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AHEPA District 12 Hoosier eHerald

Bringing you all the news from AHEPA District 12.

93rd Supreme Convention - San Francisco

All the delegates from AHEPA District 12 have returned from the Supreme Convention that was held in San Francisco, California. It was a well attended convention and very successful.

Some of the highlights included Merrillville Chapter #78 winning chapter of the year. This is the second time in five years for Chapter 78 to be awarded chapter of the year for the entire AHEPA domain.

Also, Chapter 78 presented a check for $3,000 dollars to Archbishop Demetrios for the rebuilding of Saint Nicholas National Shrine in NYC at Ground Zero.


DOP Past District #12 Governor Kathy Zotos was elected to be the national Maids of Athena (MOA) advisor!


Finally, Brother Tom Gober of Calumet Chapter #157 was elected as Supreme Governor of the Midwest (Region VI).

Here is the election results of the 2015-2016 AHEPA Supreme lodge:
  • Supreme President: John Galanis - Wisconsin
  • Canadian President: Kenneth N. Matziorinis - Quebec 
  • Supreme Vice President: Andrew C. Zachariades - New Jersey
  • Supreme Secretary: George E. Loucas - Ohio
  • Supreme Treasurer: Carl Hollister - Ohio
  • Supreme Counselor: George G. Horiates - New Jersey
  • Supreme Athletic Director: Louis G. Atsaves - Illinois
  • Sons of Pericles National Advisor: James Kokotas - New York
The eight Supreme Governors are: 
  • Region I: Demetrios C. Kirkiles - Florida
  • Region II: James Stasios - North Carolina
  • Region III: Christopher Gallis - New York
  • Region IV: Frank P. Fotis - Massachusetts
  • Region V: George L. Kalantzis - Ohio
  • Region VI: Tom Gober - Indiana
  • Region VII: Timothy Joannides - Wyoming 
  • Region VIII: Nick Perdaris - California
  • Region X: Nicholas C. Papadopoulos - Greece
Elected to positions on the Board of Trustees were: 
  • Nick Aroutzidis - Ontario
  • Lee Millas - New Jersey
  • Michael Papaphotes - New York.......was elected to the Board of Auditors
The organizations that comprise the AHEPA Family also held elections.
  • Connie Pilallis, Florida, was elected Daughters of Penelope Grand President.
  • Andreas Christou, New York, was elected Sons of Pericles Supreme President.
  • Deanna Socaris, New York, was elected to a second term as Maids of Athena Grand President.
AHEPA District 12 wishes all the newly elected officers in the AHEPA Family much success and may God grant them safe travels and good health throughout the year.

Finally, an update for all the AHEPA members and officers of Districts 12, 13, and 14 regarding the resolution passed by the delegates at the District Conventions in respect to the $2 rebate that flows from National back to the District.

The legislation that came to the Supreme Convention floor (via AHEPA board of trustees) to eliminate $2 district rebate per paying member from national was overwhelmingly defeated on the convention floor. It never made it to the ballot.

Outgoing Supreme Governor, Nick Kavadas read the resolution that was adopted and passed at each District convention (12,13, and 14) on the general floor assembly and spoke against the proposed legislation as instructed to do so by the District convention delegates.

So the $2 national rebate will continue. The budgets we passed accounting for the $2 per paying member rebate is safe and valid.







For more photos from the AHEPA convention, please CLICK HERE.

Brother Nick Loxas elected President of Hammond Rotary Club

AHEPA District 12 echoes Congressman Pete Visclosky in congratulating our very own brother Nicholas Loxas for being elected as the President of Hammond Rotary Club.

Brother Nick is also the President of Hammond AHEPA Chapter #123 and also is the District #12 athletic director. In addition, Nick is also the President of Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Hammond. Nick is a very hard worker who does great work for his church, community, and the AHEPA family.

If you think giving back to the community is too time consuming and wont fit your schedule, we only point you to everything Nick is involved with and tell you anything and everything is possible through hard work.

Congratulations Nick!

Chicago Sky Greek Night

The Maids of Athena from Jacma Chapter #40 is hosting a Greek night event for the Chicago Sky Basketball Game on Sunday August 9th at Noon at All State Arena.
Tickets are only $10.

We are going to support Jacki Gemelos who is a Greek-American basketball player on the team. Some of us will also be going to Harry Carey's (down the street from Arena) after the game around 2:30/3PM for a late lunch if anyone wants to join as well.

DATE: Sunday, August 9
TIME: 12:00pm
Location: Allstate Arena
6920 Mannheim Rd, Rosemont, Illinois 60018
Price: $10 dollars

You may also reach out to Past Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas at if interested in attending the game and purchasing tickets.

AHEPA Midwest Hellenic History Tournament

AHEPA District 12 is a proud supporter of the Hellenic History Tournament. We encourage all our chapters to sponsor a team. AHEPA District 12 will sponsor a team and will be looking for kids in grades 9-12 to participate. The ultimate goal is for a chapter to find a team of three students in the grades 9-12 to compete in the tournament and pay the entry fee.
The registration deadline is September 4th, 2015.

• A $3,000 prize for the winning team ($1,000 for each member)
• A $1,500 prize for the second place team ($500 for each member) WHO
• Any student who is in grades 9-12 during the date of the competition
• Who either knows or wants to learn something about the 3,500 year history of the Hellenes (Greek speakers)

• Form or join a three-student team
• Register by September 4, 2015 (mail registration form + $25 registration fee)
• Receive a book on Hellenic history that also provides bibliography for further reading
• Prepare by reading it and other books during the summer
• Take part in a one-day quiz-show-type single-elimination tournament in the fall
• Win matches by answering more multiple choice questions than the competing team
• Be a member of the teams that advance to the final match

Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 11:00 am to about 4:30 pm

Loyola University Chicago School of Law, 25 E. Pearson, Chicago, IL 60611
Additional Information
• Themistocles Frangos, (517) 214-8038,

2016 AHEPA Supreme Convention

The 2016 AHEPA Supreme Convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mirage Hotel and Casino on July 24th - 30th.


US Representative Rodney Davis joins Hellenic Caucus


AHEPA District 13 along with immediate Past Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas are pleased to announce that Illinois US Representative Rodney Davis has joined the Congressional Hellenic Caucus.

Rodney Davis is the Illinois US Representative for the 13th district. The Illinois 13th district covers the central portion of Illinois and includes the cities of Springfield, Champaign, Decatur, Normal, Edwardsville, Clinton, and Taylorville to name a few.

There are three Greek Orthodox Churches in Rep. Davis District.

1) Three Hierarchs - Champaign
2) Saint Anthony - Springfield
3) Annunciation - Decatur

We thank Rodney for responding to our grassroots effort to have him join the Hellenic Caucus and be engaged with issues concerning Greek Americans.

Welcome Rep. Davis to the Hellenic Caucus! AHEPA THANKS YOU!

Many thanks to all the AHEPA brothers who took time to call Rep. Davis. You may also thank him by calling (202) 225-2371.

Hammond MOA and DOP receive National awards

If you haven't heard our Maids Chapter  #141 and Daughters Chapter #50 (Hammond) received a prestigious award at National Convention. It is called "EMPOWER".

It is an award the Maids of Athena gave this year to the MOA and DOP chapters who have empowered each other in support, improvement and growth. 

They also received 3rd place for the Growth & Expansion Project (out of 23 chapters nationwide).

They have done a FANTASTIC job since September. They have 19 members and more to come.

Message from outgoing Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas

Be brilliant. Continue to inspire.

Those are my thoughts and feelings that best capture my three year journey as Supreme Governor.

The AHEPA family over the past three years in the region VI  has been able to volunteer their Time, Talent, and  Treasure to fulfill the AHEPA mission. That AHEPA mission of promoting Hellenism, Education, Philanthropy, Civic responsibility, and family and individual excellence.

Over the past three years, I have had the privilege and honor to witness and in some cases participate in the following:

•    Region VI over 225,000 of scholarships at chapter and district level awarded
•    National Hellenic Museum ($120,000 donated)
•    Greek parades/church festivals/Greek schools/guest speakers
•    Hellenic history tournament (over $3k awarded)
•    Flag over the state capitol and Chicago city hall + proclamations

Civic Responsibility
•    Capitol hill day (lobby our reps/fund the 202 program)
•    8 US Reps joined Hellenic congressional caucus
•    Senior housing – dedication/programs (thanksgiving meals, Christmas caroling)

•    Over 15k for feed the children and families in Greece
•    Over 20k raised to send a medical container of medical supplies worth $650,000 dollars
•    $10k so far for St. Nicholas shrine in NYC
•    Food pantries, Ronald McDonald house, meals on wheels, angel tree program, soup kitchens, helping troubled children, helping the homeless, helping battered women
•    Disaster tornado relief for Washington, IL

Family and Individual excellence
•    Honor various athletes/politicians/philanthropists
•     Athletic events…golf, bowling, basketball
•    Sports award banquet (over 300 student-athletes)
•    SOP/MOA growth and rebirth (new chapters, good growth)
•    Bone Marrow/NIT

These are not the supreme lodge or the district lodge accomplishments, they are certainly not my accomplishments. They are YOUR accomplishments.

This is the brilliance of the AHEPA family. This is my inspiration.

Thank you to all the chapters and districts for having me and greeting me with warm smiles and with philotimo over the past three years as I did my visitations.

Thank you for the honor and privilege to serve as your supreme governor for the past three years.

Remember to continue to engage the youth to not only join our AHEPA family but to mentor them and guide them to be our next officers and leaders. Our greatest responsibility is to pass the torch to the next generation so that all those who worked so hard to get us to this point and lay a solid foundation we call AHEPA does not flicker out with the failed organizations of the past. AHEPA is too good, too valuable, and too important for us to let this happen.

Remember to
publish our good work, proclaim our achievements, and preach our mission. With this, more than the people on this newsletter distribution and our membership will know all that AHEPA does for our community.

Commemorating the 85th Anniversary of the Founding of the Daughters of Penelope in the U.S. Senate

This year the Daughters of Penelope celebrated its 85th Anniversary at the recent 2015 Supreme Convention in San Francisco, the city in which the organization was founded. As a result, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), former mayor of San Francisco, introduced Senate Resolution 214, which commemorates the founding of the Daughters of Penelope and acknowledges the contributions of the Greek American community to our society, just prior to the start of the convention.
Grand President Connie Pilallis, in an effort to create awareness about the resolution, wants to advise what you can do educate U.S. senators about this legislation to encourage the U.S. Senate to take action on it.

For more information on how you can help, please CLICK HERE.

District 12 - SUPER BINGO!

The State of Indiana Gaming Commission has officially approved the AHEPA District 12 Super Bingo for Friday October 2nd, 2015. We appreciate the quick approval from the State Gaming Commission.

$10,000 will be paid out in bingo games only. Much much more will be paid out on pull-tabs and raffles.

Mark your calendars (10/2/15) and come out and play and at the same time support AHEPA District 12 charity causes. All net proceeds go to charity.

Bingo license numbers are 137849 and 137850.


Saint Nicholas National Shrine to use same marble that forms the Parthenon

The Archdiocese sends out a monthly newsletter to keep people informed and updated on the progress of building Saint Nicholas National Shrine in NYC at Ground Zero.

In this months newsletter, we are informed that the new Church and Shrine will be using the same marble that formed the Parthenon. You may read more by CLICKING HERE.

Remember, AHEPA District 12 and the chapters are still collecting donations to help rebuild this church that was crushed on 9/11. You may donate at your local chapter or click on the link in this eNewsletter and donate via paypal or credit card if that is easier.

AHEPA Canada News

The AHEPA District #12 newsletter is committed to bringing news from other areas of the AHEPA domain. Our brothers all across the United States and the globe do wonderful work and we should be appreciative and learn what others in the AHEPA family are doing.

CLICK here to read the communique from the AHEPA Canadian President.


The digital version of the summer edition of the AHEPAN magazine is now available. Click below to access.

AHEPA members should be seeing the print version in their mailboxes very soon.

2018 World Cup qualifying draw complete

The draw for the 2018 World Cup to be held in Russia is complete for the qualifying stages.

Here is the group Greece is in and the countries they will be playing:

Group H
Bosnia and Herzegovina 


A good draw for Greece because they are in one of the two groups that only has five teams and can not have Italy, Germany, France, England, Netherlands, Spain.

The United States drew Trinidad & Tobago and the winners of St. Vincent vs. Aruba and Antigua vs. Guatemala. This should be a very easy group for USA to qualify for 2018 World Cup.

For more information on all the draw results around the world, CLICK HERE for full listing.


For more pictures on any of the stories shown in this eNewsletter, please click HERE which will take you to the Offiical AHEPA District No. 12 Facebook page.

Chapter 78 members volunteer at Greek Fest

AHEPA Chapter 78 brothers volunteered their time this past weekend to work at the Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral Greek Fest in Merrillville.

AHEPANS were working the lambs, souvlakia, taverna (gyros/calamari/saganaki), bar, and other stations. We counted over 33 AHEPANS working at the festival.

Its a busy and tiring three days but they are proud to be able to support the church via their time and talents.

August Name Days!

AHEPA District #12 would like to wish Χρόνια Πολλά to all those who celebrate their names day in August. 

There are 83 names that celebrate in August. Some of those names are Sotiri, Laura, Fotis, Mary, Sam, and many more.

For a full list of names and the dates they celebrate in August, you may CLICK HERE to access the list

AHEPA Honors America's Fallen Heroes

One of the greatest honors an AHEPA Supreme President has is honoring our fallen Heroes and laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

That proud tradition continued in a torrential downpour as Supreme President Phillip T. Frangos, accompanied by Col. Nicholas P. Vamvakias (U.S. Army ret.), past supreme treasurer; and Brother Major Peter Vergados (U.S. Air Force, ret.), laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery, on behalf of a grateful American Hellenic community, June 27, 2015. An Honor Guard Specialist assisted them.

Since 1924 Ahepans have returned annually to Arlington to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

District 12 members who celebrate birthdays in August 

Chapter 78 - Merrillville

8/08 - Gregory Bairaktaris
8/15 - Nick Batistatos
8/09 - Matthew Demetrakis
8/23 - Dr. Milton Gasparis
8/19 - Christopher Gemelas
8/28 - Jeffrey Hartz
8/09 - Nicholas Pangere
8/06 - James Thomas
8/24 - Michael Troumouliaris
8/13 - US Representative Peter Visclosky
8/23 - Harry Zembillas

Chapter 81 - Fort Wayne

8/23 - George Raptis

Chapter 100 - South Bend

8/09 - Gust Saros Jr.
8/26 - Pete Skotadis
8/20 - George Stangas

Chapter 123 - Hammond

8/28 - John Adamopoulos
8/26 - Harry Colias
8/01 - Peter Dremonas
8/24 - George Loxas
8/12 - Gus Sirounis

Chapter 157 - East Chicago/Schererville

8/30 - Louis Bakris
8/17 - John Degard
8/08 - John Katsoulis
8/04 - Randy Reinoehl
8/22 - Michael Zontos

Chapter 232 - Indianapolis

8/08 - Christopher Dallas
8/24 - Dr. Owen H. Lucas
8/23 - Anthony J. Zarvas

White Sox Greek night

The Chicago White Sox hosted Greek Heritage night on Tuesday July 7th. The White Sox are one of only a few major sports teams in the Midwest that hosts a night to celebrate Greek Heritage.

AHEPA Chapter #205 President Themis Frangos and Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas were able to work with the AHEPA chapters and brothers across the Chicago-land area and Northwest Indiana to bring as many AHEPANS and friends to the ballgame. AHEPA Chapter #205 and all of its members were the hosts for this family outing.
This is the first time AHEPA took the lead role in organizing and reaching out to as many AHEPA family members, friends, and Greek churches and organizations to celebrate Greek Heritage night at the ballpark with the Whitesox.


Some of the AHEPA family, churches and organizations that particpated:

AHEPA Chapter #205 (Chicago Lakeshore)
AHEPA Chapter #380 (Shoreline)
AHEPA Chapter #93 (Woodlawn)
AHEPA Chapter #94 (North Shore)
AHEPA Chapter #202 (West Suburban) 
AHEPA Chapter #203 (Garfield)
AHEPA Chapter #323 (Oaklawn)
AHEPA Chapter #123 (Hammond)
AHEPA Chapter #78 (Gary/Merrillville)
AHEPA Chapter #157 (East Chicago/Schererville)
Sons of Pericles (Illinois)
Sons of Pericles (Indiana)
Maids of Athena (Illinois)
Daughters of Penelope (Illinois)
Daughters of Penelope (Indiana)
Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church (Westchester)
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church (Chicago)
Saint Andrews Greek Orthodox Church (Chicago)
Saint Basil Greek Orthodox Church (Chicago)
Saint Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church (Glenview)
Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church (Chicago)
Saint George Greek Orthodox Church (Schererville)
Saint George Greek Orthodox Church (Chicago)
Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church (Hammond)
Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral (Merrillville)
Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church (Palos Hills)
Pan-Laconian Society
Chicago YAL
Hellenic Bar Association
Loyola HAS/OCF
Center Lounge and Midtown Station (Whiting, IN)

Just over 350+ AHEPANS, SONS, MAIDS, Daughters, and friends/Philhellenes of AHEPA purchased tickets and celebrated Greek Heritage night as one big Hellenic family.

In addition, AHEPA Chapter #205 raised over $3,500 dollars for educational and Fanari camp scholarships which is now hosted at the new Saint Iakovos retreat center in Wisconsin.

We believe this is just the start of a new tradition and the White Sox are excited to work with AHEPA to not only celebrate a Greek Heritage night every year but also to enhance it and provide it at a very low cost and family friendly.

AHEPA wants to THANK EVERYONE who attended the ballgame, helped with selling tickets, and enjoying the night with friends and family.

We look forward to doing this next year as AHEPA will work much more closely with the White Sox to help enhance the atmosphere for future Greek Night games.

Garfield Chapter donates $1,000 for St. Nicholas

In a short couple months, the officers of Garfield AHEPA Chapter #203 asked for donations to help rebuild St. Nicholas National Shrine in NYC at Ground Zero and the members of the chapter responded enthusiastically with donations amounting to $1,000 dollars! All the donations came straight from heart and immediate PDG George Miller and member of chapter #203 presented the check of $1,000 to Archbishop Demetrios and Supreme President Phillip Frangos at the 93rd AHEPA Supreme Convention in San Francisco.

The goal is for every chapter in the AHEPA domain to raise and donate $1000 dollars. Congratulations to the members of Chapter #203 for meeting the goal.

Reminder: Pay your membership dues to the chapter

AHEPA District 12 would like to remind all our members to pay your dues for the 2015 calendar year. The goal is to have everyone paid before the holidays arrive. To be in good standing with the chapter and AHEPA, a member must have his dues paid in full.

Contact your chapter secretary or officers to pay your dues or bring your payment to your next chapter meeting.

Milwaukee AHEPA Greek Fest

The  10th Annual AHEPA “OPA” Greek Festival will be held this year on August 21st, 22nd, & 23rd on the lodge grounds (10635 W. Ridge Road, Hales Corners, Wisconsin)  and is fast approaching!

This is the chapter’s biggest and most important fundraiser of the year and they hope you can help make it a success!  The funds generated from this festival go a long way to help them take care of their building, fund the youth basketball teams, donate to the best chapter scholarship program in the country now in its 56th year with over $625,000 awarded, support local and national Greek heritage initiatives, and contribute to community philanthropic projects in Milwaukee area.

Milwaukee AHEPA Chapter #43 is the home of the current Order of AHEPA Supreme President John Galanis.

AHEPA Statement on Euro Summit Agreement

WASHINGTON (July 13, 2015) -- John Galanis, supreme president, American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), a leading membership-based association for the nation's millions of American citizens of Greek heritage and Philhellenes, issued the following statement on developments with Greece's debt crisis:
"At an emergency Euro Summit held over the weekend, Greece and the Eurogroup reached an agreement early this morning on a set of reforms for Greece that, if enacted by the Greek parliament and the parliaments of other member nations, will lead to the commencement of negotiations on a third, three-year bailout program.
"Despite the Eurogroup's harsh demands on Greece, which Der Spiegel termed a 'deliberate humiliation of Greece,' and The Wall Street Journal called 'one of the most brutal diplomatic demarches in the history of the European Union,' we welcome the agreement that was achieved because it will keep Greece on a course to remain in the Eurozone.

"Make no mistake, we understand the agreement, if enacted, means that tough measures will need to be implemented.  Challenges still lie ahead.  In this regard, our thoughts continue to be with the Greek people, who have suffered greatly during this unyielding, relentless crisis. AHEPA pledges to remain sensitive to the needs of the Greek people and to continue with its humanitarian aid whenever possible. 
"Finally, we appreciated the Obama Administration's engagement on the crisis demonstrated during the past week.  We urge the administration to maintain its high-level contacts on this issue and to engage with Greece to ensure Greece returns to growth. After all, Greece is an indispensable and invaluable ally that, despite this unprecedented crisis, continues to demonstrate her true commitment to our mutual defense and national security concerns as only one of five NATO-member countries to meet the minimum two percent standard of GDP allocated to defense, at 2.4 percent.  We also note that Greece, despite a lack of support from the European Union, continues to rescue and assist the influx of migrants off its shores due to instability in the Middle East. As Greek Americans, we are proud that Greece has stepped-up to address these dire needs and priorities where support from elsewhere is otherwise lacking."


AHEPA Veterans Registration

A reminder that if you are an active AHEPAN and served in the US military, we encourage you to register on the AHEPA Veterans website.

The AHEPA Medal for Military Service, approved by the 106th Congress, was first presented to all AHEPA veterans present at the 34th Biennial Congressional Banquet, March 29, 2000. The Supreme Lodge then encouraged its districts and chapters to present this medal to its deserving veterans unable to attend this banquet. It is this committee’s intent to register AHEPA Veterans and have the AHEPA Medal presented at appropriate events at the District and Chapter levels. Funds collected through this effort cover medal production and shipping. Remaining proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Program annually.

AHEPA Marks Somber 41st Anniversary of Invasion, 

Occupation of Cyprus

Once Again, AHEPA Calls for Removal of Turkish Troops from Cyprus; Urges Their Placement on Turkey's Porous Border with Syria.

For full AHEPA press release on Cyprus anniversary of invasion, please CLICK HERE.

AHEPA District 12 new Facebook page. 

AHEPA District 12 has a open to the public Facebook page. Many articles and information has been posted on that page rather than in old group page.

Please like the NEW AHEPA District 12 Facebook page and invite your friends to like the page as well. Link below:

Note: Our brothers in District 13 and 14 also have a new facebook page.
August 9, 2015
Chicago Sky "Greek Night"
All-State Arena
Rosemont, IL

August 21-23, 2015
AHEPA Milwaukee Greek Fest
Hales Corners, WI

August 28-30, 2015
Holy Trinity Greek Fest
Carmel, IN

August 29, 2015
PSP Phillip T. Frangos testimonial
Lansing, MI

September 4, 2015
Hellenic History Tournament
Registration DEADLINE

September 26, 2015
National leadership conference
Washington D.C.

October 2, 2015
AHEPA District 12 Super Bingo
Hammond, IN

November 14, 2015
Hellenic History Tournament
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
25 E. Pearson, Chicago, IL

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