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) treaty signed in Washington DC.

April 5, 1974 - World Trade Center, then the world's tallest building, opens in New York (110 stories).

April 6, 1789 - 1st US Congress begins regular sessions, Federal Hall, NYC.

April 7, 1939 - Italy invades Albania.

April 8, 1820 - The famous ancient Greek statue, Venus de Milo is discovered on the Aegean island of Melos.

April 9, 715 - Constantine ends his reign as Catholic Pope.

April 10, 1821 - Patriarch Gregory V of Constantinople is hanged by the Turks from the main gate of the Patriarchate and his body is thrown into the Bosphorus.

April 11, 1471 - Wars of the Roses: King Edward IV of England conquers London from Henry VI.

April 12, 1204 - 4th Crusade occupies & plunders Constantinople.

April 13, 1936 - Metaxas proclaims himself dictator of Greece.

April 14, 1836 -  US Congress forms Territory of Wisconsin.

April 15, 1534 - Thomas Cromwell is appointed Chief Secretary to King Henry VIII.

April 16, 1929 - NY Yankees become 1st team to wear uniform numbers.

April 17, 1861 - Virginia secedes from the Union (US Civil War).

April 18, 1506 - The cornerstone of the current St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, is laid.

April 19, 1775 - American Revolution begins - Lexington Common, shot "heard round the world".

April 20, 1916 - Weeghman Park (Wrigley Field) in Chicago opens, Cubs beat Cincinnati Reds 7-6.

April 21, 753 BC - Romulus and Remus found Rome (traditional date).

April 22, 1864 - US mints 2 cent coin (1st appearance of "In God We Trust").

April 23, 1941 - Greece Army surrenders to German Nazis RAF brings Greek king George II to Egypt.

April 24, 1184 BC - The Greeks enter Troy using the Trojan Horse (traditional date).

April 25, 1859 - Ground broken for Suez Canal.

April  26, 1828 - Russia declares war on Turkey to support Greece's independence.

April  27, 1805 - US Marines attack shores of Tripoli.

April 28, 1788 - Maryland becomes 7th state to ratify US constitution.

April 29, 2004 - Oldsmobile builds its final car ending 107 years of production.

April 30, 1789 - George Washington is inaugurated as the first President of the United States of America.

AHEPA attends State Department briefing on Cyprus

AHEPA attended a Department of State briefing on the status of the Cyprus settlement talks with U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Cyprus Kathleen Doherty and U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jonathan Cohen, March 15. Executive Director Basil N. Mossaidis represented AHEPA on behalf of Supreme President Andrew C. Zachariades.

"The State Department has done an exceptional job of keeping the community abreast of developments with the Cyprus settlement talks,"  Zachariades said. "We appreciate the department's proactive outreach with the community, and the administration's continued engagement on the Cyprus issue."

President Donald Trump Greek Independence Proclamation

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims March 25, 2017, as Greek Independence Day: A National Day of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy


- - - - - - -



This year marks the 196th anniversary of Greek independence. Greek and American democracy are forever intertwined. American patriots built our Republic on the ancient Greeks' groundbreaking idea that the people should decide their political fates.

As a young Nation, only recently free from Great Britain and securing its place on the world stage, America served as a source of inspiration for the revolutionary and freedom-loving Greeks who sought their own independence. Indeed, American citizens stood united with the people of Greece in its "glorious cause" of democracy and freedom, as expressed by Philadelphia's Franklin Gazette at the time.

The ideas and ideals of the ancient Greeks altered the course of human history, from our own American Republic to the modern Greek state and many other nations. All those who believe in the refrain "liberty and justice for all," and who are devoted to democracy and rule of law, owe a debt of gratitude to Greece and the foundational principles that took root in the ancient city-state of Athens.

On this Greek Independence Day, we express our deep gratitude for Greece's enduring friendship in a region that has experienced great uncertainty. Greece is an important partner in our engagements throughout the international sphere. We look forward to strengthening our excellent bilateral defense relationship, and recognize the value and importance Greece's role as a strong ally in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The American people join Greece in celebrating another milestone in its independent history, and we look forward to a future of shared success as partners and allies.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 25, 2017, as Greek Independence Day: A National Day of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-fourth day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-first.



Click HERE to get latest information and schedule for Merrillville AHEPA Chapter 78 Bingo for April 2017.

AHEPA 78 bingo takes place in Hobart, Indiana.

Address: 1861 E 37th Ave, Hobart, IN 46342
Phone number: (219) 942-2038


Archbishop Demetrios Encyclical 

March 25, 2017
Feast of the Annunciation Day of Greek Independence

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today, as we celebrate the blessed and holy Feast of the Annunciation, we hear the words of the Archangel announcing the good news of the coming of the Son of God for our salvation.  We hear the response of the Virgin Mary in praising God and committing herself to His divine will.  We hear a witness of her faith in God as she proclaims, My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for He has regarded the low estate of His handmaiden….  For He who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name. (Luke 1:47-49)

As we hear these words of the Archangel and the Theotokos we hear the voice of Christ.  Into a challenging and changing world, the archangelic messenger revealed God’s plan to redeem us and His creation.  In reply the pure and holy Virgin, filled with the Holy Spirit and inspired by the act of God to choose her, revealed the power of faith and grace through Christ.  In this event of the Annunciation and through the voice of Him who brings us life, hope, and grace, we see how we can share the voice of Christ in our world today.

We sing in the beautiful hymn of the Feast, “Today is the crown of our salvation and the manifestation of the mystery that is from all eternity.”  In our worship and through our lives, we are the voice of Christ when we share this good news of salvation.  Consistently and faithfully we announce to the world that God’s grace has been revealed through Christ, that sin and death have been defeated, and the restoration of the divine image unto eternal life is offered to all.

We are the voice of Christ when we express our faith in the will of God through lives of holiness and obedience. Inspired by the example of the Theotokos, we offer this voice when we show our openness to His presence and guidance, when we commit to His ways in all areas of our lives trusting in His promises.

The power of the grace of God is also connected to our observance today of Greek Independence Day.  Emboldened by their faith in God, inspired by the hope of liberty, and in honor of the many who had endured oppression for centuries, our forbearers sought grace and strength to pursue freedom, beginning their struggle for independence on the Feast of the Annunciation in 1821.  These valiant people longed for the day when they could live freely, worship openly, and decide the order and direction of their communities as a Greek nation.  While many had endured by the strength of God’s grace, the time had come in 1821 to raise their voices for liberty.

Today, we honor the memory of our fathers and mothers and offer our thanksgiving to God for their perseverance, faith and sacrifice.  We are also inspired by their heroism and their trust in God to seek liberty for all, and most importantly the liberty we find in Christ.  We are His voice in a changing world.  We are called to announce the good news of salvation and reveal the power of grace through our faith in Him.  On this blessed Feast, may His presence and grace strengthen and inspire you to be witnesses of grace.  

With paternal love in Christ,

Archbishop of America

Greek Super League

The Greek Super League standings as of March 31st, 2017 for the 2016-2017 season is as follows:

#        TEAM         GAMES     POINTS
1 OLYMPIACOS         25           54 
2 PANIONIOS             25          48
3 P.A.O.K.                   25           46
4 PANATHINAIKOS     25           45
5  A.E.K.                      25           43

6 PLATANIAS              25           41
7 XANTHI                    25          40
8 ATROMITOS ATH    25           35
9 PAS GIANNINA        25           34
10 A.O.K.                     25          29
11 PANETOLIKOS       25          27
12 A.E.L.                     25          24
13 ASTERAS TRIP.     25           22
14 LEVADIAKOS         25          19
15  AEP IRAKLIS         25          16
16 VERIA                    25          16

Gov’t, lenders edge closer to deal but IMF has new demands

It remained unclear late on Thursday night when dragging bailout negotiations might be completed and inspectors might return to Athens as Greek and foreign officials remained at loggerheads over key issues including pensions and labor market reforms.

Representatives of the International Monetary Fund told Kathimerini yesterday that envoys would not return to Greece until a deal is within sight.

According to sources, the key sticking points in talks – which appeared to have been all but wrapped up early this week – are calls by the IMF for further cuts to pensions.

It seems that this demand was what scuppered the deal-in-the-making, along with the Fund’s insistence that economic measures slated for implementation in 2020 be brought forward to 2019; there are concerns at the Fund that general elections scheduled to take place in Greece in 2019 could bring in a new government that may refuse to honor reforms agreed to by the current administration.

So far, what the two sides have managed to agree on is to reduce the tax-free threshold to 5,900 euros from the current 8,636 euros and to trim the pensions of some 900,000 retirees as Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos confirmed in a meeting with MPs of Independent Greeks (ANEL) on Thursday.

With a deal on pension cuts and a tax threshold for the most part agreed, the leftist-led coalition is now faced with resistance by SYRIZA lawmakers, who say it has betrayed its principles in its desperate effort to clinch a deal.

Read full story by clicking here.

AHEPA District 12 Facebook page

The AHEPA District 12 Facebook page currently has 580 likes. We encourage all our members and friends to invite people to like our page. We are very close to the 600 like mark and we would love to surpass that by the end of the year. The more people that like our page, the more successful we are in informing people what good work AHEPA is doing at all levels of the order.

Our facebook page is

Honoring our Veterans

AHEPA appreciates its districts and chapters for honoring Ahepans who are Veterans with the AHEPA Medal for Military Service and certificate. To keep a proper accounting, and for archival purposes, the AHEPA Veterans Committee is requesting all Veterans who have received this honor to register with the Committee's database (preferred method). Registration can also be facilitated through a downloadable PDF. If your district or chapter has held an event to honor our Veterans with the medal, please ensure they are registered with the AHEPA Veterans Committee.

The act of honoring AHEPA family members with the AHEPA Medal for Military Service was acknowledged by the U.S. Senate as part of a concurrent resolution passed March 20, 2000, with the lead of then U.S. Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D-MD), on the occasion of the 2000 AHEPA Biennial Salute Banquet.  The banquet's theme was "Salute to Veterans."

50th Annual Sports Award Banquet

Dear Athlete and Family,

The 50th Annual Sports Award Banquet will be held on Friday, June 2nd 2017 at Fountain Blue Banquets 2300 Mannheim Rd. in Des Plaines. Cocktails will be served at 6:00pm followed by a dinner at 7:00 pm sharp.

The Order of AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) is a fraternal organization founded upon the ideals and principals of patriotism, service to America and the preservation and perpetuation of the Greek heritage of its brotherhood.

In addition, AHEPA places strong emphasis on the encouragement of higher learning for Greek-American young adults by awarding scholarships. Annually, we award over $500,000 in scholarships to deserving students throughout the nation. Another segment of the organization is dedicated to athletics in our community, both hosting of sports tournaments and the rendering of awards for athletic excellence.
The 13th District of AHEPA, one of the 26 Districts throughout America, annually sponsors a Sports Award Banquet. This banquet honors Greek-American and AHEPA family high school and college athletes who have played any sport on their high school or college teams. The athletes will be the guests of the committee and will be awarded a plaque or trophy for their athletic accomplishments. We have also added an Athletic Scholarship Program to our agenda. Four $1,000 and eight $500 scholarships will be presented to deserving male and female high school senior or any college athlete who has excelled in athletics and maintained at least a B average academically. Athletes who qualify should check the enclosed application form.

I am embarrassed to say that at last years Banquet there were only 95 athletes from Illinois and Wisconsin who received awards. I know that there more than 95 athletes of Greek Descent who play High School or College sports in and around Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.  I have made it my mission to change that.  I would like to get an application into the hands of every eligible athlete.  Athletes must attend the banquet to receive their awards.  Awards go to any student in high school or college, any grade any age, and of any gender.  As long you participate on a High School or College team, you are eligible. Please fill out and sign the enclosed application.  Please have your coaches make comments and sign the reverse side and send to Chris Atsaves, 13th District Athletic Director, by May 25.  Also, enclosed is a Banquet reservation form.  Athletes are free as guests of the Committee. Dinners for parents, family members, and guests are $40-$50 each. Please try to spread the word and distribute to other athletes you may know that may be eligible.  Feel free to call with any questions.

Chris Atsaves                            

For the first time, student athletes from AHEPA District 12 (Indiana) will be recognized at the sports award banquet. The sports award banquet for the first 49 years was exclusively a District 13 (Illinois/Wisconsin) event but going forward the two Districts will join together and recognize student athletes of Greek descent from the great states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. District 12 would like to thank Chairman Chris Atsaves, the sports award committee and District 13 for inviting District 12 to participate in one of the great AHEPA programs in the nation.

We will need our membership help in identifying Greek descent student-athletes in the state of Indiana. Once identified, we need to provide them the application and RSVP form.

CLICK HERE for application form.


As always, for AHEPA to provide scholarships, fundraising is critical. To support the sports award program, you may click HERE to purchase an Ad in the program book.

White Sox Greek Heritage Night

Mark your calendars! The Chicago White Sox have informed the Order of AHEPA that they will once again be hosting a Greek Heritage night in the upcoming 2017 season.

The White Sox have set aside
Tuesday July 18th as Greek Heritage night. The White Sox will be playing the National League Los Angeles Dodgers. The game starts at 7:10PM.

AHEPA Chapter #205 is working directly with the White Sox front office to offer a discounted group rate and will be working with both Districts 12 and 13 to extend this opportunity to all the AHEPA/DOP/SOP/MOA chapters, the membership, and friends & family.

Stay tuned for future updates and information on securing the group discounted tickets. Order of AHEPA has been organizing and leading the group outing effort to Greek Heritage night with the White Sox for the past two years. Both years, over 300 members, families, and friends have attended.

District 12 members who celebrate birthdays in April

Chapter 78 - Merrillville

4/21 - Pete Karamanis
4/13 - Theo Koulianos
4/08 - George Xidias
4/20 - Nick Xidias
4/20 - Larry Yurko

Chapter 81 - Ft. Wayne

4/05 - George Gogos
4/21 - Christos Kaplanis

Chapter 100 - South Bend

4/26 - Peter Bouris
4/18 - Terry Karaszewski

Chapter 123  - Hammond

4/10 - Dennis Barkas
4/11 - Neoclis Giannakis
4/02 - Nick Pavlakis
4/20 - Theodore Vrehas
4/12 - Dan Skotadis
4/30 - Nick Karagan

Chapter 157 - Calumet

4/03 - Chirs Karabatsos
4/02 - Alexander Kouklakis
4/21 - Michael Metrick
4/22 - Gust Samis
4/17 - Donald Wisler
4/24 - Thomas Cappas

Chapter 232 - Indianapolis

4/04 - Milton Taliadouros

AHEPA National Bowling Tournament

HOST: AHEPA Aegean Chapter #506

Dates: May 6th and 7th, 2017

Five Star Lanes
2666 Metro Pkwy
Sterling Heights, Michigan 48310
Phone: (586) 939-2550

For more information on the National bowling tournament and to submit an entry form, please contact: 

Jim Mitsopoulos 

Indy 232 Sponsors Lenten Dinner

Indianapolis Chapter 232 was shining on Wednesday March 29th at Holy Trinity for their annual Lenten sponsored dinner. Huge thank you to all our AHEPAN Brothers and Daughters of Penelope that participated. Dinner was delicious and prep, serving, and clean-up was a “well oiled” machine.

Several compliments were received from parishioners and Father Lucas :)


Congressional Hellenic Caucus

Indiana has two new US Representatives resulting from November 2016 elections. We encourage all our members in Indiana to reach out to both of them and request they join the Congressional Hellenic Caucus. Both of the newly elected Indiana US Representatives replaced congressmen who joined the Hellenic Caucus. The new US Representatives are from Indiana 3rd District which covers the Ft. Wayne area and Indiana 9th District which covers the Bloomington area.

US Rep. Trey Hollingsworth  (IN-9)
Washington DC number: 202-225-5315
1641 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Trey replaces Todd Young who went on to win the US Senate seat vacated by Dan Coats.

Hollingsworth was born in Clinton, Tennessee. He attended Webb School in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the University of Pennsylvania, graduating from the Wharton School. After graduating from Wharton, Hollingsworth founded Hollingsworth Capital Partners, which specialized in rebuilding old manufacturing sites and returning them to service. He also founded an aluminum remanufacturing company.

Hollingsworth moved to Jeffersonville, Indiana; a suburb of Louisville, in September 2015. He declared his campaign for the United States House of Representatives in Indiana's 9th congressional district in October 2015. Running in the Republican Party primary election against Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller and State Senators Erin Houchin and Brent Waltz, Hollingsworth won, receiving 34% of the vote. He faced Democratic Party nominee Shelli Yoder in the November general election. Hollingsworth defeated Yoder by 14 points, winning 54% of the vote. He was sworn into office on January 3, 2017.

Hollingsworth has promised to serve no more than eight years (four terms) in the House. His most recent proposed bill is H.J.Res. 23: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to limit the number of terms that a Member of Congress may serve to four in the House of Representatives and two in the Senate.

US Rep. Jim Banks (IN-3)
Washington DC number: 202-225-4436
509 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Jim Banks (born July 16, 1979) is an American politician who is the U.S. Representative for Indiana's 3rd congressional district. A Republican, he previously served as a member of the Indiana Senate. Banks was first elected to serve in the state senate for the 17th district in 2010, and upon military deployment to Afghanistan, he took a leave of absence from the state senate since September 2014. Invoking an Indiana state law which allows state and local officeholders to take leaves of absence during active duty military service, Banks was temporarily replaced by his wife, Amanda Banks, who held the office for the senate's 2015 legislative session. He returned to Indiana from overseas duty on April 14, 2015 and resumed his duties as state senator on May 8, 2015. On May 3, 2016 he won the primary election for the Republican nomination for Indiana's Third Congressional District.

Banks is a commercial real estate broker for The Bradley Company in Fort Wayne. He earned his undergraduate degree from Indiana University and his Master of Business Administration from Grace College and Seminary. He serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve as a supply corps officer and took a leave of absence from the Indiana State Senate in 2014 and 2015 to deploy to Afghanistan during Operations Enduring Freedom and Freedom’s Sentinel. He received the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for his military leadership in Afghanistan.

Beyond his professional life, Banks is involved in many civic organizations. He is the past president of the Columbia City Rotary Club and former chairman of the Whitley County Republican Party. He has also served on the Northeast Indiana Workforce Development Board and the Whitley County Council. 

Jim Banks lives in Columbia City with his wife, Amanda, and their three daughters, Lillian, Elizabeth and Joann.

A reminder that US Representative Peter Visclosky (IN-1), Jackie Walorski (IN-2), and Susan Brooks (IN-5) already belong to the Congressional Hellenic Caucus. Rep. Visclosky is also an AHEPAN belonging to Merrillville Chapter 78.

Indiana US Representatives Todd Rokita (IN-4), Luke Messer (IN-6), Andre Carson (IN-7), and Larry Bucshon (IN-8) have declined to join the Hellenic Caucus but we encourage the AHEPA family membership to contact and request they join. The more people that are engaged and contact our US Representatives, the better chance we have of changing hearts and minds.

Remarks by President Trump at Greek Independence Day Celebration

THE PRESIDENT:  I love the Greeks.  Oh, do I love the Greeks.  (Laughter and applause.)  Don’t forget, I come from New York.  That's all I see, is Greeks.  They are all over the place.  (Laughter.)  

Thank you very much, Reince.  Very much appreciated.  Reince was the most successful leader the RNC -- that's called the Republican National Committee -- has ever had.  And now, as my really terrific and hardworking Chief of Staff, he has really one of the number-one -- and I guess you'd have to say, he's one of the top Greeks in the country.  And I know a lot of them right in the audience -- they're my friends.  (Applause.)  

And the list also includes, as you know, George Gigicos -- (applause) -- George.  George is great.  I said, make sure that microphone is absolutely perfect, George.  He never lets me -- the Director of White House Advance.  And George Sifakis -- (applause) -- where's George?  And these guys are with me right from the beginning -- the Director of the Office of Public Liaison.  It's a great team.  It's a great, great team.  Can't do any better.

They helped organize this wonderful event with the Greek Archdiocese of America and so many local parishioners.  And I want to thank you all.  You're here, you're all over the audience.  I want to thank you all.

Your Eminence and Father Alex, it is a true privilege to host you at the White House.  I was deeply honored to have you both at my inauguration -- it was a great day -- and I am grateful for your presence here today.  I also want to thank you for awarding Reince and George the highest honor of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America -- the Medal of Saint Paul. 

To everyone in the youth choir who just performed -- they were beautiful.  (Applause.)  I heard that music.  I heard that music.   With such elegance and grace, you're amazing -- you really are.  Beautiful, beautiful sounds.  I know you made your parents very proud.  And you make all of us proud, right?

Today we commemorate an event that we have marked with a national day of celebration for 30 years:  Greek Independence Day.  Very important.  President Ronald Reagan started this wonderful tradition, and we are thrilled to continue it, and always will.  Greek Independence Day celebrates the rebirth of liberty for the Greek people.  It commemorates the fight for the Greek Independence that began on March 25th, 1821.  After nearly 400 years of outside rule, the Greeks longed to regain their sovereignty.

This love of freedom and democracy has formed a lasting bond between our two countries.  It is a bond that has its origins in Ancient Greece -- “the birthplace of Democracy.”

American President James Monroe and the great American statesman Daniel Webster both supported Greece’s struggle for independence.  And it was a tough, tough struggle, you know that.  Then-Representative Webster honored the role of Greece in forming civilization, and said that “We, like the rest of mankind, are greatly her debtors.”

In years to come, we don’t know what will be required to defend our freedom, but we do know that it will demand great, great courage -- a courage from all of us -- and we will show it, and I have no doubt about that.

Drawing inspiration from our history and those who come before, we will rise to any occasion.  We have a country that, as you know, has certain difficulties, has certain problems.  We will solve those problems and we will quickly solve those difficulties.  Just watch.  (Applause.)  

I want to thank you all for coming to the White House today.  We celebrate Greek history, and we applaud the tremendous contributions of your people to our beloved country.  

May God bless you all.  And with that, I would like to recognize His Eminence.  Thank you very much.  Thank you.  (Applause.)

April Name Days

AHEPA District #12 would like to wish Χρόνια Πολλά to all those who celebrate their names day in April. 

There are 107 names that celebrate in April. Some of those names are Timothy, Irene, Alexandra, Panagiotis/Panos, George, Thomas, Jason, Jacob,  and many many more.

For a full list of names and the dates they celebrate in April, 

AHEPA Capitol Hill Day

Save the Date!  
2017 AHEPA Family Capitol Hill Day

Wednesday, May 3 
Capitol Hill Day Kick-off Reception
8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Location: TBD

Salute to Civic Responsibility Reception
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Meetings with Your Legislators and their Staffs

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Note: AHEPA District 12 Past District Governor Matthew Kochevar is in the process of scheduling meeting with the Indiana US Representation in Washington D.C. AHEPA District 12 goal is to meet with the following:
  • Senator Joe Donnelly
  • Senator Todd Young
  • Rep. Pete Visclosky (CD-01: Hammond, Merrillville, Valparaiso)
  • Rep. Jim Banks (CD-03: Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Angola)
  • Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (CD-09: Jeffersonsville, Bloomington, Greenwood)

Trial of the Parthenon Marbles

The following summary of the Parthenon Marbles trial is from the National Hellenic Museum located in Chicago.

On March 16, 2017, the National Hellenic Museum invited the public to weigh in on one the most highly contested international cases concerning cultural history. The Trial of the Parthenon Marbles had a packed house featuring a star studded legal team. The Trial was filled with humor, shouts of uncorroborated documents, and an analysis of the character of Lord Elgin. In case you missed it, it was pure talent, drama, and politics.

Counsel from both sides offered compelling cases that asked the judges, jury and audience to consider the complexities of law, morality, history, and heritage. As the jury ruled 8-4 for the Marbles' return, the room began to grow silent, an indication that this could be a close call after all. After the arguments, the expert witnesses, and a court filled with nervous but optimistic lawyers, the verdict was read. 

The Parthenon Marbles must return to their home in Greece! So ruled a majority of the audience, jury and judges hearing the National Hellenic Museum’s Trial of the Parthenon Marbles.

This was the fourth trial for the National Hellenic Museum (NHM) in its acclaimed NHM Trial Series. Presiding Judge Richard Posner cast the sole dissenting vote in the 4-1 decision of the judges. He asserted that the sculptures created by the ancient Greeks belong to the world and should remain at the British Museum where they have resided for 200 years. However, after listening to great legal debate and learning  from expert witnesses,  the audience of over 800 citizens voted to tip the scales of justice in favor of Greece's claim for the Marbles.
• The Honorable Anne M. Burke, Illinois Supreme Court
• The Honorable Richard A. Posner, Judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit
• The Honorable William J. Bauer, Judge for the Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit
• The Honorable Charles P. Kocoras, U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of Illinois
• The Honorable Anna H. Demacopoulos, Circuit Court of Cook County

Expert Witnesses
• Dr. Fiona Rose-Greenland
• Molly Morse Limmer

• Sam Adam Jr., Founder, Sam Adam Jr. Law Group
• Robert A. Clifford, Founder & Senior Partner, of Clifford Law Offices
• Patrick M. Collins, Partner, Perkins Coie
• Tinos Diamantatos, Partner, Morgan Lewis
• Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Litigation Partner, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom
• Dan K. Webb, Chairman, Winston & Strawn

United States Senate passes Greek Independence Resolution

The following United States Senate resolution was Passed/agreed to in Senate: Resolution agreed to in Senate without amendment and with a preamble by Unanimous Consent. AHEPA District 12 would like to thank Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly for being a co-sponsor of the resolution.

1st Session
S. RES. 81

Recognizing the 196th anniversary of the independence of Greece and celebrating democracy in Greece and the United States.

Mr. Menendez (for himself, Mr. Barrasso, Mr. Whitehouse, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Casey, Mrs. Shaheen, Mr. Coons, Mr. Reed, Mr. Rubio, Mr. Blumenthal, Mr. Durbin, Mr. Wyden, Mr. Cochran, Mr. Van Hollen, Mr. Bennet, Mr. Carper, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Peters, Mr. Brown, Mr. Booker, Mr. Donnelly, Mr. Perdue, Mrs. Gillibrand, Mr. Enzi, Mr. Gardner, and Ms. Stabenow) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations


Recognizing the 196th anniversary of the independence of Greece and celebrating democracy in Greece and the United States.

Whereas the people of ancient Greece developed the concept of democracy, in which the supreme power to govern was vested in the people;

Whereas the founding fathers of the United States, many of whom read Greek political philosophy in the original Greek language, drew heavily on the political experience and philosophy of ancient Greece in forming the representative democracy of the United States;

Whereas Petros Mavromichalis, the former Commander in Chief of Greece and a founder of the modern Greek state, said to the citizens of the United States in 1821, “It is in your land that liberty has fixed her abode and … in imitating you, we shall imitate our ancestors and be thought worthy of them if we succeed in resembling you.”;

Whereas the Greek national anthem, the “Hymn to Liberty”, includes the words, “most heartily was gladdened George Washington's brave land”;

Whereas the people of the United States generously offered humanitarian assistance to the people of Greece during their struggle for independence;

Whereas Greece heroically resisted Axis forces at a crucial moment in World War II, forcing Adolf Hitler to change his timeline and delaying the attack on Russia;

Whereas Winston Churchill said, “if there had not been the virtue and courage of the Greeks, we do not know which the outcome of World War II would have been” and “no longer will we say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks”;

Whereas hundreds of thousands of the people of Greece were killed during World War II;

Whereas Greece consistently allied with the United States in major international conflicts throughout the 20th century;

Whereas Greece is a strategic partner and ally of the United States in bringing political stability and economic development to the volatile Balkan region, having invested billions of dollars in the countries of the region and having contributed more than $750,000,000 in development aid for the region;

Whereas the Government and people of Greece actively participate in peacekeeping and peace-building operations conducted by international organizations, including the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European Union, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe;

Whereas Greece received worldwide praise for its extraordinary handling during the 2004 Olympic Games of more than 14,000 athletes and more than 2,000,000 spectators and journalists, a feat the Government and people of Greece handled efficiently, securely, and with hospitality;

Whereas Greece, located in a region where Christianity meets Islam and Judaism, maintains excellent relations with Muslim countries and Israel;

Whereas Greece remains an integral part of the European Union;

Whereas the Government of Greece has taken important steps in recent years to further cross-cultural understanding, rapprochement, and cooperation in various fields with Turkey, and has also improved its relations with other countries in the region, including Israel, thus enhancing the stability of the wider region;

Whereas the Governments and people of Greece and the United States are at the forefront of efforts to advance freedom, democracy, peace, stability, and human rights;

Whereas those efforts and similar ideals have forged a close bond between the people of Greece and the United States; and

Whereas it is proper and desirable for the United States to celebrate March 25, 2017, Greek Independence Day, with the people of Greece and to reaffirm the democratic principles from which those two great countries were founded: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate—

(1) extends warm congratulations and best wishes to the people of Greece as they celebrate the 196th anniversary of the independence of Greece;

(2) expresses support for the principles of democratic governance to which the people of Greece are committed; and

(3) notes the important role that Greece has played in the wider European region and in the community of nations since gaining its independence 196 years ago.

Memory Eternal

Brother Mark R. Malamatos, Age 60, passed away at his home in San Diego. Although Mark has resided in California for many years he maintained his membership in Merrillville Chapter 78 dating back to his initiation in 1983.

MARK MALAMATOS SAN DIEGO, CA Mark Malamatos, 60 of San Diego, CA and formerly of Merrillville, passed away Thursday, March 16, 2017. He was born May 29, 1956 in Gary, IN to the late George and Marion (Julius) Malamatos. Mark graduated from Hobart High School in 1974 and was a Veteran of the U.S. Navy. He was very dedicated to his career; currently working for the Medical Examiner's Office in San Diego and had previously worked for the Lake County Coroner's Office in Crown Point. Mark was a member of St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Merrillville, where he served on the Parish Council. Mark is survived by his sons: George, Michael, and Dan Malamatos; loving sister and brothers: Betty (son, Michael) Gorman of Valparaiso, Dan (Jackie) Malamatos of Chesterton, George (Sandy) Malamatos of Bloomington; and dear friends, David and Robert.


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April 1-2, 2017
AHEPA District 13 Bowling Tournament
Town & Country Lanes
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April 1, 2017
AHEPA-DOP District 12 educational scholarship

April 16, 2017
Greek Orthodox and Western Easter 

(Same date in 2017)

April 30, 2017
Greek Independence Day Parade
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May 3, 2017
Capitol Hill Day
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May 6-7, 2017
AHEPA National Bowling Tournament
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May 8, 2017
Peter J. Economos Memorial Scholarship

May 19-20, 2017
Joint District 12 and 13 Convention

Hammond, Indiana

May 21, 2017
AHEPA Sunday


June 1, 2017
Deadline to report delegates/alternates to Supreme Convention

June 2, 2017
Sports Award Banquet
Fountain Blue Banquets
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July 18, 2017
White Sox Greek Heritage Night
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July 24-30, 2017
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